Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What Happened?

Well, yesterday was the day.  The first full day of my life with all my children in school full time.  Just like that the day came and left. 

We woke up late, of course.  The kids were all over tired from our big wedding weekend.  Griffin didn't have his lunch packed....Molly's shorts were too short and I made her change...Lanie and Abbie wanted their hair braided. 

This kept me busy in the morning.  I didn't really have time to process what was happening.  I am positive God knew I needed that.  

Thanks to my mom (Oma) the kids all sported their new first day of school clothes and shoes.

and just like that....they left me....home...ALONE. 

Where has the time gone?  I went back this morning and looked at pictures from past years of the first day of school.  Look at how much they have all grown up.  

It happens.  They grow up.  

While I have been struggling with letting them grow up, I am also super excited for this new phase of life.  I was watching a mom unload kid after kid today in the parking lot.  That was me, just a few years ago.  I don't know how I made it, but I did.   I could only smile as I watched that mom walk in with her 4 small children who seemed just as close as our are.  I remember being that mom.  My role has just changed now...I am still a their mom.  

My visions of my first day home alone were nothing like I had built up in my head.  There was no cheesecake factory.  In fact I woke up to find out that I had run out of my supply of the daily contacts I wear.  That left me wearing two different types of contacts in each eye which made my vision a bit interesting!  I ran errands, went for a short run, showered and just like that it was time to go back and get the kids. 

Everyone had a great first day of school.  Homework came home and memory has started.  Just like that.  

I am so excited for this school year.  I have an 8th grader....what?  The kids have all been blessed with some of the most amazing teachers on the planet and I couldn't have more trust and faith in them to partner with me and help these crazy kids of mine to turn out semi decent.  

I  am excited to see what God has in store for me in this new phase of my life too.  For 14 years my focus has been on getting the kids to this point.  I know we have a long way to go with them, but I am ready to find myself again.  To make a difference in the world.

I know  I am only on day 2 of being home alone...and it feels weird today.  I am enjoying the peace of the moment for now!  

and just to help me remember how far we have come....this is what life looked like for us just a few short years ago.  I sure do miss those days, but I am so glad to be entering this new phase!  For all you moms out there still in this phase....take one day at a time.  One day you will be me, looking back and wondering where time has gone!  

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