Monday, June 1, 2015

Can you cry in Costco?

I have some super cute photos and updates on life....but they will have to wait until tomorrow. I have to tell you about my almost "breakdown" in Costco tonight.

12 gallons of milk
Ground Turkey
Rotisserie Chicken
Feta Cheese
4 dozen eggs
Pull ups
Frozen Pizza
Chicken Nuggets
4 blocks of cheese
Turkey lunch meat
Black Olives
2 boxes of Gogo Squeezes
Gold Fish
Dove bar soap
Veggie Straws
Fruit Snacks
Granola Bars
English Muffins

This is some of what was in my overflowing cart at Costco tonight.

We have no food in the house.  We were out of milk, eggs, cheese, bread, fruit, veggies....we were out of everything.

I HAD to go grocery shopping.  So tonight I figured I would run to Costco and grab some staples.  Nothing we didn't need...just things to fill the pantry.  You know...necessities.  I took a leisurely stroll through Costco contemplating each item.  I wanted to have lots of fruits and veggies because the kids are off of school now and wanted them to have healthy snacks.  I was going to make homemade salsa with Molly tomorrow.  The kids could actually have milk in their cereal instead of having it dry.  They could actually wash their hair with conditioner and get a brush through their hair.  Gavin and Griffin could wear a pull up to bed so we wouldn't have to wash their bedding AGAIN tomorrow.   You know...basic everyday things.  I didn't have one thing in the cart that I felt I didn't need or wouldn't use in the next week.

Feeling totally awesome about my Costco shopping experience I head to the check out.  I was carrying things in my hands as well as pushing the shopping cart at the same time because I had run out of room on both the top and bottom of the cart.  I start unloading all the boxed items extremely nice and organized if I do say so myself.  That would make easier cart packing for the packer dude, right?  I start to unload my 12 gallons of milk from the bottom of my cart.  Over all I am totally rocking Costco.

Then it happened.

The checker lady had finished with the person in front of me and asked for my card.  La la la...ok no problem.  I hand her my card and continue to unload.

 Insert instant mood change here.

"Uh, Ma'am.  Your Costco membership has expired.  I will go ahead and add your $110 membership fee so you can continue to check out."  (says the cashier lady with a nice smile.)

Total panic had set in...

" expired?  Oh no!  I think I had gotten one of those Costco checks in the mail a little while back...I think I have it and will use that to pay for the membership."

Ok, Susan...find the check.  You put it in your purse so you could use it the next time you came.

I frantically looked for the check while the cashier lady told me that perhaps I had already spent it.

"Ah, no, I didn't spend it.  I would have remembered spending it.  I am positive I didn't use it."

"Well, sometimes people use their checks and don't remember using them.  You can just bring it back a different time and use it.  I will go ahead and just charge you the $110 membership fee, ok?"

I couldn't find the check.  (It's that dumb reimbursement check or whatever it is that Costco sends you for spending money that you are supposed to use to repurchase your annual membership.)

"Ok, I don't have the check but I really NEED the groceries.  Is there any way I can check out tonight with my expired membership and come back with the check to purchase my membership for next time?"

"Oh, no, definitely not.  We cannot do that here.  Our registers don't allow for that.  Why don't you just put half of your groceries back and use the $110 to get your membership now."

Ok.  Let me be a little real here.  I knew we didn't have the extra $110 to get the membership today.  We needed each of the food items I was getting and just needed to wait a month to be able to swing the membership.  I couldn't put half the groceries back...I just needed those groceries.

So I tried again.  "Do you think I could just check out today?  I don't have the extra $110 and we really need the groceries."

Cashier lady who wasn't having such a nice smile anymore calls over the front end manager.  She explains the situation.

I have a glimmer of hope.  Surely the front end manager will feel sorry for me and not want to put back my entire cart of groceries and just let me check out.  For sure it will be ok.

It wasn't.  She denied me as well.  I even pulled the 7 kids card.

"Please, we have 7 kids and didn't budget for the extra $110 today.  I don't think I am going to be able to swing all the groceries AND membership.  ( I was guessing I have about $350 in groceries in my cart.)


So with tears in my eyes...I had to walk out.

Please don't feel sorry for us.  That is not why I am blogging about this.  We have a budget for food and need to be firm to stick to it.  We also have a budget for outside expenses (i.e. the membership fee) and we had already used up that amount.. so we just needed to wait.

I was so mad.  I mean, really, I could have used the person's card behind me to check out.  I could have used any one of the employees Costco card.  There had to be an override button or something to let me check out.  Could I check out as a guest for the day?  There HAD to be something.

I think they were just as shocked that I walked out as I was.  I didn't leave angry or mad.  I was sad.  I was sad that they were just going to let me walk out when there had to have been something they could have done.

I had just wasted 1 1/2 hours of my life shopping for groceries and driving to Costco and came home empty handed.

Well, that is a lie...cause I did stop at Kwik Trip to buy milk, eggs, bananas and a chocolate bar.

I know there are rules and policies and that is why I left without putting up a stink.  But it hurt me to know that they were just gonna let me leave.  I totally would have tired to help in the situation.  Could they have looked up my check amount and used it?  Could I have gotten a cheaper membership?  Could they have offered me a different option?

It made me think about life in general on the way home.  Am I taking the time to actually care about other people's situations?  Am I just blowing them off like the Costco ladies blew me off?

I'm sorry if I have "blown" you off.  I am really going to try and be present.  Take the time to listen AND care.

If you are at Costco and your membership expires you can count on me to borrow ours.

Or maybe not....we might have to go back to Sam's Club.  (you can use your expired membership there at least 2 times before they force you to get a new one!)

I'll post happy pics tomorrow....but after I go to the grocery store :)

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