Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fox 6 Real Milwaukee Easter Crafts!!!

Spring is here and that means Easter is right around the corner!  I will be airing on Fox 6 Real Milwaukee this coming Friday (March 11th) with some super cute Easter crafts.  I love that spring allows us to pull out super fun and bright colors.  Just looking at all these fun colors makes me happy!  Are you ready to craft?  Here we go....

Spring Table Runner

I wanted to add a little "pop" to our orange table cloth for this Easter.  I didn't want to spend a fortune on making a table runner and I am so very happy with the way this turned out!  Use your own choice of colors to make this work for your decor!  (Brown paint on burlap would be super cute as well!!)

Supplies Needed: 

  1. Fabric ( I used a super cheap thin canvas fabric...I was under $3 a yard)
  2. Acrylic Paint in colors of your choice
  3. Sponge paint brush
  4. Sticky back vinyl (I found mine at Joann's in the scrapbook paper aisle.)
  5. Fabric Glue
  6. White yarn
  7. Clover pom pom maker
  8. Wax paper (for under the material when you paint and glue the pom poms on!)

I purchased 2 yards of the canvas.  I trimmed it so it was 16 inches wide by 2 yards long.  This can be modified to your table but making it thinner and/or longer.

I used my circuit to cut out vinyl bunnies to use as my template.  I have a FREE download of the bunny template HERE.  You can use it to download for your cricut if you have one OR you can trace the bunny on the back side of you sticky back vinyl and hand cut the bunny template out.  (You will use the outside cut part out as your template. ) 

I chose fun, bright colors that went with our Easter decor.  I used regular acrylic craft paint.  
I took the paper off the vinyl and placed the sticky side down on the canvas.  Before I painted I made sure to re-press the vinyl down because some it had popped up off the canvas.  
We used small stencil sponge brushes to dab the paint on to the canvas.  Dabbing the sponge brush ensures that the paint won't leak under the vinyl.

After enlisting my husband to help dab bunnies we completed the painting part of the table runner.  
While we were painting we put some of our kids to work making us pom poms for the bunny tails.  We are big fans of the Clover pom pom makers in this house.  We use them for everything.  Once again we used them to make the tails for our bunny table runner. 

Before the paint fully dried, I pulled the sticker vinyl off and let the bunnies dry over night.  Oh...and we put wax paper under our bunnies when we painted them.  The paint did leak through the canvas material so just be careful of that depending on the material you use! 
Once the paint was all dried, I used fabric glue to put the bunny tails on.  I used a pretty big dab of glue and then pushed the pom pom on.  I kept the wax paper under the material until everything dried completely.  

Next time I will iron the material before I paint it ;) You live and learn!  This bunny runner was super inexpensive to make and brings so much fun and color to the table!


Spring Bunny Garland

We have two large sets of windows in our kitchen and I always love to make some sort of garland to hang in the windows for every season.   I love this garland so much and thought it would awesome on a fireplace mantle as well.  I made a set for my friend and sure looks just as adorable on a mantle.  I am positive this easy garland would look cute anywhere you hang it!!  

Supplies Needed: 

  1. Scrapbook paper ( I used double sided because it is hanging in a window) 
  2. Bunny Template download HERE
  3. Pom poms
  4. Glue
  5. String (I used Baker's twine)
  6. Small hole punch

I headed to our local Ben Franklin and found some super cute double sided scrapbook paper and knew I had to make a garland out of this!  I used my cricut to cut the bunnies out, but have no fear if you don't have one.  Print out the FREE template of the bunnies and you can hand cut them out as well!  

Once the bunnies were all cut out, I lined them up in the order I wanted to hang them.  You don't have to cut out as many as I did....I just wanted two super long garlands.
After I had them lined up the way I wanted them I used Elmer's glue to attach store bought white pom poms on the bunnies.  I let them dry for a bit and then used my small hole punch to punch holes right under the ears of the bunnies.  For the final touch, I threaded some bakers twine through the holes and hung the garland up!  Again, you can customize these by using any paper of your choice!  Happy garland making!


Glitter Eggs

I had this grand idea that I found on Pinterst of blowing eggs and then decorating them.  I even pulled 10 eggs out of our refrigerator from our chickens and had every intention of teaching myself how to blow the yoke our of eggs.  Then, I happened upon these fake white and colored eggs in the dollar section of Target and knew my life had just gotten a lot easier!  Thank you dollar section at Target...once again!  These eggs turned out so sparkly and fun....great for adults and kids!  

Supplies Needed: 

  1. Eggs ( real ones that you blow the yokes out of OR fake ones!)
  2. Elmer's Glue
  3. Extra Fine Glitter ( I found a huge pack of many colors 50% off at Michael's)
  4. Tooth picks
  5. Foam block

There is no wrong or right way to decorate these eggs!  
I used the Elmer's glue to make polka dots and stripes on the eggs.  Then, over a plate I sprinkled glitter on the the eggs.  The glitter stuck to anywhere the glue was.  I didn't tap off the extra glitter until the eggs fully dried.  The eggs I purchased at Target had a small hole in the bottom of them which was perfect for a toothpick to fit in.  I placed the toothpick right through the hole and used a foam block to push the toothpick in to.  This was a perfect drying rack of the eggs.  After the glue was dry I tapped off the extra glitter from the eggs.  The eggs are really that easy!  Who doesn't love sparkly eggs?


Wooden Easter Bunnies

It's amazing what you can make with a couple of scrap pieces of wood!  After pulling some old scrap 2x4's from our wood pile and a few coats of paint we have some adorable wooden bunnies getting us in the mood for Easter here!  

