Thursday, September 24, 2015

How did we get so old so fast???

 Last night was interesting.  Like, seriously.  I'd love to tell you that Dan and I got super crazy and went totally wild and went to a concert and just danced all night long.  But, that is not totally how our evening went.

Let me back track a little bit.  In May we attended a Need to Breath concert in Madison.  Now, let me explain this...that was probably the first concert we have ever been to like that.  We are not concert going people.  We like to stay home.  I HATE loud music.  I hate the feeling of the bass pumping in my chest.  I am a very picky music person.  Anyways, Need to Breath had 4 opening acts that night.  I guess that is what happens when you are a popular band or something.  4 opening acts.  It took them FOREVER to get on the stage.  After the first 2 opening acts I was a little bit irritated.  Seriously, we have kids at home to tend to and a dishwasher that was more than likely clean and needing to be emptied.  Enter....Ben Rector.  He was one of the 4 opening bands for Need to Breath and from the first song I knew I that he was gonna be a new favorite of mine.  Every song he did, I loved.  Just him and the piano.  That is my kind of music.  I boring.

Anyways, we came home and I downloaded his music and now I know all his songs.  Every lyric.  Yup, that's how much time I have on my hands...or that is how much time I spend in the car driving kids places.  So just before Dan's birthday a few weeks ago I accidentally landed on his website.  I almost died.  He had released a new album and I had NO idea.  That is how on top of things I am musically!  I was pumped.  Somehow I figured out how to download his new album all by myself.  (usually that is Dan's job....that is too much computer figuring out for me)  Again, every single song I loved.  Then, I saw he was going on tour.  I secretly prayed he would only be playing in Florida so I could have an excuse to drive down there and surprise our friends that just moved there with tickets and we could all go on a double date.  Well, he wasn't playing in Florida.  So that wasn't an option.  And then it happened.  BEN RECTOR....PLAYING IN MILWAUKEE, WI.  What what?  I was SO excited!  I sent Dan this text...Hey, Ben Rector is coming to Milwaukee on Sept 23rd.  Would that be a good birthday present for you?  He replied...If it means going on a date with you, then yes.   I know...he's pretty awesome.  Guess what?  Dan got Ben Rector tickets for his birthday!!!!!
 The concert was last night.  We got there early because that is how I roll.  I was already panicking because we weren't the first ones in line.  It was general admission so "seats" were first come first serve.  Ha...seats.  So we climb up to the top of the Turner Hall ballroom and walked in and there were NO seats.  Hold up....where are the seats?!?!?  You mean we have to stand the entire time?  Had I have known that I totally would have worn my comfy shoes.  We did see a few small tables with a chair or two by them so naturally, like super old people, Dan and I sat down.  I would say we were part of the "older" crowd there.  There were some people that were clearly older than us...but there were a lot more people that were younger than us.  So we let them do all the standing and we sat and people watched.  We were "so" lucky to have two sets of over affectionate couples right in front of us.    Seriously, I believe we both wanted to barf at one point.  The couple directly in our line of sight were all. over. each. other.  Hands were going places that they shouldn't in public.  Constant rubbing.  Hair petting.  Shall I say more?!?!  I, of course, had to take some pictures!
 I am really truly happy that they are so in love.  I have never really been a big fan of PDA's and I guess I am still not.  If we weren't so comfortable in our chairs we totally would have moved!  It almost made me feel bad that Dan and I weren't all over each other... almost.
 We sat through the opening act of Judah and the Lion.  We had no idea who they were.  We googled them as they were playing.  I was glad I had a lot of people watching to do while they played....they sounded good, but just not my kind of music.  We couldn't' understand a word the head guy was saying.  I told you we are SO old.
 Finally, Ben came on stage.  It was great.  He was amazing.  And, we actually stood for the entire time he played!   I know he might not be your choice of music style, but he is basically the only artist I listen to besides K-Love.  It was a good show.  He sounded awesome and he is a really good song writer.
 After the concert we left right away because we are old.  The place was super trendy.  So not us.  We are parents of 7.  We were up way past our bedtime!  We scooted out and drove home and went right to bed...that is how crazy we are!
I am glad we went.  It was nice to be out, just the two of us.  It was nice to get a taste of all the different life stories we all have.  Some people fresh in love making sure everyone sees it.  Some people dancing their hearts out without a care in the world.  Some people with a drink in their hand socializing and not paying any attention to the music.  Some people sitting at a table still madly in love realizing that they are part of the old crowd now.  (that would be us)

And there you have it....aren't we crazy?!?!?

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