Friday, January 6, 2017

You should see my bruise!

Well, if you read my previous blog, you know I took quite a tumble 5 days ago.  The past 5 days have been interesting.  I have never experienced anything of the sorts like this and I am all out of whack!  I have to lean to one side to sit and can put no pressure on my bottom where I took the brunt of the fall.  I have been faithfully showing my family multiple times a day my bruise.  It helps me get a little sympathy from them.  I still can't bend over and I have a really hard time sitting.  I like to think I am good spirits even though I took the tumble of the year on the first day of the year.  My kids are sick of seeing my hinder, but I think they secretly like to watch the dynamics of my bruising ;)  ( I am pretty sure that is not true!)  I did muster up the courage to go to the chiropractor last night.  Poor guy had to see the bruising too.  I went back again this morning and and hoping I will get some relief soon.  Driving seems to be the worst for me as I have to lean to one side.  However, the world goes on and so must I, bruised tooshy and all.  Dan and I decided that if I am not better by Monday I will drag myself to the doctor.  

Anyways, enough about that...the nutcracker season has come to and end.  Watching Abbie up on stage never got old.  The driving downtown may have, but that all went away the moment she marched on stage.  

On the day after Christmas she had 2 performances down at the Marcus Center with a bit of a gap in between the shows.  4-5 months ago when sports authority was going out of business, Dan and I found the kids ice skates on super duper clearance.  Like I am talking $10 a pair of skates.  It was totally the jackpot!  They must have just gotten marked down and no one is looking for ice skates in the summer so we snatched them up.  We were able to get a pair for each kid in their right size!  SCORE! 

 We gave the kids their ice skates for Christmas and just needed to wait for the lakes around here to freeze.  Then we remembered that we could go ice skating right across the street from the Marcus Center at the outdoor ice rink!
 After Abbie danced her first show, Dan drove the other kids down and hit the ice!
 If you bring your own skates, you skate for FREE.  I like free.  I really like free.
 Sadie used to take ice skating lessons a few years ago so her and Molly went off and brushed up on their skills.
 You could rent these cute little penguins for beginner skaters for $1.  Griffin and Lanie both used them a little, but they didn't need them!

 It was actually pretty warm out that day, but the wind did pick up as we were skating.  I decided to treat for Star Bucks and get the kids all a small hot chocolate.  Now, if you know me, you know I don't drink coffee.  The simple thought of walking into a coffee place panics me.  I never know how or what to order.  Grande, latte, frappe....Ahhhhh!  So many things to mess up on.  Dan and I are not coffee drinkers so we never frequent these fancy coffee places.  I mustered up the courage to head in and place an order.  Scary.
 I was panicking because I know these coffee drinky things can be expensive.  However, the barista (Is that what you call them?) asked me if I wanted kid size drinks and they were only $1.50!  Yahoo!  Free ice skating and cheap hot cocoa....that is a good day.
 Griffs took the top off of his drink and had a round hot cocoa ring on his face.....ahhhh, melt my heart.
 Abbie was very cautious on the ice....we couldn't fall or mess up our nutcracker hair before the last performance.

 What a fun afternoon and a great day to be together.  It is freezing here today so I am sure the lakes here will freeze soon and we can get some more use out of our skates.  I can guarantee you that I will NOT be stepping on any sort of ice any time soon.  No more falling, Susan.  No more falling.

 Jingle Jam came to and end.  I think I had Jingle Jam withdrawal the week after.  What a great time and a good learning and growing experience for me.  I won't lie....we are already talking Easter Jam!  Say what?!?!?
Oh OH OH!!!!  And one more thing!!!!  Clear your calendars for January 30th at 9:20!  I am heading back to REAL MILWAUKEE for a segment!  Stay tuned for more details.  Super. Cute. STUFF!!!!!

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