Monday, January 11, 2016

Grace, reading, TV and the pukes....Oh and Free Stuff too!

I really want to try and blog daily.  We will see how that goes.  Bare with me. 

I have said before that Valentine's Day is my FAVORITE holiday to decorate for.  I won't say it's my favorite holiday overall because it really isn't a holiday, right?  I mean, I would love to get diamonds and endless large roses and a romantic weekend alone with my husband...but for reals...that isn't my life.  More than likely I will get a dozen WAY overpriced roses from Piggly Wiggly that Dan picks up for me on the way home from work.  Although, I would prefer if he waits until the day after Valentine's Day to get me the roses so they be on clearance.  SO.....because I heart Valentine's Day SO much I am doing a giveaway!  Either leave a comment here OR head over to my Friday's at the Farm Facebook page and like the page and leave a comment on the pictures posted on the page!  I am giving away a set of 3 reusable hand warmers and a set of 4 heart coasters!  You can click HERE to get to the Fridays at the Farm Facebook page! Don't worry if you don't live close...I will ship them to you! 

Ok, before I get into reading, TV and the pukes I need to touch on my word of the year...GRACE.  I decided to try and offer Grace more instead of yucky thoughts or actions.  I got this...It shouldn't be that hard, right?  Um... Wrong.  This week I had to put my grace to the test.  You see, I heard something that someone said about me.  Now, over the past few years I have really started to care less what people think or say about me.  Honestly, usually they are the ones with the issue.  This time, though, what was said was a total lie.  I know for a fact this is not the first time the truth has been twisted and lies have been by told by this person which I believe has had an impact on what others think or feel about me. does one offer Grace in this situation?  How can one person so negatively bring you down by lying their way out of lies and you get your name dragged into the ground?  How in the world am I supposed to offer Grace?  The sinful part of me wants to scream.  The sinful part of me wants to pull out all the "cards" I know and have about this other person and do the same to them as they are doing to me.  And....then there's Grace.  I pulled out my phone this morning and this was the verse of the day...."For your ways are in full view of the Lord, and He examines all your paths."  Proverbs 5:21.  And... Boom.  You see, it doesn't matter what this other person says about me...or speaks falsity about.  I really only need to be held accountable to one person and He is the only one that matters.  God knows me...He knows my heart and most importantly HE knows the truth.  I can't change someone else.  I can't change if other people believe the lies...but what I can change is me.  So while I let God work on everything else I will pray my way through Grace.  Now, that doesn't mean I can get walked all over, but I for one am going to trust that God will protect me and the people who really know me know my heart and don't believe the lies.

No one told me Grace was gonna be this hard.

We spent our Friday and Saturday watching basketball games.  Some the kids played in...some we simply got to sit and watch while other kids played (I don't yell when my kids aren't on the court so I am pretty sure Dan was ok to sit by me at those games...what?  I like a good basketball game!)  Sunday we stayed home...more on that in a bit.  Anyways, I am wondering why God didn't give me the word "patience" for this year.  Have you ever sat and listened to a kid that is starting to read, read?   Lanie is reading now and that is all she wants to do.  I know, I know...I should be pumped about it.  I am actually really shocked by how quickly she is picking it up.  So yesterday she wanted to read.  Gavin and Lanie were both trying to read to me at the same time at the kitchen table.  My brain was on overload.  Lanie kept needing help on the same word and Gavin kept checking to make sure I was listening.  It was total chaos.  I promptly sent Gavin in by Dan and I took on the new reader.  
 She read a 1st reader book....pointed and sounded out each and every word.  One. At. A. Time.  I know you are all thinking I am a horrible person right now, but it was made very clear to me yesterday that I should NOT become a K-5 reading tutor.  THE WORD IS....THE!!!  Just like it was "the" on the last page and on the page before that.  Please tell me I am not the only one who has new reader syndrome.  In one hand I am watching my child learn and blossom and grow and on the other hand I just wanted to rip the book out of her hands and read the rest of the book to her.  (I did NOT do that!)  I cheered her on and encouraged her and told her how proud I was of her.  I will sit and let her read to me again and can only get better, right?
I believe this picture is probably one of the worst pictures ever....but it's the only one I have from my segment from last Thursday.  If you missed it, you can watch the REAL MILWAUKEE segment from  Thursday Here  .   I love that God gave me the opportunity to do this.  Next month I am doing a segment on Valentine's Crafts for kids....stay tuned, I am going to do a Friday at the Farm session for kids to help me with this segment! 
And....the pukes.  There is nothing I hate more than kids puking.  I hate everything about it.  Mostly the smell, but everything else as well.  Well... Saturday night it happened.  Poor Griffs ate WAY too much of his chocolate bar and he had the pukes.  I'll spare you the chocolate-y details, but it was gross.  He's back to himself today so hopefully it was a one and done kind of thing here.  The oldest stayed home from school today with a "tummy ache" but I am not sure if that is "I am just too tired from the weekend tummy ache" OR  a legit I am gonna have the pukes tummy ache.  
 See how Griffs is holding his hand warmer?  He kept having us heat and reheat it up for him while he laid on the couch yesterday.  Don't forget to comment or head over to my Facebook page to win your very own set of 3 brand new Valentine's Day Hand-warmers or Coasters !


  1. Reading...yes...this is the struggle at our house right now. The patience it requires is truly a test for me, but I'm working hard on being patient and cheering her on as well. Yesterday, our words were "THE" and "HOUSE" - and I literally had the same thoughts you did but did not say them out loud :-) Stick with it, my friend. These kids are growing way too fast!

  2. Hey fellow blogger! Love how open & honest you are about your life. I too have dealt with "low blow" false statements by people I thought I knew and trusted in the past. I thought I would share a prayer with you that I still use to help me through those feelings I still sometimes have: Father, thank you for always loving me and never giving up on me. It is a great comfort to know You will never leave or forsake me. You know the wounds of rejection that have marred my heart. But I am grateful for how you have set me free; You have given me a sense of belonging in your eternal, heavenly family as your beloved child. Father, I know I must make a decision - either I can believe what others have spoken about me, or I can trust what You say about my character and future. I know what You say counts in eternity. I choose to listen to You. Help me keep my eyes on You. Amen.

  3. As always, you amaze me... I appreciate your honesty. I remember reading with the girls... same thoughts but didn't say them. You are a great mom and I think a lot of you! Sending love your way!

  4. I enjoy reading your blog Susan!! I have been challenged with the need to extend grace recently as well and am often reminded that I need to be like Christ. I am thankful for the assurance in Colossians that I am complete in Christ and I can do all things through Christ! May your grace journey in 2016 lead you closer to our sweet Savior! You truly are a blessing!! Carol

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