Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What an Exciting Day!

 Well...where would one start if they appeared on TV this morning?  Ummm, yeah.  Did that really happen?  What a thrill!  What an awesome experience... and what a blessing!

 I got home around 8:45 last night after my late night shopping for an outfit and that is when it really hit me that today was the day.  I stayed up until almost midnight updating things and prepping and planning for the day.  On top of my TV appearance today, I still had 7 kids to tend to this morning as well as 3 daycare kids making their way over.  Dan helped me load up the car and we were off.  Dan took the kids to school, one stayed home from school, and a friend of mine came over to watch my daycare kids so I could be a TV star for 3 minutes.  It took an army to get everything working smoothly this morning.  I brought along two friends to help me unload and set up...and let's be real...make sure I actually drove myself to Fox 6.  It really helped to have people to talk to so I wasn't constantly thinking about going on LIVE TV!!!
 What an amazing group of people they have working at channel 6.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.  I tried to get anyone I met to switch spots with me, but no one was having it.  I got more nervous as time ticked by.  I tried to rehearse what I wanted to say....btw...I said nothing I rehearsed.  I got called back to the broadcasting area and before I knew it the segment was over.

 We set up the desk.  I got my microphone on.  Everyone was SO calm.  No one was running around flustered.  Isn't that what you imagine?  People rushing to get to their places and panicking?  Or is  that just in my head?  Angelica and Nicole walked in just about 30 second before the segment was going to air and all of a sudden there was a count down.  Whoa....hold on a second!!!!  I didn't have time to process what was going on and how fast it was moving so I just went with it.  Right before I headed in my sweet hubby sent me this text " I'm praying for you that you are not nervous.  Just be yourself!  Everyone loves you, especially me!  And boom... that was all I needed.

I fumbled some words.  I said "um" way too many times.  My voice sound super high.  I could go on and on picking apart myself, but I am NOT going to do that!  I was just SO blessed by the entire experience.  

Never in a million years did I think that this would happen.  I am having a hard time expressing just how much this meant to me.

 I tried to soak up every second of it and remain calm.  Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better TV appearance experience!  I can't even believe any of it!

 Thank you Fox 6 for allowing me the opportunity to do this.  Thank you to everyone there that put me at ease.  I am available for an anchor desk position starting tomorrow.  I will wait by my phone for the call!  ;)  Thank you to all of YOUR support.  So many friends and family reached out via Facebook or text.  That was so encouraging to me.  For someone who isn't always comfortable in her own skin, you guys really helped me feel special.  Thank you to my friends who came with me and made sure I actually went.  Thank you to Lynne for manning the farmstead while I was away...and for folding my laundry!  And...most of all, thank you to God!  He has just been so faithful these past few months when I have been so doubtful.  I may or may not be back on the news....stay tuned!

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