Monday, July 25, 2016

I wanna take your picture...

Life is hard.  Being an adult with responsibilities can suck sometimes.  Then you turn around and see 7 beautiful children who you would do anything for to give them the world...and you do just that.  3 weeks ago Dan got a second job working nights and weekends.  Now, I know you are all thinking...Susan,  you lazy person get the job.  I have tried!  I have applied and sent resumes and applied some more...and nothing.  I recently applied at the local Y and prayed and prayed I would get an interview for this job I really wanted...and I didn't even get an interview.  One night while we were doing the bills (which is never a good time here) Dan applied at a local sporting goods place (which I also applied too as well and did NOT get an interview) and instantly he got an interview.  He went in and got hired on the spot.  So for now...until I can beg someone to hire me...he is working double time.  I am running craft camps here at the farm and taking pics to help as well....which leads me to some pretty awesome families I have had the privilege to capture memories for!!  For real....these people are all so beautiful!  

 Our dear friends who abandoned us moved away a year ago came back to Wisconsin for a visit.  I think we took these pics at 8:00 at night but I seriously just love them all so much!  They are so much on top of this game of life that I was taking Christmas card pictures for them!  Yes, some people are that organized!

 I had the special honor to take photos of my dear friend.  I can't give much info on her or their situation, but I can tell you that my friend loves this little girl beyond words.  She was full of sass and serious looks...and she didn't sit still....but, she captured my heart!

 Yesterday was just as much fun as I got to capture these cousins and siblings together!  Their eyes are AMAZING!  We had 7 kids and not a touch of blue eyes...but these kids have they best blue eyes ever!

Then there is my crazy clan.  We tried photos a few weeks ago.  It was just as a thunderstorm was moving in.  It was late and they were all hungry.  We did what we could.  

 How in this crazy world are my daughters becoming so beautiful?  Stay little and awkward so I don't have to worry as much...please!!!!

 We don't have blue eyes here, but Griffs has some of the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen.  They all have their daddy's eyes and I wouldn't change that for the world.

So two things....I am offering a photography special right now.  45 minutes-1 hour of shooting by myself for $100.  I will choose and edit the pics and send them to you via a dropbox link.  You can download and use the pics as you would like!  Email me at to set up an appointment with me..or text me if ya know me....or Facebook me.  

#2....If you know of any place looking to hire someone and think I would be a good fit...please let me know.  I know God has something great in store for me....I am just having a hard time with His time frame!  

Happy Monday!

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