Supplies Needed: 

  1. 2x4's (Our bunnies are 12 inches high, 10 inches high and 8 inches high)
  2. Acrylic Craft Paint
  3. Crackle Paint (I found mine at Ben Franklin but am sure any craft store would carry this by the paint section) 
  4. White Felt   (for teeth)
  5. Fabric (for ears) 
  6. Black wire (I found mine in the jewelry section)
  7. Wood for nose ( I went with wooden hearts I found at Ben Franklin)
  8. Ribbon and/or buttons to use as accent decorations
  9. Hot Glue
  10. Paint Brushes

I sanded the wood just a bit.  I was okay if there were not very smooth but didn't want them to scratch any surface I would place them on.

I picked a teal, pink and purple as the bottom base coat of paint.  Keep in mind that the bottom base color coat color will be the color that shows through after the crackle paint drys.
Once the base coat dries completely (I only did one coat of paint) I brushed on the crackle paint.  This is a clear paint and I put a decent thick layer on the blocks.

The directions state to not let the crackle paint dry completely and paint the top color on when it is still tacky.
I just used a white paint to go over the crackle paint so the base color would show nice and bright.  I had never used the crackle paint before and I was really happy with how it worked...and it was super easy too! 
While the paint dried completely I got to work on painting the noses.  I found these hearts and knew they would make super cute noses if I turned them upside down.  I painted them pink making sure to paint the sides of the heart as well.  I cut 6 strips of the black wire and bent it to look like whiskers.  It was very easy to work with and I was able to cut it with a scissors and bend it with my fingers.  I cut a rectangle out of the white felt and then cut a split in the middle of it to complete the teeth.
When the paint was all dried I added some eye with black paint and then used a toothpick to add to small white dots to complete the eyes.  I then used my hot glue gun to glue down the wire, nose and teeth.  I pulled some scraps of fabric out to use for the ears.  I simply cut a strip of fabric and tied a knot in the middle of the strip.  I rounded the ends and glued the knot on top of the bunny  to complete the ears.  I added a small ribbon and/or twine bow and then finished the top off with a button.  When my kids came home from school and saw these they all screamed with joy!  They are a little more time consuming, but well worth the time!


Spring Candy Centerpiece

I made this centerpiece last year and I received so many compliments on it that I knew I had to make it again!  This is just so simple and easy to do and will make you smile overtime you walk past it!  

Supplies Needed: 

  1. 2 large glass jars/vases  (one has to be able to fit inside of the other one)
  2. Jelly beans
  3. Easter grass
  4. Bunny peeps
 I used a larger hurricane vase for the outside part and a smaller flower vase for the inside part.  You can use a couple of glue dots or sticky tack to secure the smaller vase to the larger vase, but I didn't have to do that this year.  Place the smaller vase inside the larger one and start filling it up with jelly beans!  I used three bags of cheap jelly beans.  Then, add some easter grass on top of the jelly beans.  Next, add some bunny peeps!  I was going to separate mine and make a cute color pattern with the peeps, but they were so sticky and it was getting late so I went with the easy route!  I did shove some extra grass behind the peep bunnies because the space between the two vases was pretty big.  Finally, fill the inside vase with water and add some colorful flowers!  (I bought my flowers from Sam's Club!)
You can make this unique to your decor!  If this doesn't scream spring and Easter to you, I don't know what does!!!  

Spring Easter Wreath

Ok, I am not going to lie, this wreath is more for an experienced crafter!  It isn't hard to do, but it is a bit time consuming!  However, it was WELL worth the time!  I absolutely adore the little bunny sitting on his patch of green pom pom grass!  One of my favorite wreaths I have made yet!  

Supplies Needed: 

  1. Wreath form
  2. Twine (Jute) 
  3. Yarn
  4. Clover pom pom maker
  5. Felt
  6. Batting
  7. Needle and thread
  8. Hot glue
  9. Wool balls or fabric to make pennant banner
  10. 2 tiny buttons
Alright, so I didn't take many pictures while making this project ...sorry about that!  I used a straw wreath as my base form.  (It was what I had and the plastic was still wrapped around the I left it on so it wouldn't get messy!)  You can use a regular green or white circle form wreath as well.  I used a thick jute to wrap around my wreath.  Keep in mind, the smaller the jute is, the longer it will take you to wrap your wreath.  (this does take quite a bit of time and is a little messy!)  After you have your wreath wrapped you can start decorating to your liking!  I used the bunny template again to cut my bunny out of some wool felt.  You can download that for FREE HERE.  I then did a blanket stitch around the bunny and stuffed it with a little bit of batting.  Next, I made some pom poms using green and white yarn with my clover pom pom maker.  (I told you I use that pom pom maker a lot here!)  I simply hot glued the pom poms onto the wreath and then hot glued the bunny on as well.  I used wool pom pom balls from Benzie Design to make the little garland.  I used a needle and some bakers twine to  thread the wool balls on the twine and then hot glued the garland to the wreath.  I added two tiny little buttons to the centers of my bows.  I added some more wool balls to the grass area to try and look like little jelly beans.....I don't think they look like jelly beans, but I do love the pop of color!  Finally I hung it by using a simple piece of jute.  I almost gave up on this wreath after I got the jute wrapped around it!  (my jute kept getting have been warned!)  I am so glad I pressed on to finish this!

And there you have it!!  6 Easter crafts to work on before Easter arrives!  Some easy peasy and some a bit more challenging.  I am loving the new decorations and with this warmer weather I am totally in the mood for spring!!  

Happy Easter!  


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