Monday, July 13, 2015

a weekend of 1st's.

first of shift key is broken on my keyboard.  now i know there are two shift keys on my keyboard but i am totally not used to utilizing the 'other' shift key so i will continue to type this blog using my broken shift key.  for your warning...there will be no proper punctuation of capitalization.  every time i need to capitalize a word, i still hit the shift key.  my exclamation point key doesn't work either so there will be a 1 at the end of my sentences occasionally ;-0

this weekend was filled with so many new first time things.  i was exhausted on sunday night, but in a good way1

first, i finally wrote a quote from a recent sermon on my chalkboard.  as soon as i heard it, i wrote it down.  this was right after i stopped working at church and was battling with feeling like i had to be doing something special for God.  feelings of worthlessness and self doubt crept in.  but, ahha1  no more my friends.  just cause i don't work at church anymore doesn't make me any less of a christian.  working at church didn't make me 'better' in God's eyes.  i am a child of the King and He will use me to do His work even outside of the church walls1  1=exclamation point, remember ?
 ok moving on.  this weekend we were invited to a party on friday night and on saturday afternoon.  that never ever happens to us1  so we were pumped.  friday night we spent at the beach with good friends and yummy food.

 satruday afternoon we were invited to go boating with friends.  again...amazing.  lots of  yummy food and great conversation along with potty breaks and maintaining chip intake by the littles.
 we were going to walk to a local ice cream store for a treat but boom shakalaka....the ice cream truck came by just as we were getting ready to walk there.

 ice cream treats all around. yummy yummy1
 g-dog lost his second tooth.  and by lost i mean he actually lost it.  he was eating his ice cream and we think maybe he swallowed it.  it is so very sad because he actually lost his first tooth too at school in the lunch room.  two teeth..both lost...literally.
 this weekend i had my very fist photo shoot.  like real, legit, got paid, lots of pressure photo shoot.  and below are just a few of my favs.  i still need more practice for sure.  i was just doing this for a friend for practice and i am so happy with the results1  i am no professional but if i can help people capture memories with my shady photography skills i am all about that1

 and another first....i ran in my very first 'race' .  i don't think it was actually a race per say, but we still had fun1  i signed up for the color run months ago.  i asked a bunch of people to run with me and no one signed up.  i was totally all set to bail.  i wasn't going to go solo.  no way baby.  and then it happened.  last monday i got a text from tiffany saying she signed up.  for mean i can't bail now?  so i started training on monday for the race on saturday.  super. awesome.
 i was sooooooo nervous.  these ladies are legit runners.  and then there was me.  legit fast walker for 5 days.
 it was fun.  it was rewarding.  it was hot.  it was crazy.  most of all i was so proud of myself.  i ran further than i thought i could.  i think we stopped at 1.4 miles before we walked.  then they would let me catch my breath and push me to start back up again.  we finished in 39 minutes.  i felt bad because i slowed them down, but felt so accomplished.  i will be back, ladies... and next time we aren't doing any walking1

 i took 10 kids on a picnic last week all by myself, which could potentially be a first for me.  all the daycare people were staring at me.  yeah...i got this...and i didn't even loose any1
 and my final first....we sent our oldest off on her very first mission trip on sunday.  all by herself like a big girl.  boo hoo.  i didn't cry.  i know God is going to do a big work in her life and am trusting in that.  she has a heart for service and i am praying this is the first of many mission trips for her.  she has given us lots of updates and even face timed with me today.  she is working in a childcare this week for homeless children.  today she told me she helped two little girls that didn't like each other become friends.  and just like that she is all grown up.

 i am back at summer school teaching this week.  a small group this week, but the groups are much bigger the next two weeks so i am going to enjoy my small class this week1
 my house is a tornado zone.  toys are out everywhere.  random socks are just laying around.  i am doing everything else possible than cleaning up.  once i start i won't be able to stop until it's clean so i think i just won't start11111

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