Saturday, July 18, 2015

a day downtown.

my shift key is still broken.  
no upper case letters.
no exclamation points.

i could use my laptop.  frankly, that's too much work.  i download my pictures on the desktop.  so...lower case and bad punctuation and all, here is our life from today. 

we headed down town this morning to take in some of the fun things to do in milwaukee.  the kids had earned discovery world coupons through the reading program so we thought we would use their coupons up.  like i always do before we go anywhere, i google for coupons.  i read an article that the entertainment book had a buy one get one free coupon for admission and i knew we needed to find one.  a few moments later....we did.  a friend from high school that lives in the area had one and off we went.  all nine of us got into discovery world for $18.00....boom.  even the admission lady was impressed.  if we would have had to pay full price it would have cost us $134.00.  need i say more.  
 we took random pictures with random sculptures.
 we took more pictures.
 dan and the kids were in a space movie.  their space ship took off from the moon without them so they asked for earth to send them bologna sandwiches.  wouldn't that be the first thing on everyone's list?
 most of the kids laid on a bed of nails....dan did too, of course.
 they played a huge game of operation.  pretty stinkin' cool.
 griffs talked to the snot faucet guy.
 and learned about hiccups.  i did make my way into one picture today....see me back there?
 we went on a model boat and headed down into the aquarium part as well.  the pictures didn't turn out from that part.  boo.  overall, we had a great time.  would i have paid full price?  no way... but for $18 it was pretty awesome.  we were not savvy and didn't pack a lunch.  we paid more for nachos and drinks than we did to get in to the museum.

 after we left discovery world we headed to the fountains.  we took the kids there a few years ago and i can't wait to do some photo comparisons from our last trip there.  griffs wasn't born yet and i remember snugs being just a little girl.  i can't wait to post some past pictures.
 griffs didn't want to get his shorts wet.  naturally he jacked up his shorts super high showing off his pasty white thighs.  oh, we love you.
 so my kids are pretty versed at pictures by now.  i don't position them.  i don't tell them where to stand.  they just do it.  they know not to stand by someone wearing the same color is quite nice.  occasionally i have to do some minor adjusting...but not much.  sisters hooking arms? yes please.  snugs posing with a bent leg and a hand on it?  are you kidding me?  doodle bops having perfect ballerina fingers....come on now. blessed mommy.

 we tried to replicate some past photo spots we have used.  the sun was super bright so that made things a bit hard.  some of the kids have super sensitive eyes when it comes to the sun.  someone's eyes are always closed or squinted.

 we made our way up to the art museum and back down to the fountains.  we had a long trek back to the car so we stopped under a bridge for a picture of course.

 we rented a family bike and stopped at one of our favorite picture places ever.  i think this was our third or fourth time taking pictures there.  nothing fancy, but the kids love climbing around the sculpture.  we didn't have much time to play because a storm was coming and we only had our bike for 30 minutes.

the kids love love love renting these bikes.  we try to do it once a year but some years we forget.  even though huge storms were coming and dan and i tried to get out of it, they all started to cry so we pressed on.  we beat the storm. we made the kids pedal for us occasionally.  and at the end hill a few kids got out and pushed us up the hill....cause that is how awesome we are ;0

it is days like this that i remember just how blessed we are.  to us, having 7 kids is totally normal.  when we go out in public we get reminded that we are really not that normal.  i love being abnormal. people ask us all the time how we do it.  i don't have an answer for that question.  this is 100 percent totally normal and doable for us....and we love every minute of it.

man, i wish i could use exclamation points.

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