Tuesday, December 1, 2015

All in a week!!

We stayed in our pajamas for Thanksgiving.  Really we did!!  We were invited to a pajamas and pancake birthday party on Thanksgiving morning which was the best time to sport our first time EVER family matching pajamas.  Yes, you heard me right.  In the past we have bought matching Christmas pjs for the kids...but this year we took it to a new level.  All 9 of us matched in our pajamas!!  Not gonna lie....Dan was super pumped to wear his pajamas.  For Reals!!  Anyways, we went to the party and stayed the day until Thanksgiving dinner and I wore my pajamas the entire day. I even did a family photo shoot in my pajamas.  I think I will spend every Thanksgiving in pajamas from now on!!  Overall, we had a great Thanksgiving.  This year we spent the day with our friends who were back visiting from Florida.  It was nice to be just a "helper" this year and not have the pressure of prepping and cleaning for company!  We missed our family dearly and cannot wait to celebrate Christmas with them!!  

I have also been busy doing photography which is making my heart super happy!!  I did a quick senior photo shoot for a family that needed a year book photo.  He definitely has some amazing eyes!!  

 On Thanksgiving I was given the honor of photographing our dear friends.  Between the two families there were 8 smaller children (5 adopted and 3 grand babies).  I am pretty sure I took well over 600 pictures in 1 1/2 hours!!

 And then....the day before Thanksgiving my sweet friend, Kate, asked me to take family pictures for them.  The weather was perfect!!  Overcast and a little bit of snow melting on the ground.  They live in a beautiful area with great picture taking backgrounds!!  (best part is....Kate said I can bring other families there to take pictures with too!!!)  Anyways, we started off with their puppy...I didn't think anyone could top the puppy cuteness.......

 and then I started taking pictures of her children....who also all have the most amazing eyes!!!!

 I just cannot believe the setting, the  models, the weather.....it was a photographers dream~!!

 These two pictures are by FAR some of my favorite ones!!!!  Proud mom and dad captured for sure!!!

 I think I have finished all the editing and am on to prepping for some upcoming craft sessions this week!  Oh and don't forget....I am on Fox6 Real Milwaukee again this Thursday for DIY Holiday crafts!! One day at a time this week for me!!!

We also have the HUGEST Christmas tree ever this year.  Let's just say we had to do a lot of actual tree trimming to get the tree in the house.  And then some more tree trimming to get the tree to stand up.  And then some more tree trimming so it would actually fit in our living room....and then some more trimming so we could actually walk past the tree!  We are going to decorate it tonight and then I'll post some pictures!!!

Happy December everyone!

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