Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Just another bit of crazy.

 Lately we have been living hour by hour.  Seriously.  The daytime isn't so crazy but as soon as the kids come home from school it is all a whirlwind.  This past weekend drained me out.  I was supposed to volunteer at the kid's school on Monday but had to take a break because I needed a day.  One day to recompose.  I wouldn't say I recomposed completely but I did check some things off my list that day.  First off....I have been working hard on my next segment on Real Milwaukee.  I have 6 crafts planned and almost all done for the segment.  These are ALL crafts that can be done at home.  I will be including a tutorial on every project so you can craft away!  I am loving each of the crafts and am SO excited!

 This past weekend started with a cross country meet.  4 of our kids ran.  I think 2 kids actually placed which was pretty awesome.  It was chilly chilly chilly out there in the wind.  We may have been underdressed for the wind.
 Gavin and his little friend were SO cute.  They hugged to keep each other warm.  It was the cutest thing.  They just stood there and hugged.

 We barely made it home in time for the big 13 year olds party.  I walked in the door 5 minutes before the party was supposed to start.  Good thing I had it all set and ready to go.
I will admit...I was a bit nervous about the co-ed party.  Honestly, it was an amazing party.  All of the kids were so well behaved and polite.  There were lots of giggles and laughter.  It was so nice to see so many smiles.  At our home we have a rule...when you open a present the person giving it to you has to sit by you.  That meant that boys had to sit by a girl.  That was some serious entertainment.  So very many giggles.
Molls was all smiles.  She had a blast.  I am so very glad that we did this for her.  The kids played outdoor games while Dan and I sat by a campfire.  We brought out s'mores stuff and got the kids more sugared up.  Seriously, it was so enjoyable to watch all the kids play games and have fun.  I will do it again.  I would do it again next week.  Seeing my daughter so happy was such a joy.  

 We went to bed exhausted on Friday  night and woke up for a bit more crazy.  Two kids had soccer at the same time one had football. was FREEZING.  I underdressed, again, for the football game.  Apparently I needed a coat.  I brought a hat and gloves but no coat.  It could be that the football bag containing mandatory cleats and a mouthguard was clear across town in the car with Dan at the soccer games.  It was a mad dash.  Drop off Gavin for his early back home while Dan leaves the soccer games...pick up the bag containing the football necessities Dan left on the driveway for me and drive back to the football game.  Who has time to think about grabbing a coat?  I did make it back in time to put the cleats on and shove the mouthguard in and then stand on the sideline and freeze.
 I recorded Gavin playing and took pictures....and the one time I didn't record or take pictures, he ran the ball in for a touchdown.  This football thing is intense.  The coaches and the parents just make it so intense.  I mean, really, it is 1st and 2nd grade football.  Gavin's team isn't the best.  They were getting clobbered.  Gavin is the quarterback and broke free and went in for the run.  Apparently his foot stepped on the out of bounds line.  I was watching my little boy run in for a touchdown and was just so proud.  Then the other team started saying he was out of bounds and getting a bit upset.  I try not to speak up...but I did.  (keep in mind...the other team was up by 3 touchdowns.)  I said in a nice calm voice... "come one...just give it to's 1st and 2nd grade football."  That was all I said.  I am pretty sure the ref heard me and they were able to keep it as a touchdown.  I am all for playing fairly and rules don't get me wrong.  However, my heart would ache for any team that can't seem to get the ball in the end zone.  Sometimes it's just nice to realize the kids are just kids and learning the sport.  Sports are just so competitive.  As a mom, that is hard sometimes.  It sure has changed since I was in grade school.
 Saturday afternoon consisted of Dan building 110 pallet boards for me to use at upcoming Friday at the Farm sessions while I sat at ballet tryouts for 4.5 hours.  I will keep my comments to myself about those 4.5 hours that I wish so desperately I could get back.  I came home just in time to turn around and drive my daughter and her friend to a movie....lucky me!  Just like that Saturday was gone.
 And then Sunday came.  We started off with singing at church and then I helped teach Sunday school.  It was nice to be back in a teaching capacity.  I miss working at church more than I can explain.  The lesson was on Sodom and 1st and 2nd graders....that was super entertaining and fun to teach ;)  
 After church we headed home for birthday party #2 of the weekend.  Round two of ice cream.  I will say I was glad they had the same theme....good thinking on my part for sure!  After the kids all left and we cleaned up and served dinner, did homework and got the kids ready for bed....we realized we had NO gift for the actual 9 year  olds birthday on Monday.  So at 7 p.m. we drove to Target.  I told's an hour by hour thing here lately.  And just like that it was Monday.
 We celebrated with a store bought cookie cake and spaghetti on Monday night in between soccer and volleyball practices.  I am pretty happy the next birthday isn't until December.  I need a break from birthdays!
 I made this wreath today on a whim because I still had my spring wreath up.  I am going to be demoing how to do this next Thursday when I air.  It is super easy people.  I also have a permanent pallet on my lawn for spray painting now.  I don't know what I am going to do when it gets cold out.  I am working on some tree orders I have and making more demo projects.  Spray painting is just so fast and easy.  I <3 spray painting.
 I won't enlarge this picture.... but I may or may not have found my son and the little boy I babysit for jumping naked on our trampoline last week.  I know....I know.  It was actually hilarious.  It made me giggle for sure.  They told me they were going to the bathroom.  I guess they need to undress completely for that...and then jump on the trampoline.  Don't judge.
 I make the most plain lasagna ever.  No seasoning.  No tomato chunks.  Nothing fancy.  It is my favorite tasting lasagna ever.  Oh...and oven ready noodles.  Super easy.  Super plain.  And all but one kid will eat it.
 And just cause....griffs had a breakdown.  It was over something really really dumb.  Clearly he was overtired.  Good thing his bed wasn't less than 3 feet away or anything!
And it's Wednesday already.  Happy Wednesday!

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