Meet Susan

Hi. I'm Susan!  I am the lucky wife of this hunk o' hunk of burning love and the proud mom of 7 beautiful children.  I am also the owner and founder of Fridays at the Farm.  This has been a life long dream of mine and in September of 2014 my dream became a reality.  Crafting is one of my passions and meeting new people is as well.  Hosting Fridays at the Farm sessions has allowed me to do both of these passions.  How blessed am I?

Although Fridays at the Farm started as a Friday crafting session it has grown to much more than just Fridays....we host private parties, bridal showers, birthday parties and even wedding proposals!  (For real....we had our first proposal a few months ago!)

Fridays at the Farm became a reality when my husband and I purchased a fabulous fixer upper of a farm house.  While there is still much to be done, we have come a long way and are loving our days on the farm.  We host the sessions at our farm house and while a stray child may run in or out of our crafting rooms we truly enjoy entertaining crafters!  I look forward to crafting with you!  (Don't expect a barn when you pull up, but we do have 9 chickens now so we are almost a legit farm!)

What is Friday's at the Farm?

Do you see ideas that you wish you could do?  Do you pin things that you want to make but don't have the tools to do it?  Do you love to craft and don't ever make the time to do it?  Well, that is what Friday's at the Farm is all about!  We are turning your pins into reality and have a lot of fun along side of you in the process!
We provide you with the opportunity to come and Create, Craft, and Complete your own unique project.  Each craft project is selected and you choose which session you would like to attend.  At the session we will provide you will all the tools to make your craft.  You will receive instruction on how to complete your selected craft option.  One of our main goals is to ensure you leave with a completed craft.  We know with all the hustle and bustle of life if you take an unfinished craft home the chances of completing it our slim. Let us help you complete a project!
There are two options for you to come and craft.  You can attend one of our crafting sessions or you can book a private event.
Won't you come and craft with us?

What is a Crafting Session?

Our crafting sessions are scheduled classes with preselected crafts.  At the session, we provide you with all the tools to create your craft.  You can come solo or sign up with a group of friends and come create with us!  I will be present at each session the entire time to help trouble shoot or give crafting advice.  You can find our list of scheduled crafting sessions HERE.  Pricing varies depending on the craft and is noted in the schedule of classes.  Prices range from $20 and up.

What is a Private Event?

Our private events provide you with the opportunity to come and craft with your own selected group.  These are run very similar to our crafting sessions but I work solely along side of you to customize a party of your own.  You are welcome to bring in decorations, food and drink.  My kitchen will be clean for your use and the crafting rooms will be set up for the amount of attendees.  Let me work with you to choose a craft from our most popular sessions and your guests won't leave disappointed!  Click HERE for more Private Event Information.

What have we created at Friday's at the Farm?

We have created and crafted many of the most popular pins you have seen!

• Pallet Signs
• Double Sided Phrase Blocks
• Yarn and Felt Flower Wreaths
• Felt Banners
• Nail and String Art
• Twine Wrapped Letters
• Magnetic Cookie Sheets
• Handmade Greeting Cards
• Flag Pallet Sign
• Pom Pom Garland
• Paper Bow Garland
And more!

We are currently working through our next schedule of crafts for the holiday session!  We will be doing a few oldies but also have some amazing new goodies!
There are different projects offered for classes and private events. Check the class schedule or inquire about a party to learn more!

***Currently I am enjoying crafting on my own with my kids and close friends while I just started working full time.  My hope is to get back into the swing of hosting craft sessions just as soon as I can!  If you are interested in hosting a private event, please contact me!  I would be happy to have your group here to craft!! Thank you for your patience with me as I figure out what life looks like right now!***



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