Sunday, January 1, 2017

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up...FOR REAL

Today was going to be great...It's a new year....a day of fresh starts and new chances.  I had such great plans for today.  I would head into work, go work out, go shopping with one of my besties who is in town.  It was gonna be amazing.

Insert my awesomeness.

I had my alarm set for 6:30.  I rolled out of bed at 7:30.  Whoops.  I wanted to be to work by 8:00 so I headed into the bathroom and started getting ready.  My hair was a little wild so I flat ironed it and put a hat on.  I decided to give my eyes a rest today and keep my glasses on.  I remembered that I got a new pair of white chucks for Christmas and was super excited to wear them today.  I knew they were going to need some "breaking in" so I picked out a pair of thin socks that I haven't worn in years.  I went into my closet to get the rest of myself dressed and realized all my pants were somehow  downstairs.  Ok... no biggie, I put my token turtle neck on with my work t-shirt over.  Put my thin socks on that were gonna make my new shoes break in well and headed downstairs in my undies to find some pants.  New shoes in one hand and my cell phone in the other hand.  I had asked Dan to start the van for me so he was outside doing that.

Then the fall of 2017 happened.

I was about half way down the stairs.  Feeling on top of the world.  Today was gonna be a great start to 2017.

In a split second my day "fell" apart.

My super thin socks didn't do so well on our wooden stairs and up in the air I went.  I am positive nothing about my fall was graceful.  I did successfully fall down all the way to the bottom of the stairs. My shoes flew out of my hands, my hat flew off my head and my phone went soaring in slow motion somewhere and actually ended up a few stairs behind my epic fall.

I cried out for Dan.  Shoot....why did I ask him to start the car??

There I sat, fully dressed (except my pants) sitting at the bottom of the stairs in sharp piercing pain.

Good thing the kids were sleeping at my Mom's house for the night or they would have been in for a real "treat."  I can just hear it now... Teacher: "What was the best part of your Christmas vacation said Wilke child?"  Wilke Child: "Well, I got woken up by an elephant falling down our stairs on New Year's Eve morning."

I mustered up all the energy I could and forced myself to stand up.  I instantly started crying.  Poor Dan came in from starting the car to me standing there with no pants on and a crying mess.

I managed to pull myself together, wipe away my tears, and he helped me get my pants and shoes on.

I made it to work only a few minutes behind schedule.  My pants were getting tighter and tighter which meant my butt was getting more and more swollen.

My sweet co-workers forced me to take some ibuprofen and cracked a small ice pack for me.  The more the morning went on, the worse it got.  I ended up leaving early and coming home to the couch...which is where I have been ever since coming home.

I just showed Molly my butt.  Like, I pulled my pants down and showed her.  This is what she said, " Whoa Mom...your butt is black like the coffee table top. Mom, pull your pants back up. " Then she proceeded to put Griffin on the coffee table and show me how swollen my butt looks by using Griffin's butt as an example.

So, here I sit from my couch....leaning on my good butt cheek side...trying to remain positive.  I am going to break my new year's resolution of trying to get some sort of exercise in a few times a week on the first day.

I am praying that this is the worst thing that will happen to me this year.  Only 364 more days until 2018!!! From my very sore body to yours....Happy Super Awesome New Year.  Hopefully your 2017 started out a little better than mine!

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