Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wait, it's Tuesday?

Sometimes I forget what day it is. 
Sometimes I forget everything I have to do.
If you hear me talking to my kids, more than likely you will here me tell them that I can't process anything tomorrow until I get through today! 
That is the truth.  
We force encourage the kids to play school sports when they are old enough for all the experience it gives them.  Each child (when they are old enough) is allowed to pick one "special" thing they like to do.  We go back and forth on this ALL the time.  Why?  Because (and I know you shouldn't start a sentence with because but I am going to anyways) we want each of our kids to have "their" thing that they love to do.  We want to watch their confidence grow as they succeed or fail.  Most of all, we want them to feel special.  Sometimes coming from a large family one can get lost in the crowd.  Having to drive one or two to soccer or ballet also allows for car conversations on more of an intimate basis.  Then when we are driving all over the place and leaving here to go there Dan and I wonder what in the world we are doing.  It's a really hard balance.  
 Volleyball season has started.  We have two on one team and one on the older team which means we are there for both games.  I simply love to watch the girls grow and mature.  The 5th graders last year have come a long way and now they are the leaders of the team.  Tonight we had two games back to back.  We packed a picnic dinner and ate between games.  Dan had to leave early to do the ballet run and then we met back up after the games for ice cream.
 Last Friday I hosted a private session for our fall pumpkin craft.  The ladies did awesome and I think everyone left super happy with their pumpkin sets!  I am busy preparing for the next round of pumpkin sessions and our crate open house this weekend!
 I entered this picture in for a magazine cover this week for the gulf shores.  This was from our spur of the moment/book it out of town trip this past Easter.  First trip to the beach and this picture is just my absolute favorite!  I would totally pick this picture for the magazine cover even if they weren't my kids!
 And....nutcracker tryouts were on Sunday.  Talk about craziness.  We knew what to expect because we did this two years ago.  Our ballerina couldn't try out last year because she was too tall.  This year she was able to try out for a soldier.  72 girls tried out for that part.  24 will make it.  You can see the director of the Milwaukee Ballet sitting at the table as a judge.  They have a teacher come and teach the girls a brand new set of moves...let them practice it a few times...and then they are on their own.  Row by row they come up and do the dance.  I cried as she was trying out because I am so stinking proud of her.  Whether she makes it or not, she is amazing.  She did so well and couldn't have done any better.  I swear I saw the director look right at her and write her number down, but I could be imaging that too!  We will find out in a couple weeks if we have a soldier or not.
 Sunday was also my favorite person's birthday.  Dan turned the big 34 on Sunday.  We went to two church service on Sunday morning and then home to watch half the packer game and then out to nutcracker tryouts and back home again.  Then I took him out for dinner-just the two of us.  He loves steak and we truly never ever get it so I took him to the Butler Inn in Pewaukee for a steak dinner.  I am not a huge steak fan, but that steak was pretty amazing I must say!  We had some good laughs when we were there.  We have never gone out to a place that was that expensive and I almost died when I saw how much two steaks and two glasses water added up to...but we loved the time together and the yummy food.  When we came home we celebrated with birthday cake with the kids.  I am taking Dan to see my favorite singer next Wednesday for his birthday gift.  Isn't that nice of me ?!?!Secretly he is a Ben Rector fan as well.  If you don't know who Ben Rector is...you should.  Listen to his new song "more like love"- it is amazing and powerful.
 And finally, our baby girl turned 5 years old today!!!  Sniff Sniff.  We may have forgotten today was her "actual" birthday until 11:00 last night when we were going to bed.  She had her big party on Saturday, but she is smart enough to know that today was her "real" birthday.  We had to find some little trinkets for her to open today for her "real" birthday at 11:00 at night!  This little girl melts my heart.  She still lets me snuggle her and kiss her  over and over again.  I pushed her stop growing button when I put her to bed tonight...hopefully that will help things slow down :(

 We ended up celebrating after the volleyball games and ballet at Kopps tonight for ice cream  custard.  Don't call it ice cream, we totally got yelled at by a guy there one time when we called it ice cream!  IT'S CUSTARD.  Each of the kid's ordered their own treat tonight and each and everyone called it ice cream.  I was secretly smiling inside knowing that was probably totally bothering the Kopps worker!

I am hosting a birthday party for a friend's daughter here on Friday, then the crate open house on Saturday and then on Tuesday I am going to be on TV!! What? What?  Stay tuned...more details to come!

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