Sunday, January 29, 2017

Felt Flower Rosette Tutorial! (As seen on Fox 6 Real Milwaukee)

Felt Flower Tutorial

Here is my tutorial on how I created these felt flower rosettes.  I didn't use a pattern which I ended up really loving because all my flowers came out just a little different and unique!
 I used this felt for making these flowers.  The color palette is called Sweetheart Ombre from Benzie Design.  

I first cut a square shape out of the felt.  I would say it was approximately 4 inches by 4 inches.  Again, I just winged this part.  Some squares ended up as rectangles and some were bigger and some were smaller. 
Next I started at one side and cut a spiral leaving a nickel sized circle in the center.

Then I trimmed off the square edges of the felt to give all the sides a rounded corner. 
 Then I was ready to start making the flower!  I used my fabric covered floral stems and put a small dab of hot glue on the end.  *Make sure the rounded side of the felt is at the top of the stem to create the rosette look. 
 Then you just start winding the felt around itself on the stem.  I didn't use any hot glue for this process.  It took me a few times to master this so if you don't like what your flower looks like, unwind and try again! 

 This is what my flower looked like when I had it all wrapped around the stem.  
 You will have that nickel sized circle left which I put a larger dab of hot glue on and wrap it around the bottom of the flower.  This held the flower together just perfectly!  
 I wanted to add a little leaf to the bottom of my flower as a final touch.  I used pre cut Fun-Fetti from Benzie Design for this as well.  I used the large oval shape in the color fern.  You can find them HERE
 I folded the oval in half and cut a small slit in the middle of the oval.  
 I slipped the oval onto the stem and slid it up to the base of the flower.  
 I put some hot glue on the leaf (don't do this until it is close to the flower base or else the hot glue will get all over the stem) and push it up on the bottom of the flower.  
And...there you have it!  These flower are easy to make and I just love how they turned out!  If you want to give each flower out individually for Valentine's Day you can find a FREE tag HERE to cut out and wrap around your stem. (Thanks Nellie Design for your special final touches once again! )  Real flowers die....Felt flowers last forever!  

 Happy Flower Making!  

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