Monday, April 11, 2016

It's April Already!?!?!?

I can't believe it is April.  I mean, I can believe it's April, but then again, I can't.  April always sneaks up on me which means, Abbie's birthday always sneaks up on me.  This year was no different.  Abbie has been asking for a birthday party for 3 years now.  This was supposed to be the year for her to get the fully themed Wilke party. didn't happen.  I think I am going to postpone her party until summer...or maybe next April ;)  I know I have mentioned this before, but we are SO lame with our birthday gifts here.  I mean, we try to give the kids some nice gifts but we NEVER wrap them.  I think the tradition started when Dan and I were cranking kids out every 14 months and our lives were lived minute by minute.  I am pretty sure we probably forgot someone's birthday one morning and had to rush down and toss their unwrapped gifts on the kitchen table....and it has become our family tradition.  The kids aren't allowed to come into the kitchen until we drag ourselves down and record the "entrance."  This year Abbie went with her usual pig themed gifts and clothes that are orange.  (her two most favorite things in the world).  She didn't get what she really wanted.  I felt bad.  But, people, it was a REAL PIG.  I have to draw the line somewhere.  We are NOT getting a pig.  Dan, we ARE NOT getting a real pig.  For real...DAN....WE ARE NOT GETTING A PIG!!   (I guarantee if I gave the ok for  real pig, we would have one here within a day made possible by none other than Dan.) 

 Abbie took giant pig cookies to school as her treat...of which I didn't take a picture of :(  We went to noodles and company for dinner because that is her favorite place to eat.  While we were at Noodles one of the kids asked what kind of cake we got for her.  Um...Cake?  Oh, yeah...a cake.  Good thing there was a DQ right next door AND I had a coupon for a FREE ice cream cake!!!  God always seems to turn our mess into good!  Now were have a 13, 12, 11, 9, 8, 5, and 4 year old... I think.  Sometimes I forgot how old they are.  (you'll get there one day if you're not there already!)

This past weekend was the start of Alice in Wonderland rehearsals with the Milwaukee Ballet for Abbie and it was also the start of outdoor soccer season.  It was FREEZING yesterday at the game...and wet...and muddy...and freezing...and rainy...and windy.... and it was the perfect one on one time with Sadie.  We couldn't feel our toes and she had mud all over her face...but it was nice to have that time.

Happy Monday!

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