Thursday, May 7, 2015

Strep Throat....I don't think so. Try another can't bring me down.

Well....I am not really sure where to begin.  I think I'll start with the candy table.  Yeah...cause who doesn't like a good candy table, right?  This past weekend I was asked to run/organize a candy table for a women's retreat.  Me?  Ohh...I have never done a candy table...can I pull this off?  So I did what I normally do and enlisted Nellie to help.  We were given a budget and, ahem...went way over it.  Whoops.  
We ordered some "filler" candy from candy and then baked away.  We made trail mix, cake pops, chocolate covered oreos, s'more pops, Mint brownies, and puppy chow.  We were really happy with the way it turned out!  A lot of work, but SO worth it!!  
Apparently I could sell my cake pops.  They seemed to be the talk of the retreat.  I am personally not a big cake pop fan, but I do believe I make a pretty yummy cake pop!

Ok, so rewind to last Wednesday.  Last Wednesday my throat started hurting in the morning.  I think I said this, " God, I don't have time to be let's not have that happen."  Wednesday afternoon I found myself sitting on the couch in urgent care for an hour waiting to be seen.  Sure enough, positive for strep throat.  Now looking back I can see that God was all over this.  First of all, I had finished any and all baking for the candy table on Monday.  That meant I didn't have to bake and infect all the women going to the retreat!  I started an antibiotic and was confident that I could shake off strep throat in 24 hours.  (Cause I clearly have a better plan that God) 

 Thursday night I was maxed out on my pain pills and Ibuprofen and headed off to the kids school musical.  If you know me, you know that one of the things that brings me the most joy in my life is to watch my kids do basically anything.  Sports, musicals, singing in church....whatever it is...I just love to see my children using their talents.  Abbie, Kens, and Gavin were all part of the musical.  It was so much fun.  Gavin has some awesome dance moves, Kenadie looked adorable in her mismatched outfit that only Kenadie can pull off, and Abbie had a solo and was just so brave.
 Friday afternoon I needed to head out the door by 1:00 to head up to the women's retreat.  By Friday morning I was not doing any better.  I was worse.  It wasn't good.  After a long morning of phone calls to the doctor's office and trying to remain calm I look up to see this....Griffin had to go potty while we were waiting for his sisters to get out of school.  Dan took him over to a tree and there he went.  He is still at the phase where you have to pull your pants all the way down I guess...but non the less, it made me smile.
 I picked up Nellie for the retreat and we were off.  After quite the adventure we made it to the Osthoff resort.  We were able to stop and pick up a new perscription for me and witness a McDonald's worker totally fall was a very memorable drive!  We set the candy table up and started our "lady weekend."  It was fun.  We ate, we laughed, we played games, we slept....we relaxed as much as Nellie and I know how to.  On Saturday I was starting to feel much better.  See ya strep throat.  We ran a pallet session for almost 50 women on Saturday afternoon.  Again, seeing the creativity of everyone is just so awesome!  We were on a time crunch and had to get out of the room ASAP....and then it happened.  The bottom of one of my boxes gave out and 50 glass jars went crashing down.  I kept telling myself, "choose Joy, susan...choose Joy."

 We left Sunday morning and headed back home.  The kids were excited to see me and then I walked in the house and I saw this....I am SOOOOOOOOO excited!  I have been wanting Dan to put some bead board up to spruce up the ugly brown cabinets and he did it while I was gone!  He even picked out an amazing color and painted it with the kids!!!!  The color is the color of the summer homes in Alabama.  If I could paint my house this color I would.  I am so in love with my kitchen.  Really...I am.  If those cabinets could be white it would be the icing on the top, but for now....I am ok with the shiny brown cabinets.  (wink wink)
 Sunday after I got back and hung out with the kids and relished in my new bright kitchen, Dan and I headed out for a date night.  I was going to the Need to Breath concert with my work and they had an extra ticket so Dan was able to come with.  Now Dan and I are not really concert going people.  This was a whole new world for us.  We weren't even sure who Need to Breath was.
 They had four opening acts for them.  The concert started at 7 and I don't think Need to Breath came on until 9:45!  I loved loved loved the concert and found myself knowing a few of their songs too!  Ben Rector played right before them.  I had never heard of him before, but for the past few days that is all I have been listening too.  At the start of the concert my throat started to get a little sore.  Hmmm....that's weird.  I totally healed myself of strep throat so I couldn't be getting sick.  I wasn't singing along to any of the songs, mainly because I didn't know any of them.  As the concert went pain increased.  I took some Ibuprofen but that didn't touch the pain at all.  After the concert ended we drove back in a horrible hail storm which was super fun ;)  We got settled in and headed to bed a little after midnight.  By 2:30 a.m. I was at the ER.  I have never experienced so much throat pain.  I couldn't even swallow.  When I did have to force myself to swallow it was like someone was cutting my throat open.  I was given a nasty liquid lidocaine to drink....barf... and that didn't do anything.  I was prescribed my third antibiotic and a pain killer and sent on my way.  Neither one helped.  I took the pain pill did nothing.  I was up all night and by 7 a.m. I was a hot hot mess.  I made another appt for the doctor in the afternoon.  The most upsetting thing of all was that I had to back out of going to Outdoor Ed with Molly and Sadie.  They left on Tuesday and I knew there was NO WAY I was going to be feeling well enough to go.  Boo.... I hate having them gone and am missing them like crazy.  Long story short...I am on my 4th round of antibiotics.  I don't have mono which they thought I might have had so that's a bonus!
 My throat feels WAY better.  I feel WAY better.  I am praying that I have kicked strep throat's butt.  Praying it doesn't come back.
 On a side note.... I am making these this week.  Coffee filter flowers.  You soak coffee filters in water and paint.  Let them dry.  Fold and twist and  I totally copied it off of pinterest.    I am making Mother's day gifts for my little Hoppers at work to give their mommy's on Sunday.

On a side note....Dan sent me this picture while I was in the middle of the keynote speaker at my retreat.  It totally made me laugh out loud.  Brothers bonding.  Ok then.


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