Wednesday, February 15, 2017

4 weeks in...and update on no carbs...

 So 4 weeks ago I decided I had a sugar addiction problem.  I decided one day I would give up carbs and sugar to the best I could and I did.  This is the deal.  I know there are pros and cons to all diets/life style changes.  I am not saying this the best thing to do on the earth and I know it isn't for everyone.  However, this is working better than anything else I have tried for me.  I am strictly limiting the amount of carbs I eat each day and eating as little sugar as possible.  4 weeks in I am down 11.8 pounds.  This is without exercise as I have some malfunction going on with one of my toes and can't wear real shoes.  (so lame, I know).  I am not going to go in to the details with what I do or not do....cause I am basically doing my own thing that is working for me.  I will show you some of my food I have been eating, though!

 I have never had anything to eat at 5 guys before.  One night while waiting out the ballet schedule I headed to the mall.  There aren't a lot of no/low carb options but I did wander in to 5 guys.  They make bunless burgers....SOLD!  And. It. Was. AMAZING!!!

I am trying to figure out how to make omelets.  I have no idea how to make one.  I have tried 2 times now....both have turned out like scrambled eggs with a few extra foods tossed in.  I added broccoli, cheese, ham cubes, asparagus and avocado.  (Not all in one omelete!!)

This was probably one of my most favorite things I have made...chicken tacos.  I made my own hard shell taco shells by using low carb tortilla shells and baking them.  I added chicken mixed with salsa and then added some cheese and sour cream.  Yummy! 

I made these chocolate chip cookies....they gave me horrible stomach pains and "other" issues.  I won't be making them again!  We (Dan is helping me try new recipes) made some cauliflower bread sticks. They looked SO good on Pinterest.  So good that I made a huge pan of it. was nasty.  So gross.  Good thing we have chickens.  They loved the low carb cauliflower breadsticks.  Bleh. 

We have gone out a few times for birthdays.  While the others eat huge birthday Sundaes, I munched on steamed broccoli.  

Eating no/low carb doesn't allow for many crunchy things like chips.  A friend told me she made her own tortilla chips so I gave it a try!  They don't taste like the good ole' store ones, but they tasted good enough to eat and make nachos with!  

Here are the changes I have noticed 4 weeks in.  I am not really that hungry anymore.  I don't really crave sugar or sweet things anymore.  I did crave puppy chow for a few days.  My late night snack tonight was cauliflower and dill dip....not oreo cookies and milk.  I can't really explain why/how this is working for me.  I just know I feel better and my head doesn't seem as clouded.  I would say I have more energy too.  I have a lot more weight to drop and I am hoping with some exercise I can gain some more momentum and drop some more pounds.  

We will see what the next month brings for me.  I'll keep you posted!  Happy belated Valentine's Day!!!

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