Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What makes you a "Champion"?

 This basketball season has been quite the fun ride for our family.  I know I have talked about basketball over and over again, but I wanted to share what we have learned from this season...so far.

First of all, Molly did NOT want to play this year.  Why?  Well, she thought she wasn't good enough to play.  You see, Molly's team is made up of some really amazing ball players.  Like...how in the world are these kids only in 8th grade kinda ball players?  That was super intimidating to her.  She thought that they wouldn't want her to play along side of them because she wasn't as good as they were.  She thought the girls would all roll their eyes in their heads when the coaches decided to put Molly in the game.  She over thought it.  She let the devil take over her thoughts.

Basically we forced her to play.  We wanted her to be active....and deep down inside, we knew just how talented she was.  Would she ever be as good as some of the other girls?  No way...but that didn't mean she couldn't try her best and be a part of a team.

The beginning of the year she struggled trying to find her place I think.  (this is coming from me as her mom and not from her).  She is 13....enough said.  Emotions all over the place.  Practice would be great one day and horrible the next.  Depending on her mood would depend on her attitude...you know...nothing out of the norm for this age.

The one thing she kept telling me was how encouraging everyone was.  She would feel so special when one of the 8th graders would tell her she did a good job or even take time to talk to her or help her.  When she would get down on herself for not being as good as others we would talk to her about what she is doing good at and how much she has improved.  Over the past few months I have really noticed a change in her and I am so proud of her.  She stuck with it.  She improved.  She is part of a great team with amazing kids.

This past weekend when the team was headed to the state tournament I really got to thinking about what makes you a champion?  We had an undefeated season...won every game with ease...mostly.  Here we were headed to the biggest game of their life playing against a team that was going to be a huge challenge for us.  I knew the game was going to be hard.  I knew it was gonna be a little bit of dirty ball playing.  I knew the girls would be so bummed if they didn't win.  They wanted it so badly....but they fell a little short.  Even though they took 2nd in the State it still stung.  It was a hard loss for them.  I know to the team right now, winning was the most important thing....but to me, as a mom....it wasn't.  They were already champions to me from what they did off the court.  
A champion to me is:

Watching 3 coaches take the time to work with and encourage each and every player no matter their ability...

Witnessing players walk up to each other and praise them for the good and encourage them after a bad pass or a bad shot...

Seeing one of the players on our team approach a good player from another team and say "great game" and compliment them on her skills...more than once...

Helping a teammate up off the ground or an opposing player when we have knocked them down...

Seeing 8th graders (that don't have to give my daughter the time of day ) talk to her, encourage her, hug her, high five her and be a friend to her.

I could go on and on about this team.  The thing I am most proud of is that our girls shine for Jesus.  At the end of the day, that is the only thing that matters.  So we didn't win the State title....but our reward in heaven will be better than any State trophy that is for sure!

I hope one day Molly can look back at this team and realize the impact this year has made on her.  She has become a better ball player.  Her defense if awesome....her offense on the other hand....well, she has next year to improve on that!

Nationals here we come....win or lose....we are gonna have a blast!!

Yes, I am one proud Mamma and one proud parent!  GO WARRIORS!!!!!

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  1. Nicely written....so true! Thank you Lord for their God given talents!