Wednesday, November 2, 2016

8 weeks. is official.  I have been a full time working mom for 8 weeks.  Here are some 100% true facts from what I have learned/accomplished these past 8 weeks. 
1. I don't remember 3/4 of what has happened the past 8 weeks.
2. My kids have eaten maybe 4 home cooked meals in the past 8 weeks.  
3. We have eaten way too many sandwiches and bowls of cereal for dinner in the past 8 weeks.
4. I basically just sleep at home now...and empty and load the dishwasher....all the cereal bowls from our "healthy" dinners.
5.  I have resorted to doing my grocery shopping online.
6.  We don't make our beds.
7.  Working is so hard yet so rewarding.
8.  My kids can't really deep clean a bathroom...they more or less wipe "around" with a clorox wipe.
9. I love love love watching my kids play in any sport or activity. 
10.  I wouldn't change a thing!!

Yes, working full time has been quite the adjustment here at the Wilke household.  However, I think we have figured out a rhythm.  I am blessed to have a flexible job that still allows me to work while the kids are in school and still be there for them after school and for their activities!  

Here are some highlights of the past 8 weeks...from what I can remember!

 We had a Friday off of school and headed to holy hill with some friends!  It was gorgeous and beautiful and amazing.  We packed a picnic and did some hiking!

 Kens is flourishing in log rolling.  For a kid that just started log rolling in the late summer, she is a log rolling beast!  I am one proud log rolling mamma!  Watch out lumberjacks....she's coming to roll against you!

 Griffs finished his soccer season.  He is crazy out on that field.  He is loving school...most days.  He has turned into a little longer my little baby.  (although he still likes a good nap...against his will of course!)

 Our oldest turned, um barf, 14.  We had her class over for a party.  Crazy kids got lost in the cornfield.  We warned them...they didn't listen.

Woodmans delivers.  Enough said.  They do all my shopping, load it up, drive it out to my house, unload it and leave.  They charge me $9.95 to do this.  I had groceries delivered to my house yesterday morning at 7 a.m.  Um...where have you been all my life??? 

 This is my office....a crazy unorganized, organized mess.  Things are getting day at a time!
 I will do anything to embarrass my kids.  Especially the older ones. Including showing up to their Race for Education looking like a man.  And, you're welcome, children!  You can't pick your parents!!

 Molly gave these two a hair cut the other day and then cut Dan's hair as well.  Boom!

 I don't think I ever officially announced it....but our ballerina is in the nutcracker with the Milwaukee Ballet this year as a soldier.  She will be performing in 10 shows!  Come see her.  You really won't be able to tell which one she is....but come anyways!  She loves dancing.  She is dancing 5 days a week and loving being on pointe.  Makes my mamma heart so happy and proud!

 Sadie is a beast on the soccer field.  I watched her game last week and almost started to cry.  She scored a goal...when I wasn't recording, of course....and took a player down.  What more could you ask for as a soccer mom?

 We went trick or treating with some friends last weekend.  Apparently when  you are in 8th grade you no longer want to trick or treat with your siblings, did you know that?
 Snugs is super duper flexible.  Like almost a contortionist.  She is taking a tumbling class as a gift from my mom for her birthday.  She has learned how to do a back walk over!  Crazy kid!

We had 3 play this season.  What fun it was!  Abbie's team won the conference any good parent we didn't get a picture of her playing.  She also isn't in the team picture because she had mandatory nutcracker here is her team without her!  

 Molly has become a boss at serving.  She really has got some VB skills.  I like to line judge any opportunity I can.  Here she is serving and here I am watching to make sure she doesn't cross the line....hey, someone has to do it!

 Sadie and her played on the same team.  I can't believe Molls will be moving on to high school next season.  And.....tears.
They ended up taking 2nd place in the tournament.  So so so fun to watch...and line judge! 

And just like that....8 weeks have flown by.  

My heart is full. 

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