Thursday, September 17, 2015

What a horrible horrible horrible day.

I hate the dentist.
I hate going to the dentist.
I hate every single thing about the dentist. 
Now, I don't hate the actual dentist as a person...but I hate hate hate going to the dentist. 
I have soft teeth.
I have ALWAYS had problems with my teeth.
Root Canals....Check
Teeth pulled...Check
Abscessed teeth...Check
Tooth sensitivity...Check
Holes in teeth....Check

And today was no different.  
I have been putting off going to the dentist.  I'll be honest.  'Cause when you go to the dentist they jostle things around in your mouth and things that weren't bothering you before start to bother you.  I am really good an making sure my kids go to the dentist and have good oral hygiene...and then I always say "I'll call to schedule my appointment."  and I don't.  Well, this time I did.  I saw a hole on my tooth and that about did it for me.  

Today was the day.  Ok, Susan, you can do this.  You got this.  I gave myself a pep talk the 3 minute drive to the dentist.  I had a small panic attack when I got in the office.  I knew it wasn't gonna be fun, but I didn't expect it to be as bad as it was!  

When I scheduled my appointment I told them that I was going to have 8 cavities and need two crowns.  Everyone laughed 'cause it wasn't going to be that bad.  Well, let me share.  

Let me start by saying the dentist office, the actual dentist and the staff are awesome.  Actually,  my very good friend, Tiffany, did my cleaning scraping.  So don't think I went to a super bad dentist.  They are totally legit.  My teeth on the other hand are not so legit. 

Since I have had everything possible done to my teeth before I sorta kinda know what to expect.  You go in, they count your teeth, the polish them,  poke around for cavities, take X-rays, floss and tell you the bad news.  

Ummmm...yeah....I guess the previous dentists I have been going to forgot to SCRAPE my teeth and get all the junk off of them.  

So after my X-rays and pictures when the shoved every instrument possible in my mouth and then stuck a full body mirror in my mouth and spread my cheeks apart and took a picture the real "fun" began.  Now I know I had freaked myself out a little bit and was totally sure I could handle it....yeah, I couldn't handle it.  IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!  

Tiffany starting scraping and I thought I died.  Let me push out #8 with no epidural please before scraping my teeth like that.  I kicked off my shoes and braced myself for another hygienist to sit on me cause I wasn't gonna make it.  I was trying to talk myself into being ok and it was HORRIBLE!!  

I am pretty sure they almost kicked me out of the office from the shrieks of pain I was having.  I tried to hold it together and be brave.  I wasn't.  I was a baby.  Tiffany almost gave me laughing gas.  Secretly I wanted it...give me something.  Knock me out.  Wake me up when I'm done.  

I had to be numbed to get my teeth clean....they were that bad by my gums.  This isn't something I am proud of.  I brush at least twice daily.  Floss on occasion.  Clearly I suck at it.  

4 numbing shots later, Tiffany could scrape at my teeth.  It was super fun.  (that would be sarcasm)

I was in that dumb chair for way too long.  Tiffany missed her lunch because I was a nut job.  

Oh, and then the dentist guy comes in.  That was super fun too.  They sit there talking in their dentist lingo about your teeth and you have NO idea what it means...but it can't be good.  22 DL mono blah blah blah.  Just tell me how bad it is!!!  They talked for way too long.  I knew it wasn't promising.  I was sure they would be pulling out the denture options.  Would you like removable teeth or permanent fake teeth?  Do you want them bright white or slightly yellow like your current teeth?  

Ok, no dentures are needed...BUT....I have 8 cavities.  Uh huh.  Who gets diagnosed with 8 cavities?  Um, I do. I have a tooth that needs a crown AND I have a tooth that needs to be pulled.  


I. can't. wait.  

I left feeling so defeated.  Why do I have such soft teeth?  Why did we go to a shady dentist that didn't clean our teeth properly?  Why don't I floss 8 times a day?  



I am positive the dentist and the hygienists  all breathed a lot easier when I left.  I thought I heard shouts of joy and wine bottles being opened as I walked out of the office.  I don't think they will answer my call when I call back to have my 8...EIGHT...8...8 cavities filled.  If they have caller ID I will just call from Dan's phone.  They like him there...they would totally answer if they thought he was calling.  

And there you have it.  It was HORRIBLE.  I did call Tiffany later in the day to apologize for my frantic behavior....but at least I didn't kick her.  

And in other sad sad news...our sweet ballerina didn't make the nutcracker.  :( 
This momma is sad, but she really did amazing at the tryouts and couldn't have done any better.  Only 24 girls out of 72 could get a spot.  Sadly, she wasn't one of the 24.  I bet she was "too good" and they didn't want her to make the other soldiers look bad.  ;)  She took it well.  She is trying out for Alice in Wonderland in a few weeks and hopefully that will have a different outcome.  If not, we are still so very proud of her.  It makes my heart so happy to watch her dance.  

I will keep you all posted on my oral hygiene work.  I know you probably won't be able to live your lives until you know when I am getting 8 cavities filled.  Or my tooth pulled.  Or my crown put on.  It is just that exciting here at the farmstead.  

I am glad I had my teeth cleaned for my TV debut on Tuesday.  Details to come ;) 



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  2. I used to work at a dentist office, and we had many patients with anxiety and fear about going to the dentist, just like you. They have medications available for people that have this anxiety. Ask your dentist about sedation dentistry. It has been a life saver for a lot of people. Get your teeth cleaned while relaxing!

    Dora Ingram @ CGDDS

  3. Hey, I hear you. Most definitely, I hear you. I remember when my kids were younger and they hated going to the dentist. I would always tell them not to feel bad because adults actually feel the same way. Now that they are grown, they definitely realize what I was talking about. BTW Sorry to hear about your daughter not making the nutcracker. Take care!

    Eunice Greer @ Downtown Dental SC