Saturday, June 20, 2015

This kind of stuff only happens to us.

Before I share of our morning adventure of strawberry picking...and adventure is an understatement...I had to share a few more pictures of our ballerina!  We have one more performance today.  And yes, I mean "we."  I told you I am a stage mom and could watch my kids dance every day.  Just makes my momma heart so happy and proud.  

 Look at that smile.  Mommy let her wear some make up and lip gloss and she was beaming!  Can you tell I am practicing with my camera?  I am starting to really get the hang of it :)
 Chipped nail polish and dirty finger nails? didn't matter, she had gloves on for her dance! is only 10:30a.m. but it feels like this day has gone on forever already!  Let me explain.

 Strawberry picking opened at 7:00 a.m. this morning.  Since I am by nature a planner and highly competitive  like to be on time ;)  we got up at 6 a.m. to be ready to go by 6:30 so we could get to the picking place by 6:50 so we could be close to first in line and beat the crowds.  Yes, I know.  You should all be thankful you don't have to go on a Disney vacation with me.  We have to be there before the parks open...just ask Dan.  Ok, anyways... we pulled out of the driveway at 6:31.  Ok, one minute late.  I can make that up with my mad driving skills.  La la la la la  we are driving and so excited to pick strawberries.  As we are getting closer I am watching the clock get closer to 6:50 and I feel some anxiety coming on.  It really is a problem.  I mean we are just going strawberry picking.  There will be enough strawberries to go around.  So we pull up to Basses in Germantown and then it happened.  A big FAT CLOSED SIGN.  Oh no they didn't.  That can't be.  Maybe they forgot to take their "Closed today for the Berries to Ripen" sign down.  I mean we did check the website last night and they said they were open for picking.  Yup, sure were closed.  And off we drove.
 My anxiety had turned to a little bit of anger.  I was mad that we didn't check this morning.  I was mad that we didn't THINK to check.  UGH.  So we drove away with disappointed kids.  Thankfully, we knew of another place on the other side of Wisconsin to pick so we headed that way in an attempt to empty our gas tank.  La la la la la we are driving and getting excited to pick.  On the way I pull out my phone and briefly notice that I don't have my check card in the wallet.  So very calmly I ask Dan if he has is wallet along.  That would be a no.  It is 7:30 in the morning and we are going strawberry picking with no money.  Of course we are!!!!  So back we turn to head home to get my check card that I had left at home.  By this time we both could have given up and crawled back into bed.  We. MUST. PRESS. ON...for the children.
 So we drove back home, swung in the driveway, grabbed the card and headed BACK to Jelli's market to pick us some strawberries!  We are missing one child in the pictures .  We know where she worries.

 We did some picking.  We did some tasting.  We were glad we pressed on!

 Strawberry plants amaze me.  They are beautiful.  All the colors.  The red with the green. Perfection!

 Next year we will remember to check for open berry picking AND bring a wallet.  It's a good thing the first place was closed because we would not have noticed we wouldn't have been able to pay until we were done picking and then that would have ended in a full meltdown on my part FOR SURE!!!
Jelli's was a great place!  They have lots of berries left if you are in the area and want to go!  $1.60 per pound.  Please bring your wallet when you go :)

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