Friday, October 23, 2015

What a "grand" opening!!! is the day!!  The Hanna Andersson store at Mayfair Mall has officially opened their doors!  To say I am excited would be, well, frankly it would be a huge understatement!  I am trying to figure out why I didn't apply to work there.  Seriously.  Duh Susan.
 I am not sure why, but I was invited to a private invitation only event at the Hanna store last night.  When I received the invitation email I may have screamed shouts of pure excitement.  How did they know I have a weird love for Hanna?  Can they track my clicks on their website and see I am a borderline Hanna Website stalker?  Dreaming of what outfits I want...putting items in my cart and then crying when they are sold out before I buy them?  Can they track all of that??  Probably.  Well, they were crazy  kind enough to invite me to the preview party.  Then, because I am practicing having confidence in myself I responded to the email and also let them know that I was a local blogger and a Fox 6 pinterest  "expert."  That was super hard for me to do.  At the end of the day, I am a hanna loving mom of 7...nothing special about me.  So my best friend, Meghan, from Hanna Andersson  (I am pretty sure that best friend thing is one-sided so let's keep that between us, ok?) emailed me back and let me bring 10 guests along to the private event.  I have some other friends that are just as crazy "special" as me and invited them to come along.  I think that is one of the best nights I have had in a long time.  
We got ourselves in line and I just couldn't contain myself.  I just had to skip out of line and go meet Meghan and the Hanna staff.  Everyone was seriously so sweet.  Like totally awesome.  Meghan is the cutest thing ever..sporting her Hanna Women clothes.  After I freaked out and hugged every person there...they let me in the store.  I almost cried...I am totally not kidding.  
 The store was beautiful.  Everything in size order and neatly folded.  I am 100% positive that didn't last very long.  There were quite a bit of ladies there digging for their needed sizes.  I had to take a minute to take it all in....I didn't have a game plan.  I was really there to just soak it all in.  Then I remembered the pajamas were buy one get one free and the bargain shopper in me took over.  Every year we give the kids a pair of Hanna pajamas in their stockings for St. Nick's.  They get a pair of pjs and their Christmas ornament for the year.  Move out of the way ladies....I need my 150's!!!  I found super cute pajamas for the kids to wear for our Christmas photos this year and then went into a hanna coma and couldn't think anymore.  Since I have a 13 year old now I am trying to be respectful of her "unique fashion" and I am waiting to take the kids back there to try and find something that might work for Christmas this year.  I am afraid my matching days are over....but I may pull out a bribe to the 13 year old for one more year.
 Everything was amazing.  I hear they had awesome cupcakes, but I guess I was too busy hugging people I didn't see those!  The staff made me love Hanna even more.  From the new store manager, Robin, to all of the employees that share in a love for Hanna with me, to Meghan (my secret new BFF) to Julie and Jessica and on and on.  I am positive I would move my family to Portland Oregon to Hanna headquarters in a heart beat to work with these people!!

 I all think I am a crazy person...and I am ok with that.  After we did some shopping some of my shopper friends and I headed to celebrate the new Hanna Store by having a piece of cheesecake.  It was a great night, with great people, celebrating a great store and company.
After we got home I told Dan how awesome it was.  Then I started getting sad because I wasn't going to be there for the actual grand opening today.  I knew I wasn't going to stand in line and get another free pair of long johns or a free gift card....I am not that crazy.  However, I was crazy enough to let my kids play "hooky" from school for a couple of hours as we took a drive in to get a picture.  I loaded my 7 plus my 3 daycare kids in our party van and headed down to Mayfair.  The kids were super excited.
We braved the craziness of the Nordstrom store grand opening today as well as the Hanna store grand opening.  We made our way to the front of the store and took some pictures.  
And just like that we scooted out of there.  I didn't even take the kids into the store.  We will tackle that on a day when there aren't a billion people there.  If I wouldn't have had my daycare kids today I totally would have just hung out there all day.  I am pretty sure they wouldn't have wanted that ;) 

 I am not sure if all these people really know what Hanna is or if they were there for the free long johns and gift cards...but I am confident when they try out their new long johns they will fall in love like I have!  The line was super long and wrapped around the hallway.  I was impressed with how smoothly it all was happening.  And that my friends.....has just about made my year!!!

After I got home today, I decided to look for our very first picture that had a Hanna product in it.  There you have it....this is Sadie wearing a baby hanna pilot cap.  I think my sister in law gave that to us and from then on it is all history.    As I scrolled through my photo library I kept scrolling by more and more Hanna memories....
1st Hanna Christmas picture!
 2nd Hanna Christmas picture!
Our very first trip to Disney!  
Playing in the Sand Dunes in our Hanna's! 
Many trips to the park! 
Planning road trips to visit Hanna stores! 
 Mini Gulfing in dresses, of course!
 Endless photos taken in these Hanna dresses! 
Breakfast on the farm! 
Watching family events! 
Learning to crawl in Hanna! 
Splashing in the fountains at Bayshore! 
These were one of my favorite hanna sets! 

One of my favorite photos...ever.  I LOVE the buttcheeks!   
Look at those thighs!!   

Chicago in Hanna! 

Griffin did a lot of crying in his Hanna's....he did a lot of crying regardless of what he was wearing!  

Saying goodbye to Grandpa Fligge in our Hanna dresses....I think he would have loved to see all the kids matching one more time!  

 Our very first airplane ride in Hanna!

 First days of school in Hanna!

 Meeting our favorite Princess in Hanna!

 Countless trips to the zoo and fairs in Hanna!

Where has the time gone?  How did they get so big so fast?  I look at these pictures and can remember them like they were yesterday.  They don't have to be wearing Hanna to make memories, but I am sure glad a lot of our memories are in Hanna!  I think that is why I love them so much.  A lot of our memories were made in Hanna Andersson clothes and that is why they hold such a special place in my heart.  Call me me weird...I know this...I wouldn't change one second of any of it!  We have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams and for today, I feel honored to play a very small role in a company that has given us so many memories.  

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