Saturday, June 27, 2015

We're having a baby!!!!!

Let me "we're having a baby" we (as in Dan and I are not technically having a baby) but almost maybe kinda sorta.  You see, my dear sweet friend from my back pocket, Mrs. Nellie Leis, is having a baby and I feel like I am the one having the baby!  I am just SO excited for Nellie and her hubby and her family I can hardly contain myself.  There is just no better excuse to have a party we did!  

After much push back and disagreeing on my part , Nellie and her husband decided NOT to find out what they are having.  I  #whodoesthatanymore?  Trust me, I tried to find out.  Something about not wanting their random crazy friend knowing the gender or something is what Matthew said. That meant we had to go gender neutral.  So yellow and gray it was.  

We went with a "you are my sunshine" theme.  

 I had some great helpers for all the prep work!  Brie helped make the banner, my sister-in-law, Chelsea and my mom helped with a billion pinwheels and Closet crafter Creed helped me with the diaper cake.  I totally copied a pallet sign from off Pinterest.  I mean mine was totally way better, right?  I forced Nellie to take it home with her....

 The diaper cake was made from size 1 diapers.  We didn't have huge rubber bands so we compromised with painters tape.  Hey, we never pretend to have it all together here!
 I found some fun yellow crazy flower things on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  $1 each.  Bonus.
 We tired to stick with an orange and yellow theme.  We had orange sherbet punch and lemon and orange water.  Orange cheese puffs and yellow buttered cheese puffs.  I made cake pops drizzled with yellow.  Not my best decorating and I may have had to run to Ben Franklin 45 minutes before the shower started to finish the cake pops, but they did get done!
 We ate in the dining/Fridays at the Farm room.  The red chairs didn't exactly go.  I would be lying to you if I didn't think about painting the chairs.  I opted to keep them red, but a sky blue would have gone really well with the theme!
 I used yellow plastic table cloths to help with the cost and bought a pice of fabric with my 60% off coupon and used that as the table runner.  I threw whatever I could on the table that I thought went with the theme!
My kids helped me make the wooden fork and spoons.  We wrapped some washi tape around them and circuted out little sunshines.  We tied them together and used a glue dot to put the sunshine on.  A lot of work...but totally worth it for sure!  

Nellie started this nail art at one of our Friday's at the Farm sessions.  She never got to the raindrops so we finished that up for her as well!  It matched our theme so well!  
 Nellie says she had NO idea of the shower.  I think I believe her!  I was just so nervous for her to arrive.  I wanted to get a picture of us surprising her but knew I couldn't so I made the ladies practice so I could take a picture!  Everyone jumped up from behind the counters.  I just love them all so much for doing that for me!  (Katie....I can't see you!!!)
 Nellie came in and was confused surprised.  We actually pulled it off!  I didn't get any pictures of her coming in because I was recording it.  It was just so fun.

 We all chipped in on gifts for her.  She got a basket for the hospital complete with Pringles and breast ice packs.  (again, we keep it real here!)  She, also, got a basket filled with baby necessities.  Shampoo, wash cloths, swaddle blankets and...of course...nipple cream.  (that was suggested by her nipple cream it was!)  She also got lots of diapers and a music mobile as well.  We had gotten a hint that Nellie would like a new video monitor for the baby's room so we all chipped in for for that and were able to buy her a camera that will be mounted over the crib and she can watch every movement from her phone!

At the end of the day we just love Nellie so much.  She has a heart of gold.  So giving and always willing to help me with my crazy ideas.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for her and what a blessing she has been!  I think everyone at the shower would agree.

After everyone left my uterus started crying again.  I would so love to have another baby.  It just brought back so many memories of what expecting felt like.  I look back and don't remember the uncomfortableness of being pregnant or the pain of childbirth....just the amazing miracle that life is!  So because we will not be having another one...I will welcome Nellie's baby with open arms and snuggle him/her as much as they will let me.

Now someone else get pregnant so I can host another baby shower!

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