Friday, September 30, 2016

Where do I even start?

 I am trying to figure out where to begin.  The past month has been a whirlwind here at the Wilke Farmstead.  Life changing things have happened.  I don't know how else to say it, but it has been crazy here.  Crazy good.  Crazy bad.  And plain Crazy.

For starters, I began a new full time job 3 weeks ago.  I haven't worked full time since before I had my first baby almost 14 years ago.  This decision carried a lot of weight in my heart.  At the end of the day, God opened all the right doors to make this even an opportunity.  He closed door after door all summer for me leaving me feeling inadequate.  He knew all along.  I doubted.  So here I am, the Director of Children's Ministry.  The adjustment has been kinda easy kinda hard.  I have a big job.  A lot to do.  A lot of weight on my shoulders.  One day at a time.  One day at a time.

On the same day I was introduced as the new Director, my one ballerina got her very first pair of pointe shoes.  The smile couldn't have been bigger that day for her!  Her teacher was so patient with her class and even taught them how to sew their own shoes.  She is loving it!  I secretly want to go buy a pair of pointe shoes...and I just might still do that.  I would love to get back up on pointe!  

I now have two ballerina's dancing with the Milwaukee Ballet.  Lanie started pre-ballet III and is loving it as well!  

Oh...and BIG NEWS....Abbie will be in the Milwaukee Ballet's Nutcracker again this year!  She made it!! YAHOO!!

 2 birthdays came and went here faster than we could process.  Lanie turned the big 6 and Dan turned the big 35.  I may have had them share a cake :(
 Sads started her refereeing career this fall.  She looks adorable in her gear, but is an even better ref!  She is working with U-8 girls and is loving it!

 I had the awesome opportunity to take Fridays at the Farm on the road to Lake Geneva.  I did a pallet session for a bachelorette weekend for a sweet group of ladies.  It was so much fun and nice to take it on the road!

 I wanted to give you an update on our farm life as well.  We added 10 more chickens to the mix here.  We have lost a few of our "older" ones.  One got attacked by a hawk, one died and smelled up our garage like you wouldn't believe and one disappeared.  One day in passing I said to Dan, "hey, we should probably think about getting more chickens at some point."  The next day he left an invoice on my desk for 10 chickens.  Lesson learned. We have a fat orange cat that keeps all the critters away and a long haired cat that sleeps with the kids every night.  We currently are nursing a 2-3 week old baby kitten back to life as well.  We have a salamander living somewhere either inside or outside of our house as well.  I almost stepped on it barefoot one day and may have freaked out.  I question every day my ability to live here at the farmstead.

Griffs has adjusted to school and so have I.  I went on his first field trip with him last week to the Fire Station.  Let me tell you, that little sweet boy of mine is a social butterfly.  I can't believe the change that has happened in that sweet baby boy.  

 My mom took us apple picking last weekend.   We went to Peck and Bushel which is an organic apple orchard near us.  The girls had a blast picking apples!
 Volleyball season has begun.  The 2 oldest are playing on the same team and then we have one on the 5 & 6th grade team.  I love to watch them play.  I love to line judge almost as much as watching them play!
 I keep getting the amazing opportunities to take pictures as well.  I super super love to take pics.  It makes my heart happy.  I am so grateful that people trust me enough to capture memories for them!

There is so much more I could go on and on about.  Dan and Molly went away for a week together to South Dakota for her 8th grade class trip.  This happened the week I started working full time.  Mamma was a little stressed that week.  We pulled through...barely.  

Life is good.  Life is hard.  Life is crazy.  We are taking it day by day.  We are learning.  We are growing.  We are eating a lot of chocolate...well some of us are!