Tuesday, November 24, 2015

PSA: Reading this blog post will forever change your life....Trust me!!

It is true.
It is reality.
The weirdest stuff happens to us!

I am telling you....this will FOREVER change your outlook on shopping for clothes.

So the other night, Dan and I headed to a local sports retailer.  We were looking for a few gift ideas for the kids and Dan suggested going to this particular store.  (I don't want to name the store, because it really wasn't their fault this "special occasion" occurred while we were shopping there.)

We made our way around, browsing at this and that.  Dan can get side tracked very easily by all the "manly" stuff in this store while I on the other hand prefer to look at what we need and head to Hobby Lobby.

Now, we all know men are one of God's "unique" creations, right?  Well, my husband is no different. I believe he saw some tight running pants on a shapely mannequin and thought that somehow my mom of 7 body would look just as good in these tight running pants.  At first, I blew him off.  I am working hard on not putting myself down so I kept my internal comments to myself and said something like, "oh, I don't think they make those in my size."  Then, I thought a little bit more.  Ok, maybe if I bought some tight running pants I would be inspired to run (after my foot gets fixed today.)

So we proceed to the tight running pants section.  Those bad boys are TIGHT looking.  I couldn't bring myself to try on a pair and I am SO glad I didn't.

Anyways, we are looking at a pair of pants and I told him to take them off the hanger so I could see what the waist looked like.  (i.e.  would the waist band make it around my waist or suffocate me?)

There Dan is....super super pumped that he may have actually convinced his wife to buy a tight pair of pants...and it happens.

I am looking and looking...trying to examine how to get myself out of the tight pant purchase when it happened.

"Dan, is that poop?  Dan!!!  Is that poop inside the pants?  DAN!!!! THERE IS POOP INSIDE THE PANTS!!!"

I am not kidding.  A full streak of poop was located inside the pants.  (I told you this would change your life!)

So we put them back hanging over the rack.  Then I thought about it and decided that no one else should have to see that so I turned them into the manager.  He didn't believe me.  He thought we were joking.  Until we opened up the pants and showed him the streak!!!

I KNOW!!!!!

So wrong on SO many levels.  Clearly someone tried them on without underwear on.  I will let you imagine the endless possibilities of how the poops got in the pants.

The manager was FREAKED out.  Honestly, to me, I thought it was hilarious.  I was just so glad I didn't try them on!!!

You better believe me that from now on I will be looking in any pair of pants I purchase.  I will probably only buy pants that look like they have never been tried on before.

The moral of this blog is.....LOOK INSIDE ANY PAIR OF PANTS YOU EVER EVER EVER TRY ON!!!!!  Oh, and please wear underwear when trying on clothes.

In case you were wondering...I did end up getting a pair of tight pants.  I have yet to try them on to see if they will even fit.  I can tell you this....they don't have poop in them!

End. of. Story!

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