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Getting Rid of the Gray! Tutorial on 6 crafts to turn your gray into a "POP" of color!

I don't know about you, but this girl is ready for spring...and more ready for warm weather!  When I think of spring, I think of why not add some color to your winter gray right now?!?!!?  I have searched Pinterest and found 6 ways to add a pop of color into your life....are you ready to craft?  


A "pop" of color picture jar!

Take a simple mason jar and old paint and turn it into just the little "pop" of color you need to brighten up a dull space!  

Supplies Needed:

  1. Mason jar (or really any glass jar)
  2. Paint (I used old paint samples from our walls)
  3. Sticky back vinyl (found at local craft stores) 
  4. Picture (I printed mine on a regular piece of paper)
  5. Paint brush
  6. Painter's tape
  7. Twine (optional) 

I started with 3 mason jars from goodwill.  You could use a pickle jar or a pizza sauce jar...anything glass.  
Next, I used my cricut to cut out 3 vinyl scalloped shapes on sticky back vinyl.  If you don't have a cricut you can cut out your shapes just the same using a pencil and scissors.  Once your shape is cut out, peel off the paper backing so the back part is sticky.  Place the sticky side down on the jar making sure you press all the edges down.  
Next, paint your jar.  I painted right over the vinyl sticker.  

I used three different colors for my jars.  
 I waited until the jars were almost dry...still a little tacky and carefully peeled off the vinyl sticker.
While the jars finished drying, I headed over to my computer and printed small images right on plain copy paper.  
 I cut the image out and flipped it over and attached painters tape.  Then I taped the picture to the inside of the jar so the picture would show through the opening.  Boom....adorbs!!  You have to place a small cup on the inside of the jar if you are going to put real flowers and water in it....otherwise your picture will get wet!  This is a fun way to do it so you can change the picture out!  I wrapped a piece of jute around my jar, but you don't have to!  This is just an easy and cheap way to add a little "pop" to your life!!


Inspirational Pallet Wood Sign

Take old or new wood and turn it into a piece of art work that will bring color to any space!  So easy to make and such a bold statement piece!  

Supplies Needed: 

  1. Pallet board or wood pieces
  2. Spray paint (or acrylic paint) 
  3. Paint Pens

A sweet friend actually gave me this as a Christmas gift and I fell in love with it.  We had a huge empty space that was in need of a pop of color and I knew these boards would be the PERFECT touch to our dreary plain wall!  
 I started by gathering some old pallet wood boards and laying them out the way I wanted them to hang on our wall.
 Next, I dug into my spray paint stash and started spray painting the boards.  Since it has been too cold to spray paint outside, I have turned to spraying in a large box inside the house.  Not recommended but you gotta do what you gotta do!
 Once I had all my boards painted, I set them out to dry .  (I did end up using some acrylic craft paint on a couple of the boards because I didn't have all the colors I wanted in the spray paint form)  Both paint options worked extremely well.
 After the boards were dry, I used paint pens to write my words.  Now, I admit, I don't have the best free handing yeah.  However, I was ok with my weird writing and went with it.
 I totally winged my phrases too.  Whatever came to my mind, I wrote down.
 My sweet hubby attached them all together for me and hung them on the wall.  The larger set we have hanging in our staircase (see photos above) are hanging on the wall with 3-M strips attached to the back.  That has worked perfectly and not one has yet to fall!  I dare say...this is one of my favorite me and SO easy!

DIY Hand Stamped and Painted Pillows (trust me...they are EASY!!)

Ok, so I saw this idea on Pinterest and FREAKED out.  There was NO way I could pull this off.  Let me just say that our pillows in our living room are lame.  They are SO not me.  I have been wanting new pillows for a while now, but they are pricey and I am cheap.  Insert craft time.  We had these two ugly yellow pillows...don't mind the gross stains of who knows what on them.  While strolling through Hobby Lobby I came across these canvas pillow covers. mean I don't actually have to SEW pillow covers??  SCORE!!!!  Those two pillow covers made their way into my cart and I got to crafting!  Yes, even YOU can do this!! 

 (I told you the pillows were yellow, ugly, and gross!)

Supplies Needed: 

  1. Fabric paint
  2. Blank pillow cases (or if you can sew....canvas material to make your own)
  3. Sticky back foam
  4. Wood circles
  5. Paint brushes
  6. Scissors 
  7. Iron (I did break down and iron my pillow cases before painting them) 

Ok, the first step for the circle pillow was to cut out five free handed circles on the sticky back foam.  Cut out the circles and peel the paper backing off.  Stick the foam to the wood circle.  
Next, I used a large paper plate to place my paint on and got a brush for each color of paint.

