Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pictures on a Whim....cause that's how we roll!

 This weekend was no different than any other weekend.  Crazy.  While I love watching football and soccer games on Saturdays, I am looking forward to the season coming to an end so we can refocus on family time.  I had three crafting sessions this weekend and decided that we just HAD to take fall pictures this weekend too.  This is how that went down.  I am driving home from Sadie's soccer game in Wales talking to Dan on the phone while he drove home from Kenadie's soccer game in Oconomowoc.  We were telling each other how the games went and planning out the rest of the day.  Then it happened....Dan said to Kenadie, "Hey, look at the sunflower field...whoa...look how big they are!"  What does any mom think when they hear sunflower field??  They instantly think "oh, that would be a great picture taking spot."  (well, that is what I thought at least...keep in mind, I am far from normal)  Naturally we then booked an hour slot in the day to take pictures.  We had no outfits picked out.  No plan.  I just knew we needed to get to that sunflower field.  So.....

the kids played outside and watched the field next door get harvested while I ran my crafting session.  As soon as the crafters left, it was picture time.  I will let you think the kids were super excited about it.  Jumping up and down screaming, "YES!  We get to take more pictures....we just LOVE taking pictures."  Yes, that is totally how it happened.  (wink wink) 
 Dan actually had the "vest" idea.  I won't take credit for his fashion skills.  (he actually likes to craft secretly too I think).  Anyways, 5 out of the 7 kids had vests.  Poops.  That isn't gonna work.  So 30 minutes before my craft session started, I ran down to St. Vinnie's and hunted for vests.  I found the yellow one for Molly with a cute Aeropostale shirt to go under it and a pink vest for Lanie with a shirt to go under it too!  Boom.  $9 later they all had vests and shirts.  Oh and what are the chances they only had 2 vests in that entire store and they both were the right size?  Perfection.
 I didn't care that they were all different colors and really had no rhyme or reason to them.  I am learning to let go of the matching outfits.  That just isn't cool for certain 13 year olds anymore....but it may still have to happen for Christmas.

The sun was a little too high more my still so the pictures didn't turn out with the sun kissed glow I was wanting.  We were on a time crunch and only had that time to squeeze in the pictures.  We pulled over, hopped out and started picture taking fun.  Then....a cop pulled up.  All of the kids FREAKED out.  They all booked it back to the van and hid inside.  I secretly wanted to do the same but I remaind calm and collected.  When he saw that we were just taking pictures and not taking any sunflowers he pulled away.  I am pretty sure we were still trespassing.  At least we weren't stealing though, right?  

 I am still learning lighting obviously.  The sun was hitting Gavin't head on the side and all of those pictures didn't turn out.  I tried them in black and white...which helps a little bit.  We might have to do a reshoot.  Don't tell the kids.

 I simply can't believe how big they are all getting.  I miss having a baby around.  I love not having a baby around.  I can't decide.  Life has gotten easier in some ways and harder in others.

 Dan made me sit for a picture.  No make up and hair fresh out of a pony tale.  There you have it.  A picture of the blog.
 After we left the sunflower field I decided I wasn't happy with the sun glow and wanted to try another place.  We headed to our kid's school which happens to be right on the lake and trespassed again.  Is it trespassing if your kids go to school there?  Maybe.

 We laid an old blanket out and snapped some more pictures.

 They were on the edge of loosing it.  Everyone was getting tired and they were promised a treat so that was dangling over their head's and making their stomachs grumble.
 I wanted to get a picture with Dan and the kids so they did a smash pile.  Ummm...yeah.
 It was mass chaos.  Kids started crying.  Dan was getting squished...... and some kids were giggling.

 I think we captured a few good ones.  We may have to do a retake when the sun is a little bit lower.  Maybe we will bring someone with to get some family shots of all of us too!  I am sure glad we squeezed some family pictures in the one hour we had free this weekend!  Happy fall!

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