Monday, March 7, 2016

What happened to you?

I don't know how to put in to words the past month of my life.  Horrible.  Amazing.  Challenging.  Weird.  Hard.  Awesome.  Terrible.  Frustrating.  Crazy.  Fun.  Yucky.  Poopy.  Exciting.  

I have sat down many times at the computer to blog and couldn't bring myself to do it.  I needed to be ok with life before I could blog about my life.  

It started a month or so ago with a reality check.  I gave up the in home childcare I was doing and am now looking for a full time job.  Something I don't want to do, but I have to do.  Reality.  Life with 7 kids is crazy and expensive.  I don't wanna work because I am afraid the house will fall to shambles.  I am praying God moves mountains for us.  

Then....on Monday, February 15th I went in for and MRI of my foot.  You know, the foot I have been having pain in for 2 years...yeah that one.  Turns out I have some awesome "stuff' going on inside my foot.  After my MRI that I had to pay cash for, I got into a car accident...and had to pay deductibles for!!  To say the 15th of February was a horrible day would be a huge understatement.  Thankfully, we were all safe and I walked away with only whiplash.  
Then I got the news I have to wear a boot on my foot for 3-4 weeks....awesome.  

Somewhere in the midst of horrible life, Sadie turned 12.  She requested a rainbow cake for her class treat.  

I think my family was well aware I was on the verge of a breakdown so a plane ticket was given and I was on my way to Florida for 3 days.  I have never flown anywhere alone, but would call myself a "pro" I am free to fly anywhere anyone will send me!

I got to hang with Brie for 3 days and I got to see Bryan back on stage again being Bryan.  Oh, and I got to go to the beach....awesome!  

I am currently working on the Easter Craft segment I am doing THIS Friday, the 11th of March.  I have got some cute Easter crafts that is for sure!!

We have been living and breathing basketball here since November.  We had 4 kids playing almost every day of the week.  This past weekend, Molly's team took 2nd place at the State tournament.  Yes, you read that correct.  Her team took 2nd place in the STATE!!!!!  

 I can't even begin to tell you the awesomeness of this team.  Molly, who went from not wanting to play and thinking she was horrible has grown so much and gained so much confidence.  The coaches and the players are amazing.  They lost their only game yesterday for the championship.
 It was a tough tough game, but we are going to pick ourselves back up because we are heading to NATIONALS!!!!  GO WARRIORS!!!

 I was headed to the Y one day and Dan gave me a brand new pair of earbuds.  While on the rowing machine, I successfully rowed right over the cord.  Then, the next day he gave me another new pair of earbuds which I successfully lost as I walked into the Y.  No more earbuds for me.
 Did you guys see that Valentine's cookie video that was going around on Facebook?  You know, the really cool ones with the lips and cool patterns.  Yeah, I tried that and I failed.  My frosting was horrible and it tasted weird.  The kids seemed to be ok with them, but I am no longer trying to bake.

 I did manage to host a pallet session somewhere in the past month!!  These ladies were awesome and I loved their fruits of the spirit board idea!

 I am trying to watch what I eat on somedays....this is my new go-to salad..... Yummy.....
 and then I remember I have a fresh batch of puppy chow in the fridge and I go-to that too.
And there you have month gone by just like that.

I am co-directing the middle school play at the kid's school, planning my next Fox 6 segments and prepping for a large 8th grade banquet... oh and now prepping to head to Nationals for more basketball.  In the midst of all the yuckiness of life lately, I sure do have a lot more to be thankful for....I just have to keep my head and heart in the right place!  

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