I used the brush to paint the fabric paint on the foam circle and started stamping on the canvas pillow cover. ( oh, I did put a layer of wax paper inside the pillow case to prevent the paint from leaking through to the back) I really just used the wood circles as my guide.  I had no color pattern and just stamped with what color I thought would look good.  You could lay it out more strategically than what I did....but I was super happy with how mine turned out.  

Stamp after stamp I added more circles.  Each time I used a stamp I would add more paint to the stamp.

 I filled the entire pillow case up using the 5 different stamps and colors.
I waited for it to dry and took the yellow pillow case off and put the new polka dot one on!  

 For the second pillow case I went with more of a "free spirited" approach.  I used my paint brush and basically made "V" shapes for the flowers.  Next, I took the end of the paint brush (like the stick part) and dipped that into the black paint and made dots.  I had no rhyme or reason....I just went with it.  I think that is why I love them so much.  I didn't want perfection.

 I let the second pillow case dry and slide the pillow into the case.  I could not be more pleased with how these turned out!  I am on the hunt for more covers to paint for our other ugly couch pillows....they were too ugly to even post a picture of!!


Finger Print Heart Canvas

We had an empty gray wall which was screaming for some color.  There is no better way to add some color than with a colorful canvas that we were able to create together as a family!  

Supplies Needed:

  1. Large Canvas
  2. Acrylic Craft Paints
  3. Pencil
  4. Sharpie
  5. Felt (optional)
  6. Cloths pins (optional)

 We started by having each child in our family pick a paint color.  Each of our kids have a favorite color which happen to blend nicely so that totally worked out in my favor!

Next, I free handed a large heart on the canvas with a pencil.  I thought about erasing it and doing another one, but I was loving the wonky heart shape I drew.  We squeezed a dab of each person's paint color onto a paper plate and taught them how to dip their finger in the paint. was time to fill it in.  One finger print at a time.  We rotated the canvas as it filled up to spread the colors out evenly.
 After the heart was filled with the prints, I had each person put one single finger print on the lower right hand side.  I took a sharpie and wrote the name that each color represented from our family.

 I wanted to put our last name on the print, but didn't want to free hand it.  I cut our last name out of some scraps of felt instead.
 I attached them together with a piece of baker's twine and hot glued two clothespins on the canvas.  I hung the baker's twine inside the clothespins and had a complete canvas.  I did add our marriage year to it for a final touch!  I know it's not perfect...but it totally represents our crazy family!  One of the best "pops" of color to remind us of just how blessed we are!


 DIY Pinwheel

I am in love with these pinwheels.  Just by switching your paper choice, you can make these fun pinwheels add a pop of color to any color scheme!  

Supplies Needed:

  1. Pinwheel maker (made by memory keepers)
  2. Double sided scrapbook paper
  3. Pinwheel sticks (memory keepers) 
  4. Paper cutter (or scissors and ruler) 

 I found this pinwheel maker at a local craft store and just knew the possibilities were endless with this!  I have made quite a lot of pinwheels I must say!
 The nice thing about this pinwheel maker is that you can make the pinwheel in any size up to 12 that's a BIG pinwheel!  My favorite size is a 6x6 inch pinwheel.  First you need to cut your paper into a perfect square.
 Then you will punch a hole in each corner of the square using the built in hole punch.
 Next, you line you hole punched corner up with the correct inch marking on the pinwheel maker.  Once you have it lined up, you used the razor cutter to slide down to make the cut.
 You can make a single pinwheel or a double pinwheel.  For this demo I made a double pinwheel.  (meaning I used two pieces of paper)  You will need to follow the directions on the pinwheel maker when making a double one....there are two different cuts you need to make for a double one.
 Here are my two finished squares punched and cut and ready to assemble.
 I used the pinwheel attachment and straw to make the part to hold the pinwheel.
 Next, you will lay your two pieces of paper together to start creating the pinwheel.  (I did watch a You-tube video on how to do this because it can be a bit confusing if you have never done it before).
 Next, you will poke the pinwheel holder through the back of the paper and start folding the paper over.
 One piece at a time going in order.

 Finally you will put the little plastic cap on the tip of the middle of the plastic pinwheel maker to hold the pinwheel in place!
I know, I sounds confusing...but trust me.  Once you get the hang of it, you will be cranking these pinwheels out for every possible thing you can think of!  I even put one as an added touch to a birthday gift the other day!  Who doesn't love a pinwheel to bring a little happiness and color into the day?!?!?!

*There are you-tube videos on how to make is hard to explain in a picture tutorial so utilize those videos if you are confused!*

It's amazing how just a little "pop" of color can brighten up a dull space or bring a little sunshine to your day!  I hope you are inspired to craft the day away!  

Happy Spring...I think Spring is coming soon, right?!?!  

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