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FOX 6 Segment Preview! Tune in on Monday at 9:20!!!

Well, Valentine's Day is right around the corner and it is by FAR my most favorite "holiday" to decorate for.  I simply can't get enough Valentine's Day decorations in my house!  So it is only natural for me to craft along with my favorite "holiday" too!  I will be airing on Real Milwaukee this coming Monday (January 30th) at 9:20 with some super cute Valentine craft ideas!  I am SO excited to be going back!  I have truly missed doing my segments and I am thrilled they are welcoming me back!! Here is a little sneak peak of what I will be bringing.  I will be posting tutorials on how you can create each one of these crafts for my air date!!  Happy heart day!  

I have a weird obsession with wool felt lately.  I love everything about it.  The look, the feel, the end result.  In fact, I made many of my Christmas gifts using wool felt.  Trust me, once you use a wool felt brand,  you will never look at felt the same way again!  All of my Valentine's crafts have been created using the wool felt blend.  I order all my felt from Benzie Design.  I have been extremely happy with their quality so to be honest I haven't even tried anywhere else.  They are a small business that is located in a small town in Illinois so whenever I order I get my shipment quickly.  Most times, they ship out the same day!  They probably know real well now as I have placed quite a few orders over the past few months!!  If you are doing a search for felt, make sure you try out the wool felt blend....I promise you, you will fall in love!!

Handmade Spiral Rosettes

I am SO happy with the way these flowers turned out!  The best part is...they are super easy to make! The first few I struggled with a bit to find my groove, but once I had a rhythm down, they were easy breezy!  You can make a bunch and use them as a centerpiece or put a cute little flag around the stem of each one and hand them out for Valentine's Day.  (My older girls helped me make these and will be giving them out for Valentine's day!) 

Tools Needed: 

Wool Felt Blend (In varying colors) 
Fabric covered stems (I found my at Hobby Lobby in the floral department) 
Sharp Scissors (I would recommend a fabric cutting scissors)
Hot Glue

You can find the Tutorial for these Felt Rosette Flowers HERE

DIY Cute Cactus Plants

Anything Cactus themed right now is super trendy!  It seems everywhere I go, I see something cactus themed.  So, why not make your own felt cactus plants?  Again, I enlisted the help of my girls to create these.  We are going to put a sign on it that says "Hug Me" and give them to our teachers for Valentine's Day!  I know....they are adorable!!  

Tools Needed:

Wool Felt Blend in Cactus-y colors
Sharp Scissors
Sewing Machine
White Puff Paint
Cactus Template
Pots/ Wool felt balls as needed

I followed THIS TUTORIAL from Benzie Design to the "T" to make these super cute Cactus sets!  I had my favorite Designer make me some cute tags to hang on our plants as we are giving them as gifts to teachers!  You can find them HERE for a free download!  They say "Lookin' Sharp!"

DIY Coasters

Ok, these are about the cutest things ever.  I have made these in the past and absolutely love love love them!  The best part is....they are the easiest things to make!!!  I have one sitting on my desk that I put my cup on all the time and each time I rest a cup there, the coaster makes me smile!  We tried to get creative and create some Valentine designs this time!  What a great gift idea for teachers or co-workers for Valentine's Day! 

Tools Needed: 

Plain Cork Coasters (I got mine at walmart)
Felt wool pom poms ( I use the 1cm ones from Benzie Design) 
Hot Glue
...yes, that is all you need!

These are so easy they don't need a tutorial...really, you buy some plain coasters, but some 1 cm wool felt poms from HERE, get your hot glue gun out and glue and squish the poms down!  Not. Even. Kidding!   

Felt Heart Lollipops!

I simply love this idea!  These felt heart lollipops were super easy to make and the outcome was way cuter than I expected.  Again, this is another creative idea for class valentine's!  Put a cute little tag around the lollipop stem that says "Stuck on you" and you have a Valentine that will be treasured and kept!! 

Tools Needed:

Wool Felt Blend 
Sharp Scissors
Embroidery Floss
Hot glue
Lollipop covers and stems (I used the Wilton brand)

I crafted these while sitting at the admissions table at a basketball tournament!  So many people commented on how cute they were!  I took pictures along the way to give you a tutorial, but don't mind the photo quality!  

First, I cut out two hearts from the felt.  If you use sharp enough scissors you can cut out both at the same time!
 Next, I started stitching around the hearts using a simple straight stitch.  (I used embroidery floss)
 Once the two hearts were almost sewn together, I used some batting/stuffing to make the heart poofy!
 Finally, I stitched the heart all the way closed and tied it off with a knot on the back of the heart.
 (I told you I was doing this at the admissions table!  I was also switching over my calendar at the same time!)  I used THESE lollipop sticks and THESE cake pop bags to use as the wrapping on the heart pops!  I slid the lollipop stick in the bottom of the heart (Make sure to leave a small opening when you are stitching) and hot glued the stick inside!  Put the covers on and tie a sweet bow and you have a Valentine's treat that won't get sticky!!!


Felt Heart Key Rings

A month or so ago, my key ring broke.  I was so sad.  I like to have something cute on my keys because I spend a lot of time in the car running my kids all over Wisconsin.  I also tend to lose  misplace my keys quite often so having something that catches my eye helps me find them just a little quicker!  These felt heart rings are so easy to create and would also make cute Valentine's Day gifts for friends and teachers!  I plan to crank some more of these out as gifts as well! 

Tools Needed: 

Wool Felt (I used precut out Fun-Fetti heart shapes by Benzie Design)
Embroidery floss or crochet thread
Small Key Ring (I found mine by the jewelry section of any craft store)


These would make cute luggage tags or tags for sport bags to help you or you kids know right away which one is yours!!  

For these key chains, I simply placed three hearts together in a color pattern I liked.  I sewed the smaller heart to the medium sized heart.  I tried both a straight stitch and a blanket stitch using needle and floss.  Once the small and medium hearts were combined I sewed the medium heart to the largest heart.  Then I used a second large heart and sewed the 2 large hearts together to give the keyring a bit of thickness.  As I stitched the two large hearts together, I also stitched in a pice of ribbon that I looped.  I made sure my stitches landed through the ribbon a couple of times to hold the ribbon in!  After I secured a knot at the bottom of the heart, I put the ribbon through the key ring!  I personally like the blanket stitch look better than the straight stitch look, but the straight stitch was way easier and much quicker!


I will be walking through some of the steps on Real Milwaukee too!  I have one more craft I want to make by Monday as a bonus....tune in to watch!  Happy crafting and Happy Heart Day!!!

***many of these crafts I made, I simply followed other people's tutorials....I am not super creative with ideas, but I can just about copy any idea I see!  Also, Benzie Design has not paid me at fact, they don't even know I exist outside of ordering from them!  I just simply have fallen in love with their product! ***

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