Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Growing in Confidence!

I know I say this a lot. 
If you know me...
Well, seriously, if you know me, you know I struggle with my confidence.  
Not feeling good enough.
Feeling like a failure at life. 

Well, I have really been working on that and praying a lot for confidence and boldness.  
I think it might be working!! 

Let me start with this.  Last night I took an adult ballet class.  Gulp.  Yup.  Me. Sure did.  I know from my "shapely" body you could never guess that I took ballet from the age of two up through high school.  There is no way I could have ever become a "real" ballerina but I did enjoy taking ballet.  Pointe shoes and all.  I would even go as far to say that I was pretty good.  Once I got into high school ballet became less of a priority for me.  I wish I would have made it a priority.  Anyways, we have two ballerinas in the house and I am super super proud of them.  My oldest ballerina takes at the Milwaukee Ballet School.  God has given her a talent of gracefulness and poise.  I always say that she is 100% Dan, but I will take the credit for the ballet part in her!  She was in level 3 this year.  After watching her in her class both Dan and I felt like she should be in a higher class.  However, we were not going to be "those" parents.  We told her to work hard and do her best.  Well, her hard work and dedication paid off.  Last week her teacher approached her after class.  Ms. Stephanie felt that she needed to be more challenged and bumped up a level.  Yahoo!!!!  It was so rewarding to know that being patient and working hard paid off for her.  Ok, so now I am rambling.  Long story short.  Her class time got moved to different days of the week.  That meant that her class was now on the same day at the same time of the adult ballet class.  Her teacher told me I should try it.  Hmmmm...let me think about that.  No thanks.  Then, the kids got wind of it from hearing me and Dan talking and they really wanted me to try it.  So try it I did.  I got myself the widest pair of ballet shoes they make.  Don't worry, I did NOT put on a leotard!  I stepped 100% WAY out of my comfort zone.  I took a ballet class.  And, no...I did not take any pictures!  It felt good to be back at the bar.  I may just have to go back next week!  I had to muster up some confidence for sure to walk in the studio.  

 Speaking of confidence.  Some sweet friends asked me to take family pictures for them.  I had to remind them that I am NOT a professional photographer.  Remember, I have no confidence.   When I got home I looked at their photos.... while I can pick apart everything I see wrong in the photos, I have just a little more confidence that I can take a good picture!
 I have a super funny confidence building story to tell you all...but that will wait until tomorrow.  I had to put myself out there.  I had to "promote" myself...and it paid off!  I am still shocked about it!  Stay Tuned!!

Ok and this is a HORRIBLE  picture of me....but in case you missed it, I aired on Fox 6 Real Milwaukee again .  It really is a weird thing to see myself on tv.  I don't think the stuff I make is that "awesome" or anything...remember I lack confidence.  So to think they would choose me to do this has been huge.  It has truly helped me do some self reflecting.  I had a great time preparing the crafts and then doing the segment.  Hopefully next month my neck won't turn splotchy and bright red!
 In other family news....the kids had their race for education last Friday.  It was freezing cold.  Sadie did 19 laps and I had to help Lanie get 9 laps in!  (she may have cheated a bit by riding in the stroller!) What a great time and a great opportunity for the kids! 

 There is this little train place out by my mom's house.  These train loving people have created trains you ride on through a little village type of thing.  It really is the neatest little place ever.  Best thing is...it is 100% free.  You drive in...stand in line...ride on some trains as a family and then leave!  (there is a freewill donation bucket to help cover costs) We didn't do it last year so we made the drive to make sure we got it in this year.  Griffs loved it.  All the kids loved it, actually.

 I have been hosting more private sessions as well as classes.  Pallet signs, crate session, and pumpkin sessions.  What a blessing each and every group has been to me!  On Saturday I had a great aunt here crafting with her nieces and daughter.  They were just so much fun and had a true love for each other. It was so special to see!

 Our oldest daughter's Volleyball team won their tournament last weekend.  We had to miss two of the games because of craft sessions and soccer, but were able to make it to the championship game.  So proud of her and the entire team.  Good job, Warriors!
Remember our sweet friends that moved to Florida?  Yeah, we hardly remember them, either ;)  Just kidding!  Well, we got word that Pastor Bryan was going to be in Wisconsin speaking at a youth camp for the weekend.  I tried to be sneaky and plan a way to see him with Brie, but Bryan seemed super busy and was super far north in Wisconsin.  Boo.  Then on a whim on Sunday morning I sent Bryan a text.  I told him if he gave us a time and location we would come see him.  We met up with him for about 45 minutes.  Just enough time to give him some hugs...catch up...laugh...yell at the kids  and then drop him off at the airport.  It was the best 45 minutes of our weekend.  We know God is doing great things through him and his family, but we miss them like crazy.  
 We don't like to play sports on Sunday's.  It really isn't our thing.  However, there was a one day soccer tournament this past weekend so we let Sads play in it.  She had three games. They lost all three games.  Pretty sure they took last place in the tournament!  It was a good learning experience for her team.  Sads was so sad to miss our 45 minute date with Pastor Bryan, but she knew her team needed her for the last game.

And there you have it.  Growing a little bit in confidence.  Folding laundry.  Taking adult ballet.  Crafting.  Cleaning.  Just another week in the life of the Wilke Family!  

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