Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Crawling back out of the hole...

Today is the first day I am feeling "normal" Well...almost.

I will spare you the details but I will say.  I hate my colon.  

I ended up in the ER two days in a row and then had to take HORRIBLE medication for 10 days.  That led me to have NO appetitite and land up severely dehydrated.  A lot of tears were shed.  A lot of baths were taken.  I lost almost 10 pounds in one week.  The kids got used to me just laying on the couch and carrying on with their lives.  Dan and I fought about his lack of compassion....then I puked and I am pretty sure he got the hint at just how bad I was.  It was 10 days I would really like to erase from my memory.  I almost lost all faith in the medical system.  My poor Dr. Brother got way too many phone calls from me.  

I am done taking the medication...YAHOO!  I still feel a bit foggy and weird in my head, but other than that I think I am ok.  I am trying to drink as many glasses of liquids and juices that I can to get myself fully rehydrated.  One day at a time.  So, that's where I have been.  

 In other news....This is what our sink looks like after every meal.  Don't worry...we are working on this.
 Gavin got his first "real" haircut in a long time.  We usually buzz it at home, but he wanted to style it.  Watch out ladies....I am pretty sure he is gonna be a high school heart throb.
 Mandatory, take a selfie while getting pumped with fluids picture in the ER.
 I ended up back in the ER on Easter so my kids celebrated without Dan and me.  They got to hang out with some of their pretty awesome cousins which I am positive was way better than hanging out in the ER with us.  Altogether on my side, there are 20 cousins.  The older cousins play with the younger ones and the younger ones look up to the older ones.  I just love each and every one of them.  Even though we couldn't all be together, it was nice to be surrounded by family who love, support  and accept us!

 One day I had this grand idea....I'll take the kids to the waterpark so they can play.  (while I was sick.)  It wasn't a good idea.  The kids had fun and it made the day go by a little faster!  

We were supposed to be in Alabama last week.  We had been saving and saving to book it out of town again like we did last Easter.  You can read about that amazing trip HERE.  We were dying to go back.  The kids were PUMPED to go back to the ocean.  However, God knew it wasn't the right time for us.  If we would have booked the condo and gone, I would have been really sick and more than likely would have ruined any sort of vacation.  We will be back, Alabama...have no fear!  

So that is Wilke life in a nutshell for the past 2 weeks ( well, that is a very condensed version at least).  Abbie starts Alice in Wonderland practice this week with the Milwaukee Ballet Company.  I don't know who is more or her.  Sadie starts soccer.  Kenadie started volleyball and soccer.  Gavin is starting football season this week.  Molly started track.  Lanie is practicing for her ballet recital.  Griffin has been keeping me company and asks every single hour during the day, "Is it time to go pick up the sisters yet?"  Griffs, against his will, is being registered for 4K next school's time my sweet boy to cut the umbilical cord! 

Dan is working super hard and has found his compassionate side.  I will say, he can run the house when I am down and out...he just didn't know he had to wipe the counters ever!!  

Thanks to everyone that prayed for me or checked in on me.  I am back to crafting for my next segment on April 14th....get rid of the gray!  You all know I like a pop of color in everything I do!  

Oh Happy Day!  

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