Real Milwaukee Air Dates

I aired on Real Milwaukee on January 28th 2017 with some fun DIY Valentine's Day Crafts!  Here is my segment!

HERE is the link to my First Air Date!!  


Who knew that by stepping out in faith and saying "yes" to a quick on air segment would turn into such an amazing opportunity for me!  While it doesn't provide me an extra income at this point in time, it allows me an opportunity to create and do what I love!  I am so grateful for this opportunity and blessed beyond words!  Below are my segments from Real Milwaukee.  

Here is my segment link for October 15, 2015Airing 

HERE is my segment from Thursday, November 12, 2015 on DIY Hostess Gifts

HERE  is my segment from Thursday, December 3, 2015  on DIY Holiday Decor

HERE is my segment on Gift Wrapping from December 17, 2015

HERE is my segment from January 7, 2016  on keeping kids entertained INDOORS!!!

Here is my segment from February 1, 2016 on kid Valentine's Day crafts!  

HERE is my segment from March 4, 2106 on idea to keep kids entertained during spring break! 

HERE is my segment from April 14th on "Getting rid of the gray!"

HERE is my segment from  Friday, May 6th on Gardening with Kids!   

Here is my segment from June on Father's Day crafts!  

I will be airing on Monday, January 30th 2017 with Felt Valentine's Day Crafts!  Watch me at 9:20 a.m. on Real Milwaukee Fox 6!


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