Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A trip of a lifetime!

Well, it happened.  15 years of being married and we made our escape.  It wasn't easy to leave the 7 kids behind, but we did it....and I am so glad we did!

Arranging for our kids to all be taken care of for 8 days was no easy task.  Frankly, it exhausted every last ounce of me.  The planning and prepping and packing...I didn't know if we would make it!  Thankfully we had wonderful loving friends and family who cared for the kids so we could take a trip of a lifetime.  I think knowing that our kids would be spoiled rotten and well loved made it easier for us to leave them.  We had to leave for the airport at 3 a.m. last Sunday morning and I started packing around 11 p.m. that night.  We traveled by Royal Caribbean Cruise ship "Freedom of the Seas" to 4 amazing ports in the western Caribbean.  It was 7 nights of pure awesomeness.  The BEST thing about a cruise is you really don't have to do anything.  No cooking, no cleaning, no thinking.  It is all done for you.  The endless amounts of food...the awesome people watching...the amazing entertainment.  It was basically the best thing ever.  We ate like royalty....and then we ate some more.  

I think our favorite port stop was Roatan, Honduras.  We didn't book any excursions on the ship itself because they are so overpriced and I am the queen of cheap.  I will admit, it was super scary wandering the streets of Honduras with no place to go.  We ended up meeting a really nice taxi driver that ended up spending the day with us.  He gave us a tour of the island and took us zip lining.  Zip lining through the jungles of Honduras was the highlight of our trip.  One of us was freaked out and panicked and one of us was calm, cool and collected.  I'll let you guess.  It. was. Amazing.  

We also stopped in Grand Cayman where we visited Sting Ray City.  This is no city...it's a sandbar in the middle of the ocean filled with wild stingray.  (this means they still had their poky thing in them). Yes, that is my husband swimming with them and kissing them.  Oh how I wish I could show you the video of myself being in the water with them.  At one point I say "I'm not interested" to the sting ray...as if they cared if I was interested in having them touch me!  

We ate way too much.  We held hands.  We dressed up.  We snorkeled together hand in hand.  We did a lot of sitting.  We watched movies on the deck by the pool.  We ate some more.  We ran on the track on the top of the ship together.  We people watched together.  We went to bed way too late and woke up with the sunshine every morning.  We ordered room service... not because we were hungry but because it was free.  We sat by the poolside and did absolutely nothing.  I am sad that we waited 15 years to do this.  My heart wants so many more experiences like this with Dan.  

God put this trip together for us at a time that we needed it most.  My advice to anyone would be to take the time...make it a priority.  Make your marriage a priority.  We try to have time together, but this was better than anything we have done since we have been married.  

I don't know if we can make something like this ever happen again, but I can promise you we are gonna try our best to not let another 15 years go by again!

In other news....Soccer season has ended.  (oh wait...tryouts for the next year are happening tonight!) 

Track season is over.  Molly's relay team won 1st place in state for the 4x100! Sadie attempted the high jump.  Her form isn't the best, but she made it over the bar!

End of school programs are over.  Awards were given.  Songs were sung.  Everyone passed to the next grade.  We will have an 8th grader next year.  Umm... barf...an 8th grader.  

Ballet season has ended for our ballerina.  She passed her level and will be moving on to pointe shoes in the fall.  

Molly had her first voice recital.  There is some super generous person out there that has paid for almost all of Molly's voice lessons this year.  They are anonymous.  It is bugging the you know what out of me that I don't know who is doing it.  It makes Molly's heart so happy to know someone out there loves her enough to do this for her.  Whomever you are....THANK YOU...and you don't know the impact you are leaving on our daughter.  

Sigh...there is so much more I could say.  The corn on the cob and burgers have just been brought in and I need to plate the food for the kids.  I can't wait to catch you all up on all our craziness!  


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