Friday, October 2, 2015

A Sneak Peak....someone is turning 13!!!

 So tomorrow we will venture into unchartered age grouping here at the farmstead.  Our oldest daughter is turning...gulp...uh huh...ummm.... 13!  We will have a full blown teenager in the house.  In 3 years she can drive.  In 5 years she will be an "adult."  In 17 years she will be allowed to date.  We are just buzzing with excitement here.  Well, some of us are buzzing with excitement while others are running around crazy trying to plan for a party that will take place in 6 hours.
 Tonight is the night....we will be hosting our very first (and possibly last) co-ed 13 year old birthday party .  Call in the reinforcements.  I already have my speech all planned.  Now boys and's gonna be a good one.  I am sure our child is going to be "thrilled" for that part!  (hey, I had my first kiss in 6th grade....ain't gonna happen on my watch!)  Anyways, we actually have 2 parties here this weekend.  #4 is also having a birthday party on Sunday.  I told both girls they could have parties this year IF they picked the same theme.  Ice Cream Social it is!  (apparently some of my children think I don't love them as much as others because some get cool parties and some get lame parties...or no parties depending on if I remember or not).  So....I am pretty sure I will be trying to make that up to them for the next few years.
 I actually had an original idea this week.  I used my handy dandy circut and made a 13 tiered ice cream layer for each year.  Then I went back and printed a picture from her birthday each year.  From new born baby to year 13.  I LOVE it.  I was so proud of myself for thinking that up in my crazy brain.  I figure she can hang it up in her room then when the party is done.
 Now these cake pop cones were not a Susan original.  However, I do love mine more than the idea I copied on Pinterest!  I made ginormous cake pops and turned them into an ice cream cone treat for our daughter to take to school.  Do kids still take a birthday treat to school when they are 13?  I guess mine do.  ( I will post a tutorial on how I made the ice cream cones for anyone that wants to tackle them! )
 I also had another original Susan idea this week too.  I know!  Two ideas in one week.  My brain hurts.  I knew I wanted to try and make some sort of ice cream garland.  It isn't anything fancy and they are kind of thrown together, but I am super happy with the outcome.  I took felt wool balls and strung them on a piece of bakers twine.  Then I made my own cones out of scrapbook paper and then attached a teeny tiny red pom pom on the top for the cherry.  I kinda wanna make some to hang in my bedroom....I think Dan will love them!  ;)
 I love making birthday banners with my circut.  I am a freak about my paper choices.  I rearrange, lay out, rearrange some more and then finally have a good outcome!  The best thing is...I get to use this for both parties!
 I have the party room all set up and ready to go.  I used my cricut (again) and cut out jumbo ice cream scoops on chalkboard paper.  (that way I can reuse them for the party on Sunday with a new group of names!)  I had these sundae cups from our 50's party earlier in the year.  I did need more so I paid a visit to goodwill and found 5 more for .99 each.  After a good washing, they are all set and ready to go.  I reused the jars and pinwheels from the going away party I threw this summer as table decorations.  And...I found some wooden spoons at the container store (because I wouldn't buy any sort of containers at the container store...but wooden spoons).  I added a piece of washi tape to each spoon for a little decoration and am calling it a day!
I always am too busy to take a lot of pictures during the party so I tried to take some before this time. I really started planning for this on Wednesday morning.  I recycled everything except the new sundae jars from goodwill and the wooden spoons for $1.99.  Everything I needed I had in my craft room.  And that my friends, is why I love my craft room!

I will post more pics and a couple of tutorials later tonight or maybe tomorrow morning depending on the level of craziness happening here tonight.  I am also busy working on ideas for my next Fox 6 news appearance.  If you have seen a fall/halloween craft that you have been wanting to make...send it my way!  I can make it and use it as an example and give a tutorial on it!

Oh yeah...and in case you think I have it all together...I have yet to buy any ice cream for the ICE CREAM party.  Just keeping it real.

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