Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Growing up in Hanna...

Alright.  Here's the deal.  Well, wait, before I start I wanna share a story.  

When we started having kids I was introduced to Hanna Andersson clothes by my sister-in-law.  I really knew nothing about being a mom let alone what clothes to put my kids in.  I remember holding my twin nephews and their clothes feeling so soft.  Oh, and of course, they always looked adorable.  When we started having children I always had the internal battle.  Do we spend more money on quality clothes so they last and we can pass them down from child to child?  OR do we shop the cheaper chain store clothes and know the clothes will last one season ?(or maybe less) To be honest, we tried both.  We would shop at Target (and we actually still do) or Walmart.  We learned real quick that the quality wasn't holding up for our family.  That left us with a huge dilemma.  We didn't have the money to buy name brand clothes at full price for a couple of kids, let alone 7.  That is where my love and passion for sales and couponing blossomed.  I never ever ever pay full price for anything.  (except food).  I won't buy anything for my kids if it isn't on sale and more than likely I will have a coupon as well.  Insert Hanna Andersson.  

I think we fell in love with Hanna's pajamas first.  The one reason we stuck with them was the quality.  The one thing we noticed with the larger store brands was that we were not able to pass clothes down after one child wore them.  That just don't work for us.  With having 5 girls we needed the clothes to last through more than one child.  And so began our love for Hanna Andersson. Over the years I have kept close watch on their sales.  A lot of the times I pay less for a dress or swimming suit than I would in a department store.  I just am patient and wait for the deals!   
 There hasn't been a Hanna in Wisconsin which has made things a little challenging.  I hate hate hate paying for shipping.  That posed quite a problem when I would want to order things on sale.  Many times I have done site to store shipping so I don't have to pay for the shipping.  Ok...I am rambling again.  Let me tell you about one of the best days ever!  I was pregnant with Griffin.  #7 was coming much to our surprise.  Well, Dan had some sort of convention or something in Illinois and he got a hotel stay with the convention.  I thought I would drive down with the kids and visit him (and get a free hotel stay).  While we were there, there happened to be a mall close by with a Hanna.  Of course we had to go!  Now, we normally don't take all the kids to the mall.  While they are well behaved kids, it is a huge stress for us and something is bound to go wrong.  That night we braved it.  The kids ran into the Hanna store like wild bandits and they didn't see us coming!  I walked in with Dan and we were already second guessing our decision.  At the counter was a very tall nice looking man.  I remember he had a pretty awesome looking watch on.  He said, "wow, someone really likes Hanna Andersson."  (My kids all had on a shirt or dress...that I got on sale!)  I replied, " Yes we do, who wants to pay for our bill today?"  We all laughed and went on our merry way.  I started browsing the sale rack and the kids ran around like we were in a zoo.  A few minutes later, the man approached us. He introduced himself to us as Adam Stone, President and CEO of Hanna Andersson.  I was shocked!  We chatted about why we loved Hanna so much and had good conversation.  I just remember really being able to put a face with the company and I loved that.  I mean really, what are the chances that we would be there at the exact same time as the CEO who just happened to stop by the store?
Over the years, our love hasn't changed.  We even had our Christmas pictures taken last year in our Hanna Pajamas.  
Sometimes I feel like we are a free walking advertisement for Hanna!  
One of my most favorite things from Hanna are the swimming suits.  Trust me...we have tried suits from all over the place.  These by far are the best ever.  Oh, and get this....they have a 100% lifetime warranty.  Yup. No questions asked.  They will return it for you.  
 A few months ago I happened to be on the Hanna website.  I wanted to order something and was looking for any new stores that might be opening up that could be closer.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw WI....whoa hold on.  Were they seriously going to be opening up a store in the great state of Wisconsin?!!?!?!?!?  YES!!  It said, "coming soon....Wauwatosa, WI"  I think I almost peed my pants I was so excited!
 Well....the new Hanna store happens to be opening THIS weekend!  I am having heart palpations just thinking about it!
 I received an email from Hanna telling me about their events happening this weekend for the grand opening and I just HAVE to share them with you!

Grand Opening Weekend in store deals Friday, 10/23 – Sunday, 10/25:

Buy one, get one free on Sleepwear
30% off regular prices (not including the buy one, get one free sleepwear)

PLUS be one of the FIRST customers Friday – Sunday and receive a FREE gift:

Friday: FREE pair of long johns to the FIRST 500 customers!
Saturday & Sunday: FREE $20 Hanna gift card to the FIRST 100 customers each day! 

 I am just SO excited!  I have thought about camping out to be the first customer in line!  Anyone wanna join me?  If you want to learn more about the grand opening you can go to their grand opening Facebook page HERE
 In all seriousness, I am looking back through our pictures and we just have so many awesome and wonderful memories in our Hannas.  From bringing our babies home to our spur of the moment trip to Alabama this past Easter.  Our kids actually got a new swimming suit and cover up in the Easter Basket this year so it totally worked out perfectly!

Now, to be honest, their clothes can be a bit on the pricey side.  How do we make this work for a family with 7 kids?  Well, we wait for sales, we shop a year ahead with the sales and we buy on clearance.  Like I said, I hate paying full price.  Hanna runs awesome sales all the time.  Also, I don't have to waste a lot of money buying a lot of "filler" clothes.  By no means are all my kids clothes from Hanna.  Actually, to be honest, we haven't bought from there in quite a bit because we are pinching pennies.  I do know that when swim suit season comes, I have to budget and wait for the swim suit sale.  

 I am not trying to "sell" you on Hanna.  Their quality is unmatched and it is easy to see!  I'll let you be the judge of that!  I can tell you that pajamas are passed down from child to child here and they still look amazing.
 I am just SO excited about the new store opening that I had to stare!  If you haven't tried Hanna, go check it out.  Feel their clothes.  Buy one thing and "test" it out.  You won't be disappointed!
 Our oldest is getting almost too big for Hanna.  I think this will be the first year we have to branch out in swimwear...which I am NOT looking forward to.  Hanna has more modest suits, which were like in our home.  I am afraid I won't be able to find anything as good for Molls.
 I have greatly enjoyed our "matching" season for our kids.  Every. Single. Minute.  I will still force them to match for Holidays...maybe.  I will still buy them each a pair of Hanna Pajamas for their Christmas stocking.
 I have been really good about recycling their clothes.  I know many of you guys have purchased our "old" Hannas.  I take that money and put it aside for another set of outfits.  I think you would all agree that our "old" Hannas still look like new.
 There you have it.....we are 110% a Hanna loving family!  Maybe I'll see you at the grand opening this weekend!    They just released a Hanna Home collection with bedding.  I can't even imagine sleeping in such comfort!!!

 Wow....I can remember each and every of these "Hanna" photos.  What great memories we have!

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