Monday, January 4, 2016

Word of the year....

So I got this idea in my head on a word to focus for the year 2016.  
Then I kept hearing the same word. Over. and. Over. Again.  
And ever since I have branded it as "my word of the year" I keep hearing it.
I don't know why, but I KNOW this is my word for 2016. 
You hear words all the time, but have you every focused on one? 
I haven't, so I really have no idea what I am doing.  One day at a time. 

I know I need a ton of GRACE in my life.  With my kids, with my husband, with my friends, with my faith.  Without GRACE I would be a mess and a very lonely person.  So GRACE it is. 

So I decided to put my word of the year to the test.  Offering GRACE to people when normally I would think or say something maybe not so GRACE-y.  (I know it's not a word).  The other day I was walking out of the Y.  It was late and dark and I just wanted to get home to eat all the calories I had just burned off.  I headed to the door and opened it...and in walks 3 young teenage boys.  I opened the door myself and then stood there in the freezing cold holding the door open for them.  1...2....3...tall, huge teenage boys walked right past me as I was holding the door for them.  Maybe they didn't see me?  For sure they would say "thank you" or hold the door for me.  Nope.  Everything inside of me wanting to scream "YOU'RE WELCOME" but the word GRACE popped into my head.  I said out loud to myself... "grace Susan, have grace."  

How many times do I just jump right to the most negative thought ever?  How many times do I assume the worst instead of thinking the best.  Maybe those boys were in shock over how amazing I looked after my work out that I left them speechless!  I know...most likely that is it!  But, seriously, I am working on GRACE.  

Okay, onward. 

Do you know what today is?????  Today is the day the kids went back to school....hence I am blogging!!!  I loved loved loved having them home, but I was ready for today.  Feeding them, bathing them, picking up after them....well, it can leave a mamma exhausted.  We had a great 2 weeks together, but today I was ready for school to start back up.  

We spent our Christmas break with family and friends.  We had playdates and sleepovers.  We even got invited over to 2 people's homes for dinner.  I know!!!!  Usually we are last on the "invite them over list" and 2 separate families braved us this year.  It was SO nice to get out and be with people we love and care about.  We learned what Geo-caching is and even went out and found some! 

We "do" our Christmas with the kids on Christmas morning.  The kids actually let us sleep in until 8:00 which I thought was pretty awesome of them.  We always start the morning off by reading the Christmas Story from the Bible.  It is so cool to watch more and more kids be able to read each year.  This year Sadie whispered to Lanie what the Bible said and Lanie said was almost like she was reading.  
 The boys all read out of Dan's Bible which I thought was super sweet.
 Then we forced them to take a picture.  Yes, one child is in his own pajamas... AGAIN.  Some battles just aren't worth the fight anymore.  (Molly was trying to figure out her smile with her braces...can you tell?)
 And....then we started.  I think we started with one of our middle kids this year because let's face it, they get the short end in life quite a bit.  Every single one of the nicely wrapped presents from my last Fox 6 Real Milwaukee segment got torn open.  I LOVED having nicely wrapped gifts this year.  It made my heart happy.

 G-Dog was pumped to get a new basketball outfit!  I loved his face in this picture!
 Ahhh... our sweet Sads only wanted organizing stuff this year.  She is definitely my child.  She also asked for a garbage can....again, totally my kid!

 I knew Lanie would love this purse.  We put Elsa bandaids in it, some gum, and tic tacs and you would have thought she won a million dollars!

We kept it simple this year.  Each kid got 3 gifts.  I really enjoyed watching them open.  It was a really nice Christmas.  I think the panda pajamas were a hit with the oldest, the garbage can was a hit with Sads, the snoopy animal has gotten a lot of love, the little live pet bird isn't real which is like having a bird but not really, the basketball outfit has born worn multiple times, the purse is full of trinkets and I have even sported an Elsa Band-aid for a hangnail, and the chainsaw toy has chopped almost everything in the house so far.  

I am working on this Thursday's REAL Milwaukee segment.  I think I have actually come to terms with being on TV and am not having a small panic attack each that is helpful!  

I am happy to be back blogging....because I can actually think now that I am not being asked for a snack every 3 minutes.  And, that is NOT and exaggeration.  Ask anyone that has spent more then 3 minutes with me.  Someone is always asking for food here!!

Happy New Year to you all!!

I'll be working on my GRACE!  

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  1. AWESOME... You always make me smile... You gotta love Griffin, he is his own person! I love your word GRACE, I have mine on my shelf in the kitchen, it it GRATEFUL. Although Bryan likes to rearrange the letters to make funny words or phrases! Just think if you would have made it over to our house it would have been THREE families.Let me know what Sunday works this month other than the 17th! Love you all!