Monday, February 27, 2017

What a difference a weekend can make!

Almost 3 years ago (where does the time go?) Dan and I bought the Wilke Farmstead.  (also known as super old farm house that needs a TON of work).  When we moved in, there were certain areas that had to be redone and painted for the house to even be livable.  The previous owners were heavy smokers so almost every room was washed and painted.  Except the mudroom.  The mudroom caused many moments of frustration with myself and the children over the past 2 1/2 years.  It was always dirty and gross and it made me crabby.  I so wish I would have taken legit "before" pictures.  The pictures I have are after we emptied it out of all the junk that was in it!  Last year we acquired some old lockers (for free...I know!!  It had been a dream of mine to find some) and they have been sitting in our garage since we got them.  We knew we wanted to move them in, but space is limited.  So one day, Dan thought he would surprise me and move them into the mudroom.  Little did  he know what was about to take place!

 I was so excited that the lockers were inside the house....and naturally with new pieces of furniture moved in, one must redo an entire room in a weekend, right? I made a comment to Dan that we should really paint the walls....oh what a good idea that sounded like.
 Here are just a few "before" pictures of the dreaded and dark mudroom....and trust was FAR worse that what you are seeing!  (We had all 7 kids' shoes in this area need to say more.)

I had this "awesome" idea in my mind to paint the room in a color pattern.  Once I have an idea it's hard to stop it.  So rainbow colors it was!  

 We started by painting the paneling 2 coats of a bright white.  (And by we, I mean Dan did most of it)  It was 2 weeks ago when it was beautiful outside so the kids kept busy by tracking mud in and out of the house all weekend!  The door going outside from the mudroom was basically useless.  The screen door was broken and it was just a matter of time before someone was going to get cut on the broken glass.  The door was super old and you could feel cold air pouring through the door all around it.  Dan called up his Dad and a new door was in the works!
 I came in the house from painting and saw this.  Molly and Sadie had made a picnic lunch for all the kids to eat while we were hard at work.  It's nice to have older girls, I won't lie.  We put in our time and are reaping the benefits of it now!
 Just like that....a new door was installed.  I told Dan that if I would have known how "easy" it was we should have done it years ago!  What a difference one door can make!
 We painted and painted.  Coat after coat.
 While Dan did more of the manly parts of the mudroom I got to work on my "awesome" idea of painting rainbow stripes on the wall.  This was a true labor of love.  We stayed up super late trying to get one coat of each color on.  We only had 2 brushes so we were constantly rinsing brushes out!
 We did our final touching up this past weekend and I am happy to say the mudroom is done....well, almost!

 The lockers are in place, the bags are hung, the chicken coop shoes have a bin now, the rain boots have a spot and the hats and gloves are in buckets above our lockers.
 We found carpet squares on super sale.  Dan was able to rip up the old brown carpeting and lay the carpet squares down!  This is the only room in the house that has carpeting.  The old brown stuff was so gross.  I can't believe how gross it was.  Ewe.

Aside from the paint, carpeting and door, we were able to repurpose everything we had to reorganize the mudroom.  (Well, I did buy the bins for the hats and gloves from the dollar store.)
 And there you have it.  Our new and much much much improved mudroom!

 It is so bright and colorful.  I know it's not for everyone, but it is for us!  We want to paint the concrete steps yet both going into the house and down into the basement.  We just have to wait for it to warm up again to tackle that!  I am happy to report that the mudroom stayed relatively clean for the past week.  A few shoes were left out here and there....we will see how long it lasts!  I already have the next remodel project in mind... ;)

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  1. Susan, it's beautiful! We are lacking a mudroom in our current house and I desperately want one and may have some ideas brewing :-)