Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Seeing things in a new light.

The past 2 weeks I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  

For the past 6 months I have questioned decisions and choices I have made.  Wondering if I was doing what God wanted me to do or not.  After a few very eye opening moments I feel free!!!  I feel like a new woman!  I have made some changes in my life and have chosen to view things from a different perspective.  I have let the baggage go and am loving where God has me!!  For reals.... I am loving it! 

The best part of my "new" life is being present.  I am at every thing possible I can be at for my kids.  I am helping out as much as I can at their school and enjoying getting to know the kids my kids hang out with.  

This past weekend we pretty much lived at their school.  It was the big girls basketball tournament and since we have a kid on both the 5&6 team and the 7&8 team, that meant we were there a lot.  What an awesome event to be a part of.  I mastered the fry baskets and mozzarella sticks by the end of my 7 hours of concessions.  
 Both of the girl's teams made it to the championship games.  The 5 & 6 grade team had their work cut out for them.  It was an INTENSE game.  Our team would score and then the other team would score.  It was actually kind of a dirty game....which I hate to say.
 Our sweet Sads actually ended up on the floor crying because she had been shoved down.  The girl that shoved her was taken out and a technical was called against her.  The intensity level was high.
 The girls played as best as they could, I think.  We got into a bit of foul trouble which didn't help us.
 We ended up a few baskets short in the end and we took 2nd place.  For a team that is full of first time players and quite a bit of 5th graders, they did SO awesome!  Everyone was super proud of them for taking 2nd!  Way to go girls!

After the super intense 5 & 6 grade championship game we watched our oldest play in the 7 & 8 championship game.  The team they were playing against had giants on their team.  I mean, these girls were SO tall!  Now, we have a really really good team.  There are some amazing players on Molly's team and they are so very fun to watch.  We knew this team would be a challenge. 

 Molls isn't going to be a basketball star, we know that.  However, we feel like it is important for her to stay active and be a part of a team.
 She didn't get much playing time during the Championship game.  That is ok with me because I panic every time she is in.  She just has to gain some confidence.  She is scared to take a shot because she is afraid to miss.  We are working on that ;)
 She was pretty down that she didn't get to play much.  I was sad for her, but it really lead to some good conversation between us.  Then, as I was looking through the pictures Dan took of her when she did play, she was trying her best and really that is all that matters.  Sure, she was 2 feet shorter than most of the other players, but that didn't stop her from trying to rebound and get the ball.
 Griffs got to take a half time shot and made it... with the help of daddy.  He ended up winning a $5 gift certificate to the concession stand.  It was like winning the lottery to him.  He booked into that concession stand so fast and spent all $5.
The girls ended up winning the championship game.  It was a great game.  They played so well together.  There are a couple of girls on that team that are going to go far in life with their basketball skills.  What awesome talent God has given them!  I am so glad that Molly is able to be a part of this team and learn from some pretty awesome coaches and kids!  
 Since basketball season is in full swing and we are trying to qualify to go to state, we have basketball tournaments almost every weekend in February.  That leaves two of our kids without their February birthday parties...but have NO fear.  I am trying to successfully pull off a Star Wars party for our soon to be 8 year old in less than a week.  If you know know I love to give a good themed birthday party.  We will see how much I can accomplish by Saturday.  Time is running out.
 I am, also, busy getting ready for my next Real Milwaukee segment.  I air on February 1st at 9:20.  Stay tuned for kid Valentine craft ideas!  These are totally my favorite so far!!
 And....then there is this.....I have managed to squeeze into my tight pants and am taking weekly ballet classes.  I mean, really, look at my pointe!!!  It is amazing how my years and years of ballet training have come back to me.  It is a bit harder to move now than when I was in hight school and I have extra poundage on me....but I am really loving being back at it!  Also, jumping can be quite interesting after having 7 children.  However, I haven't had to pull out a mop bucket yet...if you get my drift ;)

I am off to get kids from school and guess what....head to more basketball games!  Sigh, I truly love this stage of life.  I am one proud mamma bear watching her cubs blossom!

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