Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DIY Holiday Decor... From your Fox 6 Real Milwaukee Pinterest "expert"

To say I like "bright" colors would be an understatement.  I believe someone said upon entering my home one time, "It looks like pinterest threw up in here."  I'm still not quite sure if that was a compliment or not...but non the less...I love me some color!  When the producer at Fox 6 Real Milwaukee asked me if I would like to do a DIY holiday decor segment I knew I had to tame down my love for color...I know it's not for everyone.  So here are my DIY holiday decor ideas for you to copy and use for your homes/apartments!  Some bold and bright....some classic but fancy!  (I feel weird having some "fancy" decor in  my house this year....we are far from fancy here at the farm!)
 To start....we had an appointment to have our family pictures taken for Christmas.  Long story short, we cancelled it the night before.  That meant, yours truly, was going to be the Christmas card photographer this year.  After capturing individual shots of each of the kids with our fallen tree in the yard, I knew I wanted to incorporate the tree somehow to display their pictures.  This is what I came up with (with the help of Pinterest of course!)  I had my handy hubby cut some small slices of a thin branch and glued an ornament to it.  Then I used a heavier wire to attach the picture.  They are being used as our table's center piece currently.  Every time I look at them I smile.

 The wooden ornament holders looked liked they were missing something.  They looked great on the table but it needed a pop of something else.  That brings me to another decor idea for you!  I took a white strand of mini christmas lights and tied fabric scraps around the stand.  Easy Peasy.  I, of course, used colors to match my decor....but this would look just as good with Christmas fabric or fabric that would match your decor.  This is so easy...for real!  Kids can do it.  Adults can do it.  Anyone that knows how to tie can do it!!  I think know that this set of two DIY crafts are my favorite by far!!!

 Anything with wood is really "in" right now so I bring you another DIY craft idea.  I have been seeing these barn wood boxes all over the place.  In catalogs.  On Etsy.  On Pinterest.  It made me wonder why I didn't have one.  Enter in my hubby to save the day again!!  When we bought our house a year ago it came with a HUGE pile of junk  crafting treasures in the back...a burn pile of sorts I guess.  It technically isn't on our property and belongs to the farmer.  Dan may have found some old barn wood in that burn pile.  30 minutes later I had myself an true rustic barn wood box of my very own.  I do believe I could have nailed this together myself if I really had to...but I didn' that's always a bonus!
 The possibilities are endless on what you can do with these.  I chose to use some of the stumps from our tree and put tea light candles in a few.  (Dan used a drill bit to drill a hole for me).  The mason jars are from goodwill and are resting on smaller tree branch stumps.  I filled the jars with water, added some pine branches from our oversized Christmas tree this year, added some real cranberries and topped it off with a floating candle.  Dan has to do a little stump trimming yet because my jars are a little tippy....but other than that...I LOVE this rustic barn box.

My next DIY idea for you can be used all winter long!  How  would you love to have your very own hot cocoa bar?!?!  The idea started off with the DIY snowballs.  I made a tin full of fake snowballs but had no idea what to do with them.  After I stuck some old wool gloves in the tin and a candy cane, I knew right away it would be a perfect decor piece for a hot cocoa bar.  I pulled out my snowman vase from my last segment and added some toppings for the hot chocolate.
 I painted a mason jar white and tied a pine branch and pine cone with some bakers twine to top off the straw holder.  Dan sliced me a thin piece of wood to give it a little "pop"  (we are sure getting use out of that tree that fell!) I found those 4 white cups at goodwill for .25 each!!  I thought they matched perfectly.  (way better than the mix matched cups we have in the cabinet!)  Doesn't that make you want to have some hot chocolate?
 And finally, here is another DIY holiday decor idea for you.  I guess I went with more holiday decor "stations" to tie everything together.  First, I headed over to a friend's house to gather some pine cones.  I took a couple of kids with and 15 minutes later we had 2 huge bags of pine cones.  I spray painted the pine cones silver and gold.  After they dried I used spray adhesive and glitter to complete the glittered look.  After they dried, I put them in a larger vase with a strand of battery operated Christmas lights.  Yes, it really was that easy!
 I also glittered some pears from the dollar store for an extra touch to complete this "station".  The trees we made here for a Friday's at the Farm session.  What a classy/fancy way to decorate that I know you can all do!!
I will post a tutorial on how to make all of these items on my tutorial page at the top, complete with a a supply list and directions!  TUTORIAL POSTED HERE

I am SO excited to share these ideas for Real Milwaukee on Thursday.  The segment will air at 9:20.  With the holiday decor segment prepped and ready to go, I am working on the wrapping paper segment that will air on December 17th which I am super excited about working on!  What a blessing to be able to craft and do what I love!

Happy Decorating to you all!  You can do it, I know you can!

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