Monday, August 1, 2016

Apples and Oranges....a tale of two girls 13 months apart.

 When Dan and I met in high school we always said we wanted to have 6 kids.  All girls.  If you would go and find our senior wills or whatever they were called...or wherever they keep would find that written down on my "will."  I believe I wrote under the "plans for future":  Marry Dan Wilke and have 6 kids, all girls.  Well, 19 plus years later, here we are.  We didn't quite get to 6 girls, but we did get 5 and man oh man are they all different.  Our first two children came about 16 months apart.  Both had a tinge of red hair and pale skin.  When Sadie (our 2nd) was only 6 months old we were surprised to find out that #3 was on the way.  Insert Abbie.  She was born 6 weeks early and came out at 21 1/2 inches long with olive skin.  I did get to hold her for just a few seconds before she was whisked away to the NICU.  If Dan hadn't have gone with and made sure she was "tagged" as ours, I might think she got switched at birth!  (I am kidding....this kid looks exactly like her daddy!)
 So here we have two girls, 13 months apart and different as can be.  However the bond that they have is amazing.  Last night I did a refresher course with the woman who taught me how to actually use my camera.  We went on a photo walk with our cameras and the 2 girls.  At first I was only going to bring one, but I am so glad I brought them both!  I told them to get dressed in something that represented them.  Abbie packed her ballet shoes and wore a dress with a pig necklace...and Sadie went with her chuck tailors and a fringe sweater.  I told you...apples and oranges.
We practiced using lighting and shade.  Talked about what backgrounds to use and which to stay away from.  

 We came across a new favorite spot of mine!  The girls had so much fun just being themselves.  I secretly think they felt like celebrities.  They laughed and giggled and it was so nice to be there as a photographer but mostly as their mom.
 Abbie is full of grace.  Poised and delicate.  Sadie is full of spunk.  Quirky and hilarious.
 Sadie is highly competitive and will try anything while Abbie is cautious and lacks in confidence.  If Sadie can't do something she will have a darn good time trying to do it and make fun of herself while doing it.  Abbie will rarely try something new and excels in what she does know how to do.

Abbie...full of grace.

Sadie...full of spunk. 

 At the end of the day it is amazing to see how different they are.  13 months apart and complete opposites.  However, they have a bond.  Not just the 2 of them, but all the girls.  They love each other.  They play together.  I hope that never changes.  My prayer for them is that even when they move on to their separate walks of life that they will always remember this bond.  I kinda feel bad that I didn't get to capture this moment with all the kids...but I am really loving the pics of just the 2 of them.  I can't wait to pair up 2 more kids and go back and take some more pictures!  I think this was a night for us all to remember!

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