Thursday, January 14, 2016

Walking out with no pants.

It seems like I blog about pants quite a bit.  Well, here is another post dedicated to pants.

(this is NOT day my waist will be that small and I'll have a french manicure!)

I was at our local YMCA yesterday and God  made me do something very uncomfortable.

So I usually just go to the Y in my work out clothes and steer clear of the locker rooms.  I will on occasion head in to the locker room to weigh myself but that is the extent of my locker room usage.  About weighing's overrated.

It always amazedsme how comfortable other people are in their own skin.  Being someone who is uncomfortable in my body I tend to take every precaution so no one has to see any part of me unclothed.    This includes the locker room.  Yes, even though you aren't supposed to change your clothes in the bathroom stall....I admit it...I do.  There is no way you are getting me to strip down to the bare essentials in an open locker room.  Not gonna happen.

Yesterday it was freezing out and I didn't come in my work out clothes.  (AKA tight pants).  So into the locker room I headed.  It was pretty busy in the locker room and let's just say, people were not changing in the bathroom stalls.  Get my drift?  I keep my head down, don't make eye contact, grab my work out clothes from my bag and head into the bathroom stall to change.  I kept thinking "man, these ladies are really comfortable in their skin."  I think maybe a little part of me was jealous.  Not sure, still trying to sort through that.

I change in the stall and head upstairs to do my work out.  I had left my water cup in my bag and was without my work out buddy so I was feeling a little off.  Non the less, I had a great work out and headed back to the locker room to change.  Now, I wasn't going to change back into my street clothes because I wanted to head home and shower, but it was freezing out and I try to keep the amount of time other people have to see me in tight pants to a minimum.

I think an adult aquatic aerobics class had just ended so once again the locker room was bustling with ladies doing their "changing thing."  I, naturally, grabbed my clothes and headed into the bathroom stall.  I got everything changed and was ready to pull my jeans on when it happened......What the what?  Why are my jeans ALL wet?  The entire leg on one side of my jeans was soaked.  UGH.  What in the world?  Oh, yeah, my water cup must have tipped over and leaked all over my jeans.  So there I stood.

Fully dressed without pants on.  I had two options at this point.  Put my work out sweaty gross pants back on OR walk out in my undies and stand by the hand dryer and blow dry my pants.  You would not believe the internal struggle that happened for the next 3 minutes.

Then it happened.  I, Susan Wilke, walked out of the bathroom stall fully dressed down to my coat without my jeans on.  *thank goodness I packed fresh undies*  Anyways, there I jeans at the blow dryer, drying my pants.  It was so cold out that going out in soaking wet jeans was not even an option.

I watched woman after woman walk  by me almost positive they were covering their eyes from the white beams of light coming off my pasty white legs....almost sure that one of them would ask me to please put some pants on.

No one did.  Everyone went on their merry way.  Changing and chatting.

I don't think I will ever get to that point of being so comfortable in my own skin to walk around a locker room in the buff, but for yesterday I made progress.

You just never know what you will learn at the YMCA.  You think you're going to work out and you end up coming out of the stall in your undies.  What a weird weird day.

Sometimes God puts you in those situations that make you grow as a person.  I would say yesterday I grew just a little bit!

I will also never put my water cup in my bag again.

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  1. HI, I did not understand if you are or a woman . if u r a woman, so what is the problem? nothing. man? so yes you should be very rave to do what u did. really good job