Thursday, September 10, 2015

I shouldn't be here, but I am right where I need to be.

I should be in Kansas right now.  
For reals.

I was supposed to be attending a craft camp in Kansas with this blogger lady I stalk follow.
I have dreamed of going for years. 
I was signed up to go. 
I paid for half of it. 
I cancelled. 
I panicked thinking about going alone.
I panicked thinking of being selfish and leaving my kids and husband.
I panicked about driving 10 hours alone or flying all alone.  
I would have missed: Abbie's Nutcracker tryouts, Dan's birthday, Gavin's 1st football game ever, Sadie's first soccer game of the season, Kenadie's first soccer game of the season, Molly & Sadie & Abbie's first volleyball game of the season.  
And for those reasons alone, I am glad I am not in Kansas right now. 

Ok...moving on.  Back to reality. 

 Last week we attended a Brewer's Game.  Yahoo!  It was so much fun!
 We packed a cooler and made our way into the stadium.  Did you know you can take your own food into the stadium?  I knew this from years ago and was thankful they didn't change their policy.  We packed waters, juice boxes, cantaloupe, carrots and dip, and super healthy lunchables that were $1 each!  I think we must have saved $100 by bringing in our own food and drinks.
 We had really close seats.  The first few innings were awesome because not many people were sitting by us.  The kids really don't know much about baseball so there were A LOT of questions...constantly.

 Dan and I shared a helmet full of nachos.  The kids ate half of them I think. The few I got were pretty yummy!

 Bernie Brewer was a BIG hit for the kids.  Escpecially Griffin and Lanie.  We got to see him slide down the slide once and the kids were super excited.  The homerun ended up being ruled a double but the kids didn't know that ;)

 My mom bought these binoculars at Disney on Ice years and years ago when Molly was little.  I was mad at her for spending so much money on dumb plastic binoculars.  Molly brought them along and the kids all fought "nicely" shared them.  We were glad we had them to see Bernie Brewer!

 We saw the sausage race and stood and cheered.  The kids all thought that was hilarious.
 We ended up leaving about the 7th inning.  It was 10:00 and mommy and daddy were getting sleepy. We had a great time and are so thankful we were able to go!  The worst thing was, we LOST the binoculars.  Griffin kept asking for them all the way home and we thought they were in the cooler in the back of the van.  They weren't there.  We all cried a little bit over our overpriced Disney on Ice binoculars that we lost.  Sad sad day.

In other news....WE HAVE OUR FIRST EGGS!!!!  Last week our chickens started doing more than being smelly, eating and pooping.  We have collected 4 eggs so far and have lost 2 eggs.  We think one chicken doesn't know to lay in the nesting box and is doing it while roosting...which caused the egg to drop and crack.  We think that only 2 or 3 birds are laying so far.  Hopefully when they all lay we will have about 15 eggs a day!
 Here are some updated pics of the chickens.  The kids love does Dan.  We call the kids the "chicken wranglers"  Griffs especially is a great chicken catcher.

This saturday is our big Ties and Tutus party!  I am SO excited!!!!  I even made sugar cookies from scratch.  I can't say that came easily to me or that I really enjoyed making them...but they are done!  I can't wait to share with you our pics from the party!  I love having parties!  

Tonight is filled with 2 volleyball games, football practice, ballet, and homework.  We packed brown paper bag dinners and are heading out to do what we do best...cheer on the kids and drive all over the place!  So glad I am here and not in Kansas....ok, maybe I wish I was crafting in Kansas just a little bit.

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