Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ties and Tutus....My Favorite Party yet!

Well, the party has ended.  My feet hurt.  My back hurts and I am exhausted.  
BUT....It was all SO worth it!  What a blast our Ties and Tutus party was! 
 So here's the party low down.  I totally copied this party idea from my back pocket Nellie.  She is the best and had this party last year so I decided to totally copy her idea.  I am really good at copying.
I copied some ideas off Pinterst and I was actually proud of myself and came up with some of my original ideas.  I know...shocking, right?!?!  Ok so this is the deal.  I basically don't have a life so that is why I can through parties like this.  Since quitting my job at the church I am now at home doing some in home childcare and we haven't really left the house I have a lot of time at home to do things.  (Like plan parties)  And plan I did.  I started prepping about a month ago.  I had the tables set up a week ago.  I was totally ahead of the game.  A friend of mine had given me the old window and bead board sign that she picked up at a garage sale.  They have been sitting on my front porch for a while and I decided to use them instead of store them.  I loved to old window and all it's chipping paint!
Ok the cake wasn't my idea.  I saw this cake on pinterest and fell in love with it.  Now I am smart enough to know that I can't tackle anything like that and actually have it edible.  Thankfully, my mom is pretty amazing at baking and decorating cakes...and this is exactly what I wanted!  It was huge and beautiful and amazing.  Thank you mom!  It totally made the party perfect!  

 I made a tutu table skirt with tulle I bought in bulk on line for super duper cheap.  I wouldn't say making the skirt was "fun" but it looked pretty cute.  For the ties, I cricuted out a tie as my template because I can't draw anything.  I then covered some sticky foam sheets with fabric, traced the tie and cut them out.  On the back I attached a hair clip so the boys could easily "pin" them on themselves.  They worked out perfectly for part of the table decoration as well!

 Yesterday I panicked that I didn't have a take home gift for the children attending.  I was wandering walmart and found play-doh that matched our color theme.  Naturally I sewed tutu's to complete the look!  I couldn't just give plain play-doh!
 We turned the Fridays at the Farm /Dining room into the party room for the kids.  I found a banner and fan thingys at JoAnn's a couple of weeks ago that matched perfectly.  I was going to make them, but I couldn't have made them as perfect as JoAnn's did!  I went through the line with Dan and we both used a 60% off coupon and boom....banner and fans done!
 Our dining room chairs are red and it was bothering me so much that the poppy red color didn't match the coral and mint colors.  While we were at JoAnn's they had their snuggle flannel for $1.99 a yard.  That is a great deal.  8 yards later I have chair covers.  Ok, so I am NOT a sewer AT ALL.  I can only sew a straight line.  These were so super easy to make and they took me less than 45 minutes to make all of them.  I didn't measure, I didn't pin, I didn't surge or do whatever real people that can sew do.  I just went with it and was happy the covers fit!  The best part is, I will have them to use for my next theme that doesn't go with red!

 These cookies almost made me cancel the party.  I happened to do a pinterest search on ties and tutu cookies.  The cookies on there are...amazing.  I thought, "hey, I can do that."  Ummm...not so much.  I messed up on the dough and had to have support phone help from a friend on how to "fix" my dough that I doubled the butter in because I shouldn't  bake.  (who knew a stick of butter was a half of cup?!?!?  Not me. )  There was a lot of rolling and flouring and mixing and work that went into these cookies.  I wouldn't say I was happy with how they turned out, but they were done and that is all that mattered!  I think I just need some practice.
 The marshmellow ballerinas were SO easy.  Just put a cupcake liner on a paper straw, get some jumbo marshmellows and dip them in water and then in sugar sprinkles.  And done.
 These were the invitations I made.  Nellie had just had a baby and I couldn't hound her to make me a printable invite so this the best I could do!~
 About a half hour before the party I realized I hadn't picked up flowers for my little jars.  I told Dan I needed pink and white flowers.  We had purchased some cute jars from the farmers market (and I got one as a gift so I went back for more!) and I saved them and then refill them with my own flowers.

 The food prep was totally last minute.  I had to call in extra help for backup because it was an hour before the party and I was super far behind in fruit cutting and sandwich making!
 I made my signature sherbet punch.  Super yummy and always a party favorite.

 Even the big boys wore a tie!  I didn't get any pictures of all my kids in their outfits which is making me pretty sad.  :(

 The kids all sat together and mostly ate cookies and cake.  Maybe a piece or two of fruit too!
 And the best part of the party....we had a real ballerina come to teach a class!  This is how that went down.  I posted on Facebook looking for a teenager to come do a little ballet class.  A friend of ours knew someone and he gave her my email address.  1 hour later we secured our ballerina!  We were ALL so excited!!!
 For the birthday girl's present, we had a friend make her a ballet bar.  This was another pinterest steal.  I will tell you that that ballet bar is going to get a lot of use in our house!
 Chole (our ballerina) was awesome.  She really did a great job and the kids were all memorized by her.

 Ahhhh!  I LOVE this picture of the kids at the bar.  Even boys can do ballet!

 I found this picture in my million photos and I almost cried.  My "big" ballerina is teaching my "little" ballerina how to do ballet.  It just melts my heart!

 We opened gifts after our ballet class.  The birthday girl  said to me after we opened gifts, " I just LOVE opening presents, it just makes my heart so happy."  She really was so excited with ALL her gifts.  She loved each and everyone.  We are really truly blessed with friends and family that love us and our kids!

 and then it was cake time!  I couldn't get my camera to take good pictures....but here is what I got.

Doesn't that look like one happy birthday girl?  I loved everything about her party.  The company, the food, the fellowship and the fun.  I know Dan really enjoyed "his" party too!  I don't know why I love having parties so much.  I guess that is how God designed me.  I'm happy He gave me that in my skill set.  Now on to plan the next party.  I have two birthdays coming up in one weekend.  I am making the kids do the same theme but on different days.  They had to agree on a theme and I'll do the rest.  Ice cream social party here we come!

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