Friday, May 20, 2016

Being a mom...

Mother's Day came and went here at our house.  It was filled with baseball practice, soccer games and ballet rehearsal.  To be honest...I have this idea in my head of what Mother's Day should look like.  Sleeping in.  Waking up to roses and a love letter from Dan about what a wonderful mother and wife I am.  Some sort of expensive jewelry piece.  A nice brunch with all the kids.  A super clean house.  No bickering children.  Should I go on?  If you Mother's Day was like that...then lucky you.  Mine was far from it.  We spent the day chasing and feeding kids....just like any other day.  I didn't even get flowers.  So I had two choices.  Mull around and be mad that my Mother's Day wasn't what "I think it should be" or embrace our crazy life and roll with it.  Roll with it I did.  Sadie did make me a waffle for breakfast that I ended up giving to Dan to eat.  I spent my morning making puppy chow and packaging it up for other mom friends because who doesn't love some puppy chow on Mother's Day?  Some of the kids went to a friend's went to a soccer game with a friend and other's went with my mom for the day.  Dan and I did get to spend one hour together riding a bike downtown while Abbie practiced for the ballet.  We didn't even get to have a family dinner together.  

and you know what???

I am 100% ok with that.  Lately I have found myself staring more and more at my older kids.  Molly will be in 8th grade next year.  Her face is changing, she is growing up and becoming a "real" person.  A person that doesn't need me as much anymore.  A person that wants some freedom.  Where in the world did the last 13 years go?  We have been so blessed with these beautiful children that are all healthy and pretty amazing kids if you ask me.  I don't need flowers or jewelry or fancy dinners to remind me that I am lucky to be their mom.  I just need their hugs and their kisses and their love.  I thought life when they were all little was hard...but that has nothing on watching your little babies grow up into real humans.  It's hard on a mamma's heart.  However, I am so very proud of them.  They love us.  They talk to us.  They love Jesus.  They love each other.  They actually even like each other!  

We did manage to go on a family picnic a few days after Mother's Day.  There was fighting.  It was windy.  One kid got sent to the car for a bad attitude.  

And the world goes on!  

Here are some pics of the people I love most and the ones that I am lucky enough to have call me "their mom"   (I tossed in a picture  of Dan that I took too....just in case you are wondering how my kids got to be so darn adorable....he's the reason! ) 

 I am blessed beyond words.  God has filled my life with this amazing family and I am totally in love!  I don't think I will ever have a perfect "mother's day"....but what more could a mom need or want?  Keep rocking on all you mamma's out there.  One day at a time.


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