Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Haircuts, Dentist and Bike rides, oh my!

Well, to say the last 3 days have been boring would be a flat out lie.  Who wouldn't want to take 7 kids to the dentist....alone?  Or be home when all 7 get hair cuts.  OR go for our first family bike ride ever....that maybe wasn't such a good idea.   

So because Megan, our haircut lady is awesome...she made a house call.  I am surprised she puts up with me at all.  I rarely respond to her texts.  She can't get me down to commit to dates.  Then, I'll text her in a panic when my hair is unbearable and it has all turned gray and beg her to get me in.  She cut my hair a month ago and she got me to commit to a date to cut the children's hair.  She offered to come to me which was SO nice.  So outside on the porch we went.  Griffs got a trim.  He is just so stinking cute!  

I have two girls that love long hair.  When they heard we were getting haircuts they both freaked out. need a trim.  They got the smallest amount possible cut off.  Like maybe an inch.  Look at how long her hair is!  They are both really good at taking care of their hair so I can't really complain.  The only think I hate is buying conditioner.  We can go through a huge Costco size conditioner in less than 2 weeks.  6 girls with long hair means we need a lot of shampoo and conditioner and a lot of cleaning out of drains and sinks! YUCK.  

Kens got a few inches off.  It looks so healthy!  

Snugs got quite a bit cut off.  She isn't the best at taking care of her hair and hates to put her hair in a pony tail so I was ok with her getting a bit more cut off.  This past summer she has grown so much.  I keep hitting her stop growing button but it isn't working.  :(Look at the chaos happening in this picture.  I am pretty sure Megan thinks we are nuts.  

And then sassy pants wanted to go way shorter.  I love her with long hair, but she said something about not having her hair touch her shoulders or something.  So I said "fine" and walked away!  She's gonna be 13.  I am learning to let that happen.  

 What's that?  Which is the before or after picture?  You can't tell?  Yup, neither can I.  Again...she got a "trim."

 "G" got his hair cut by Molly with the buzzer.  I am thinking of buzzing all the hair from now on.  Girls look cute with buzzed hair, right?
 So hair cuts were today...The Dentist was yesterday.

We try not to go out in public a lot.  As the herd we are.  But, occasionally we have to.  6 months ago I made every kid a dentist appointment on the same day at the same time.  Lucky them, I know.  So we pulled up in our big black box of a van and stomped up the stairs and took over the waiting room.  They have just been swarmed by us.  The noise level increases 100%.  The staff looks at me like I have got to be loosing my mind.  I tried to leave them all there and run get away to sneak some Kilte Custard...but I stayed.  Press on.

 One hygienist got 4 and the other got 3.  Our favoirte hygienist wasn't there that day...but have no fear,  Tiffany, you get all 7 in 6 months!  (oh and I am coming to see you in a month...I am already taking valium for that appointment!)
 Everyone did really well.  Lanie had 2 cavities last time she came and that was a bit traumatic for her so she was nervous this time.  She got a clean bill, but there is one tooth they are going to watch.  I am praying that doesn't turn into a cavity!  If it does, it's Dan's turn to take her!

 And this guy did AWESOME!  It was his first time getting a cleaning and he rocked it!  No crying, not freaking out.  I was so proud of him.
 And just like that we were done.  Only one child needs to come back for a cavity filling.  Before I left I made and appointment for both Dan and myself.  Yikes.  I am pretty sure the dentist and her staff all took a big sigh of relief when we walked out.  The kids raided the toy bins and were everywhere in the office.  Everywhere they turned there was a kid.  And welcome to my world :)  It is such a awesome life to live in!
 And last but certainly not least....The highlight of the week for the kids and the source of me not being able to move was our first EVER family bike ride.  So this is how this went down.  It was Monday night.  It was beautiful outside.  I said to Dan, "hey, we should go for a bike ride."  Well, the kids overheard that and then we HAD to do it.  A few minor problems.  I don't have a bike.  We can't fit all the bikes plus all the kids in our van....and I haven't been on a bike in maybe 15 years that wasn't a tandom or 12 passenger bike.  Sure, totally, no problem.  I texted a friend that lives close by and asked if she had a bike I could borrow.  Sadly   thankfully, she did.  Problem one solved.  Then, we decided we could just bike right from our house to downtown Oconomowoc.  What an awesome idea, right?
Well, we live on a pretty busy road so we made all the kids walk in basically the corn field to safe riding roads.  Lanie couldn't walk her bike so I carried her bike for her as we walked to our friend's house to get my bike to borrow.  We were quite the sight.  Two ladies even stopped us to see if we needed help...that is how much of a odd looking sight we were.  By the time we made it to our bike borrowing destination I was about ready to call it a night.  The kids were SO excited so once again, we pressed on.  

After we got Lanie in a bike trailer we took off to head downtown.  Let me just say seats are not very comfortable....AT ALL.  Seriously, there has got to be a better design a bit more comfortable.  Like a nice padded chair or something.  

 We made it around the lake with only two chains coming off.  We realized how fun it was and also how much we could use some updated well oiled bikes!  Dan is still riding his bike from grade school!  He had a flat tire and no shocks.  We stopped at Roots to go potty and visit with my cousin that works there and headed back home to try and beat the sun going down.  We made it back to return my bike (which Molly actually ended up riding because it was giving me numb butt ) but it was too dark to finish the trek home.  I didn't want the kids on the busy road with no sunlight.  Dan rode home and grabbed our van and came back and picked us up.  Then he had to make another trip back to load up the bikes.  We learned some valuable lessons.  #1 Next time leave earlier.  #2 Bring water for the kids #3 blow up all tires before we leave #4 put a pillow under my butt

I had a hard time walking that next morning.  I sat down on a chair and there was some swelling/bruising going on.  I think I may practice sitting on a bike seat to get my bottom used to that uncomfortableness.  

The kids thanked us endlessly for taking them.  They really had a good time.  When we woke up the next day and I could hardly walk I asked the kids if they were sore at all.  Not one was sore.  Ok then.... time to sit on that bike seat!  


  1. I worked in a pediatric dental office for 15 years, and we loved having large families like yours come in. It is fun to see how the kids have grown every 6 months. We also found that children from larger families were better behaved. They're used to waiting their turn and following directions. I'm sure your office is the same.

    Byron Kennedy @ A+ Family Dentistry

  2. This was great. I don't have kids yet so I can't really imagine - but I kept picturing the Magnificent Seven. It's great that you do all those things together, too, and I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that everyone loves it. I can think of nothing better than to have seven kids walk into my business.

    Felipe Roberson @ Philly Dentist


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