Monday, August 3, 2015

Whoa....what happened?

It's August 3rd. 
It's AUGUST 3rd.

Yeah.  I can't believe it.  Not. One. Bit.  
Today our summer begins.  We will have about 3 weeks of it.  
I stopped working mid June and then started teaching summer school and babysitting right away so we have been busy as usual.  With no prior commitments we are ready to summer it up!  
*Did you notice I can punctuate properly?*  My sweet friend couldn't handle my lack of punctuation and had an extra keyboard laying around so she brought it over and put it on my porch.  I am still getting used to it because it is a bit smaller than my other one...but, I am loving having full use of !!!!!!!!! 

Ok, so a quick recap on the past few weeks along with a billion pictures.  Well, forty six to be exact, I think.  

Not this past weekend but the weekend before life was rough.  I am really missing my job at church.  Way more than I thought.  I have had to face that straight on.  It hasn't been easy.  God is laying some sort of ministry work on my heart and I am having a difficult time being still and waiting for Him to show my where He wants me.  Then I had to face another real reality.  Our very best best best friends are moving away.  Like far away.  We will still be surrounded with many other best friends and families which makes things a little bit easier...but still so very hard.  I have cried every time I think about it.  So I am trying not to think about it and be in denial.  However, the day is creeping up when the moving truck will pull away much fast than I want.  So I fell into a sad sad hole.  At one point my husband had to have friends come kidnap me off the couch so I would get out of the house.  

I didn't want to stay in that hole for long.  I know God is all over this...but I am still having a hard time.  My heart is sad.  

So last weekend on Saturday afternoon we decided to drive to the beach.  The water for me is so calming and God's creation slaps me right in the face and gives me a good kick in the butt.  Because we love to do things on a whim (like Alabama!) we loaded the kids up and drove to Michigan.  We had no game plan.  No place to sleep.  No food.  

 We have been this way before so we knew some places that would work for our family.  First we stopped in Portage.  I think this is Michigan but could be Indiana.  Yeah, maybe it's Indiana.  Anyways, we stopped at a beach along Lake Michigan and swam and played.  It was fun.  It was relaxing.  The kids played in the water and had a blast.  They found flat rocks to bring home and paint.  Abbie and Kenadie played with a log that they pretended was a dolphin.  Lanie swam her little heart out.

 After we took a few pics and headed out the hunt for a hotel room began.  Every single place we called was booked.  We just wanted a cheap room and even the cheapest of cheap rooms were booked up.  Finally, we found a room at hotel.  Someone had just cancelled the room over the phone as Dan was standing at the front desk.  We all crammed into one room.  Totally against fire code, we know.  The kids slept on cushions and blankets and we all made do!
 We were up super early as usual and headed down for the free breakfast.  Taking our kids to a free breakfast anywhere is, well, I will say "fun."  It's like Christmas morning for them!  After we ate we loaded back in the van to St. Joseph's Silver Beach.  It is beautiful there.  Because we arrived bright and early we got prime beach location.  We couldn't believe how fast it got so crowded.

 The kids played so well.  They built sand castles, played catch with a football, pretended they were mermaids and explored away.

 After we played at the beach we walked over to the sprinklers.  What fun that was!  We were there a few years ago when Griffin was a small baby so this was fun with all kids that can function on their own!

 That silly butt crack of Griffin's..... :)

 The kids had a blast in the fountains.  We made them wait for the big sprayers to come on and here are some of the shots I captured of them.  They. are. Crazy.

 Lanie could NOT stop posing.  She is a little dancer at heart.  She could see I had the camera up so she poses away.
 Then the sprayers came on and the fun began!  It warms my heart so much to see them all so happy.  It really helped my sad heart focus on how awesome my life is!

 Then we headed over to the carousel for a ride.  The kids each got to ride their favorite animals.  I would recommend stopping there if you are in the area.  I think we had to pay $7 for parking and $10 for all the kids to ride the carousel.  We had stopped at meijer before hand and grabbed snacks and lunchables for the kids so we didn't have to buy them food.  I think we wore them out!  We headed back home around 2:00.  It was a good time to leave.  The sun was shining super bright and the crowds were getting big...and for me, that is a good time to go!
 In other farm-living news....the chickens are growing nice and big.  Maybe in a month or so we will have eggs!

 This is fat Jonah.  Fat Jonah came from my nieces' school from their hatching project.  We didn't know what kind of chicken Jonah was when we got her.  Well, Jonah is a meat bird, not a layer.  So....Jonah got super fat and all she does is eat.  Fat Jonah is finding a new"home" today.  We will miss you fat Jonah...but it is time for you to go.  Fat Jonah is too fat to walk anymore.  That means it's time.

 I think Molly knows fat Jonah's time is coming.  She spent some extra time loving fat Jonah this morning.

 While some play with chickens others pick up sticks!  It really is like living on a farm here!
 Dan and I..mostly Dan, worked on a new little seating area this weekend.  My mom took the kids for a night so we got some work done.  Dan pulled out our ugly overgrown bushes and a day later we have a new little area.  We grabbed picket  fencing a couple of months ago with a friend and I painted them for a little color!  You all know I love a "little" color!
 After 6 months of no hightlights...I got my hair done!  Just in time for summer to be done :(

 Here are some of the crafts we made for summer school.  The kids really did a great job.  These girls worked So hard on the nail and string art!
 Last week, Griffs fell asleep on me.  I was supposed to be heading to the hospital to snuggle a brand new baby at that very baby needed me.  So I sat and rocked him and prayed for him and loved on him.  He is gonna be 4 soon. Boo.
 I made this owl with my craft kids last week.  So easy and so cute!
 And...finally, I coordinated a wedding this past weekend as well.  It was beautiful.  I bawled like a baby.  I am not sure you are suppose to do that as to coordinator, but I did.  It was so sweet.  They read letters to each other and the bride had the stage decorated in all candle light.  It was stunning.  My job is to make sure they all get down the aisle.  They all did.  Phew!

I know many of you asking about Fridays at the Farm sessions.  I am working on a schedule and on the crafts.  I just need to spend some of my summer with my kids first and then I'll fill you all in!

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