Monday, June 8, 2015

Embrace it....I am 35 now.

Alright.  This past week was C.R.A.Z.Y~!  Every week is crazy, but this past one was usually crazy.  I will work backwards.  This past Saturday was my much needed photography class with Jill Ann.  My auto flash is now permanently turned off on my camera and I am shooting in manual.  Notice how I didn't say I am awesome yet?  Cause I am not.  I'll be honest.  I am really struggling.  For one reason only.  I CAN'T FOCUS MY CAMERA!!!  We started off the workshop with lots of info.  Like A LOT of information.  I don't have a brain that can process a lot of information at once.  I may have found myself thinking about what type of pennant flags I could hang in Jill Ann's basement or what color I could paint her walls for her!  (not that your wall colors are bad, Jill Ann...but some teal would look nice!)  Anyways...we made it through the morning of learning about our cameras and f-stops and ISO and shutter speed and metering.  Then we had to put our skills to the test.  We had live models to practice one.  I thought I did ok.  Then I came home and practiced some more.  (I didn't post pictures of the real model shoot because of privacy for those families.)  I won't lie.  My brain was tired.  It isn't as easy as it looks at ALL!!!  So much goes into taking a picture and the thinking and settings it involves is crazy.  So here are some pictures I took when I got home from Jill Ann's workshop.

 THEN...I came inside and downloaded all my pictures.  And....most of them were BLURRY. UGH!!!!  Are you kidding me?  I won't lie, I lost all hope.  I texted Jill Ann and basically said, "I give up."  So one of two things.  Either my camera needs to be fixed (which could be a possibility because we did drop it a year ago) OR I just don't know how to focus.  I am really having a hard time with it.  Fast forward to Sunday.  Jill Ann sent me a text asking if I wanted to grab my kids and head down to the beach with her with my camera in hand so she can help me.  Um, hello...yes I do.  So below are pictures I can take when I have a professional photographer standing next to me telling me what to do.  I still struggled with focusing.  I am not sure why.  I don't want to blame it on the camera but I can't be THAT bad at focusing!  That is my picture taking rant for the day.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.  I know I can't get any worse so I can only improve now, right?

 (A certain someone got braces this week.  Braces or not...those dimples will melt a heart any day!)

 (FYI...Jill Ann took the picture of the kids running....of course she took the best photo of the day!)

 School's out out for the summer!  Yahoo!  We ended the year with a track meet.  Hurdles, running long jump, relays and more.  I don't care what it is...I am there if I can be to watch.  Makes my mamma heart proud!

 The last weekend in May I hosted two private sessions.  A surprise birthday party and a bridal shower. They were both awesome.  Great people, lots of fun and super creative!

 One ballet recital down, one more to go next week.  Again...I'll sit through an hour of ballet even if she's only on for 2 minutes.

 It was our 14th wedding anniversary last week.  14 years.  I really have been blessed.  I think God gave me an amazing husband cause I got screwed in life with a dad that abandoned me.  He's a keeper.  Ladies will be standing in line for him if something ever happens to me.  He puts up with every crazy piece of me.  Every single one.  And there is a lot of crazy happening in me!
 We celebrated with a trip to Olive Garden.  We had been gifted some gift cards over the past year to there and finally had enough to take the whole family.  They shoved us in a corner.  I think pure panic took over and they thought, "oh no...this is gonna be a nightmare."  It wasn't.  The kids were great.  We had just enough on the gift cards to pay for the meal.  So much so that we had to buy another meatball so we could leave a tip.  Don't was crazy.
 My niece graduated from High School.  It seems like just yesterday I was rushing to the hospital to hold her when she was born.  Boo.  Oh and do you see a three year old crying on the floor?  Bet you didn't notice him right away.  Overtired 3 year old + overtired parents = just take the picture parents!
 I turned 35 this past week.  Yup, sure did.  My boys surprised me with bow ties.  They know I love when they wear bow ties.
 It's summer vacation which means the littles don't ever want to nap.  That makes the days super fun with crabby 3 year olds.  I am hoping he will nap at least a couple of times a week...cause this mamma is getting a little tired of the crying!
 And lastly, we ventured back to Costco.  We spent WAY more than I had anticipated.  We got a cheaper membership.  Oh and let me tell you how awesome God is.  A friend from church asked me on Sunday if we ever go to Sam's club.  I told her we used to but our membership expired there and we had to pick only one place to pay a membership to so we went with Costco for the produce.  (even though we really love Sam's club for their snacks and milk, and meat, and laundry detergent.)  Well, she had been gifted a membership to Sam's and they never used it and she just gave it to me.  Totally unexpected and awesome.  So now we can have a membership to both!  YAHOO!    I know buying in bulk doesn't work for many of you guys, but it does for us.  If my kids have 3 snacks a day that is 21 snacks a day.  Sometimes we just gotta buy in bulk!
Ok, we are off to try more pictures.  The kids are begging me to go back to this park-beachy area we discovered this morning with off we go.  Focus, Susan...really..Focus.  Focus the dumb camera!

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