Thursday, May 14, 2015

Oh what a week! We are Expecting!

Hi friends!  Before I get into the details of our family additions...yes, there is an "s" at the end of was Mother's Day this past Sunday!  Happy belated Mother's Day to all you mom friends out there, soon to be mom's and moms in waiting to be moms one day!  Mother's Day this year for me brought a clean upstairs and a weeded front flower bed.  I told the kids that is what I wanted.  I wanted to be able to bring people upstairs in our house without dying on the inside of embarrassment and our front yard looks a bit overgrown and out of control.  So Saturday we conquered both!  We worked together to clean the upstairs and then headed outside to pull weeds and clear brush.  We haven't quite finished yet, but we have a great start!  Molly made me a cake from scratch but it was hard as a rock so they made brownies later in the day and decorated them!  They are such good kids.  I don't know what else to say about that.  Really truly God has blessed me with the most amazing family.  I am so proud of each of them and I am so proud to be their mommy.  
On Monday night I hosted a private craft session for a local high school's girls soccer team.  The mom's wanted to make something for their daughters who were seniors.  We created photo collage boards.  I did some testing and made this board.  I will say, I am super happy with the way it turned out!  Anyone interested in making one?
Aside from the weird smile....Griffs loves to wear bow ties.  Now if he only had a blue bow tie his life would be complete.  For now he has to settle on blue shoes and a blue shirt!  
Speaking of blue....we made some blue star wars Jell-O today.  Griffin helped me make them.  He was SO excited and asked all day when he could eat his Jell-o.  
He even kissed his Jell-o.  He could hardly contain himself.  Then he tried it....and hated it.  He spit it out in disgust.  Epic fail.  He couldn't believe he didn't like the blue Jell-o.  "but it's blue, mommy."  Sorry bud...not everything that is blue tastes good!

I made this for dinner tonight.  SUPER EASY.  Take a can of grands biscuits and cut them up in small chunks.  Toss them with a can of pizza sauce and a cup of cheese.  (spray the pan first).  Put the mix on the bottom of the pan.  Add some pepperoni to the sop and sprinkle some more cheese.  Bake at 350 and boom....done.  Easy and quick.

AND FINALLY.....  THE WILKE FAMILY IS EXPECTING!!!!!  Next Monday we are having 8 baby chicks shipped to our farm.  That's right....we are adding 8 chickens to our family!  One for each kid and an extra one for Dan...or incase one of the other chickens dies!  Dan has wanted chickens for a long time.  When we got this house he got the chicken "bug" even more.  I held him off as long as I could and finally gave in.  We will receive 8 little new chicks in a cardboard box sometime next week through the mail.  The post office will call us and we will have to come pick up our peeping box of chicks.  I don't remember what kind we ordered.  They look like the ones below.  4 of each kind.  All females...we hope.  We will raise them to be able to live inside the chicken coop and lay lots of eggs! One of our out buildings actually used to be a chicken coop.  Dan is busy prepping the coop.  He has lots to do yet and since we really have no idea what we are doing we are asking lots of questions and talking to chicken owners.  I have a feeling that these 8 chickens are just the beginning of our chicken adventure as Dan is building the coop so he can expand it when we get more....YIKES!

Yes, we are crazy...we know that.  Our kids are super excited about getting chickens.  The were super cheap and will give us eggs, what more can you ask for?  Anyone want some fresh eggs in a few months?

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